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    1. I guess I should log these....

      by , 04-24-2013 at 01:20 AM
      Three Nights Ago

      #1 - Guilt-Free Food!! [DILD]

      I was with high school friends and random people in a large mansion watching tray after tray of food be prepared. A large dish was placed in front of me with an assortment of snacks on it. As I was staring at it I suddenly became lucid and came to an important realization: guilt-free food!! I reached out and started grabbing everything that I could and shoving it into my mouth. First I remember tortilla chips and guacamole, then chicken strips and ketchup, followed by cupcakes with icing and sprinkles, and something else too but it's hard to remember now. The flavors of all of these foods seemed correct, but there was a significant drawback to it all. I had the flavor, but not the physical sensation of actually eating. It made the experience seem less realistic or satisfying, and I decided that I should try to focus on that whole process next time.

      As this was all going on I had the feeling that the dream was starting to lose stability. All of the other people in the room began to chant "the burning bridge in Bethlehem", oddly enough, and I started repeating this along with them to keep the plot going. However, it only worked for so long and the environment ended up falling apart.

      #2 - Summoning Practice, Again [DILD]

      I was wandering through a high school, not necessarily one of the ones I went to, looking for my next class or something of the sort. I spontaneously became lucid and started talking to people in the hallways and opening doors to practice my summoning. The first person who came to mind was this girl who I met in my physical education class in senior year and always found attractive, and I would expect her to be behind each door or actually say out loud that she would be but it didn't quite work. However, there was a girl behind every one and with each try it seemed to resemble her a little more and I would feel them up a bit before moving on, getting particularly distracted with the last one's rather plump posterior.

      After that I gave up on her and decided to call out for an old friend instead, and the door I took looking for her led me into a large and empty office. At that point I lost what I sometimes call the dream "chatter", this sort of ambient non-sound that tells me that the dream hallucinations are still running in full force. Without it the scene lacks realism and begins to collapse in on itself, and that's exactly what happened despite my best efforts from that point on.

      Last Night

      #1 - Meeting The In-Laws [Non-Lucid]

      There was a family party going on and my family had somehow joined with a new "step-family" and this absolutely horrible woman was my new grandma. I was eating my dinner around a table with her and some other people and she picked up a bag of fucking dog turds and put some in my food. She had a really nasty attitude too, but I can't remember what made me think that now. Eventually I walked away and started talking to my cousins about how awful she is and they agreed, and then I met into a new step-cousin, another one of the woman's grandchildren, and she said that they always have to put up with her crap. She starts telling me something about her and her brother run some company that owns the building we were partying in and she had vouched for him for something at one point but he used her support to snatch part of the company out from under her.... I don't know, it was confusing, but she was showing me these computers she uses to remote control salad bars and other things with high-tech interfaces. That's about all I remember about that, though. And at one I definitely walked back to the new grandma's food when she stepped away from the table and spit in her rice. Hehe.

      #2 - Flexible Walls [DILD]

      I was at a party with some high school friends that I've still kept in touch with, and one of them gets me and few other girls to sneak out the front door with him and tells me that he's going to make a dash to his car and take off. I follow him down to the parking lot, and apparently the party is taking place in this large apartment building with some kind of event going on on the ground floor. There are celebrities in fancy suits and dresses all over the place. I follow him to his car and the other girls get in with him and I start to joke with him about something, but I can't remember what exactly. He laughs and rolls his eyes at me as he pulls out of the lot with me still hanging on the window and threaten to say that he has speed in his car with all these cops and celebrities around, very loudly. He freaks out but I was just messing with him anyway, I knew he didn't have any and I just wanted to pay him back for brushing me off and I know how paranoid he can get, but he's pretty much straight-edge. He stopped and started begging me not too, but I just laughed and said no one would care in the middle of all this commotion anyway and he drives off.

      I walked back to my own car, which was not my car at all and is very pink, but there were some creepers following me. For some reason I went to the back right passenger door and unlocked it manually, and I could tell that they were waiting for me to auto-unlock all the doors because they were standing over by the driver door. They all panicked since it wasn't going according to plan and I started trying to close all the doors and windows in time but one of them got in the door I unlocked and grabbed a few things, but aside from that I was able to shake them loose after a little bit of a struggle. I decided to re-park my car somewhere more in the middle of everything and go back to the party. As I was walking back I saw some celebrity in a dress looking at me from a distance and I had a momentary feeling that she was Hayden Panettiere, who oddly seems to be something of a dream sign for me and who I've become in both lucids and non-lucids, but I got distracted easily and didn't pursue it. The last thing I remember doing outside is looking at my phone and seeing that it was, I believe, 5:27 PM. I thought to myself that my friend was acting oddly for having left so early.

      Next thing I know I'm back in the building and I'm either walking into or already in the elevator back up. There are metal walls on all sides and this is where
      I become lucid. The first thing I did was sort of make my hand stiff so that my thumb and all my fingers are pointing out in the same direction. I firmly pressed them up against a wall to see if I could push it back at all, but I wasn't expecting to be able to. I used to do this to try to phase through walls before I figured out a much better way to do it, but I did remember that back then after enough pushing the walls would start to bend back some. I backed up and had both of my hands in the same position now and pulled them back to put my all into this, and then I lunged them forward at the wall. There was a loud banging noise and the whole thing bent back pretty far and stopped, then bounced back and forth until it balanced itself out again and became a solid wall. I laughed at this and started doing it over and over again to all of the walls and the ceiling. However, I realized that I was getting too into this rather than continuing the plot of the dream, and I phased through the elevator doors to try to get out of them and into some hallway, but all it did was cause the dream to fade to black and I was unable to retrieve it successfully.
    2. Surrounded, My Flying Pet, We Meet Again

      by , 05-08-2012 at 04:22 PM
      #1 - Surrounded [Non-Lucid]

      This dream sucked. We were in some evil house with killers wandering around outside, they would always wait at the windows and when we looked in that direction the blinds would be closed, but then they're start turning and we'd see the killers just staring in and then they'd just through the window. It was so nerve-wracking that by the end of the dream it was over and I was back at my house safe and sound but I couldn't stop myself from pushing the couch I was sitting on into the wall behind me over and over again without rest because I was having a bit of nervous breakdown and I couldn't accept that there was no one behind me trying to get me. I was very happy when I woke up from that one.

      #2 - My Flying Pet [DILD]

      O and I were in some alternate version of my house with my cousin P, and there were lots of girls that I remember "knowing" in the dream but I can't recall who any of them were now. They were all talking to P and for some reason O and I were getting really uncomfortable, but I don't remember much of the plot at this point. O and I somehow made it out of that alternate dimension and into our correct one, where we came swimming through a field of grass next to my real house to get there. Yes, swimming, we were actually half submerged in the grass and it had flowing waves like water. O left to go to his house and I went in mine, which looked like it was half in some weird jungle, in fact the lighting in the area was actually very surreal and video game-like, there was an orange tint to everything. As I was walking into my house I felt pumped and became lucid. I started yelling lucidity and control mantras to myself and noticed that my voice sounded different. More... distinguished. I like it. The backyard looked like it was fused with some sort of playground so I went out there and looked up at the top of the structure. I summed LK, a girl I knew in school, and she appeared up on the top. I told her to pull me up there and she almost got it, I had to fly a little bit too. I jumped on her back and she acted shocked for a second but then I did a "Hya!" yell and she flew us off into the air and we just darted all over the place until I woke up. Wonderful!

      #3 - We Meet Again [DILD]

      This dream was a long one, though I actually only remember very little of it. There were two plots going on, one involving me which strangely I remember nothing of, and another that involved some random guy and Hayden Panettiere, my original celebrity crush.

      My clear memory comes in on the last part of the dream, I'm seeing Hayden and the guy each wearing similar strapless tops with ink blot patterns on them, black skirts, and heels. The guy didn't look half bad! Hayden and the guy have been running from some evil organization guys for a while now and Hayden says that they're about to have to start running again. After walking behind a crowd in my vision they each took off in different directions and a guy followed Hayden into a store, so I went in too. My involvement in the scene became a little less passive now, I was actually there instead of just watching. I turned lucid as I was going into the store and watched Hayden and the guy running through people really fast. Hayden was now wearing something more like a tracksuit, an outfit much better suited for this activity. I think to myself "This looks fun!" and move my perspective forward and zoom into Hayden's body. Oooh, limber! I keep running and start weaving my way through crowds of people while keeping away from the guy, it was pretty fun. But after not too long the dream started fading, and I tried to bring it back failed. Oh well.