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    1. Love, Fear, and Calea Crowds

      by , 03-10-2013 at 05:12 PM
      Well... this was an interesting night. The first thing I'd have to say I noticed was that all of my dreams took place at home. And not a home rendered wrongly or somewhere else perceived as home, just my regular old house. Doesn't seem like that happens too often with this many dreams, but it's probably just a coincidence.

      Anyway, this time I took 50 mg of zinc at 9:30 and smoked some calea at ~10:00, and then I smoked more for technical WBTBs at 5:22 and 7:40, according to my phone log. This night actually started out very unpleasant.... I passed out with my laptop in bed and must have fallen asleep on my arm at a weird angle, because around like 2-3 in the morning I had this odd hypnagogia of orange dots in a grid setup expanding to orange circles with a weird hissing sound, and then I woke up with a high level of anxiety and very extreme right arm pain. I freaked out and ran to the bathroom to inspect myself and my whole perception was going hazy and getting really bright, and I ended up taking a couple Librium pills as well, which are chlordiazepoxide, a close relative of diazepam, or Valium, hoping to calm myself down. Like half an hour to an hour after that, I woke up again with a lot of stomach discomfort and had a very uncomfortable bathroom visit, which I blame on all the pizza I ate yesterday and the day before.

      That was finally the end of the festivities though, and I hadn't had any actual dreams before all of that, so after I fell asleep again from that point on is where my night really began.

      #1 - I wondered when this would happen again. [Non-Lucid]

      I don't remember how exactly, but I met a girl and I want to say her name was Jessica (and I was looking up pictures of Jessica Rabbit cosplay last night, so maybe that had something to do with it?), and I invited her over to my house because I had some feelings for her. Once she came over, the dream continued on under the impression that we were already in a relationship together and this was the first time she was visiting my house. I can't remember exactly what it was we were doing... watching TV or playing games or something, but we were just cuddling and acting all cute with each other the whole time, and then later we were eating a meal and my dad and one of his friends were standing out on the back porch and he was peeking in to tell me some odd instructions for burying something in his room that my mom was purposely ignoring. Then I gave Jessica a tour of where our food was, the two fridges and the pantry, which were completely packed with all kinds of heavily-detailed food (influenced by the calea?), and she made some joke about the cereal that I can't recall now. I was really happy to be with her, she was really cool and collected and definitely my type, but then as we were headed to my room I woke up.

      #2 - I get the reference, but... Butters? [Non-Lucid]

      I believe I was waiting for a game to be delivered in the mail, when a group of policemen showed up at the front door. I barely cracked it open to talk to them, and after a little discussion they held up some chemistry glassware and told me that my dad and "my friend" (who I immediately perceived as Butters from South Park) are both hardcore cookers of random drugs and they were after them. This was very clearly influenced by the fact that I just started rewatching Breaking Bad with a friend of mine. They asked me to get him and tell him to go out back, and I went to tell him what was going on and then returned to the front door, and I started freaking out knowing that they were going to search the house because I didn't want them to find my stoner stuff too, but then I woke up.

      #3 - Well this dream was pretty dark.... [DILD]

      I was again in my house with my parents and a group of friends and there was some killer with a gun stalking us, she kept moving all around the house trying to get a good view of the inside through the windows so she could shoot us. My parents took my friends somewhere to hide safely while I just kept hiding around in the house in strategic places where I couldn't be seen, but where I could just barely peek out every now and then and continue to track the killer's movements. Eventually it seemed like she wasn't going to be able to get us easily, so I ran to my bathroom where there were no visible windows and met up with my parents there. I asked them where everyone was and they just laughed and told me that they weren't actually my parents, they were people that the killer payed to disguise themselves like that so they could get close to me undetected and take me out. My heart sank, and at least one of them pulled out a handgun. I had to wrestle with them until I could get one free, and then I managed to take them down and shot them both in the head multiple times to make sure that they were dead, because they kept moving. I headed back out and my memory gets a little blurry here, but somehow I managed to track the killer down from the inside and shot her too before she could shoot me.

      At that point a few of my friends and some family members came out from hiding and we all were celebrating. But then this TV show came on in the living room with lots of shooting going on and will still perceived it as people coming after us, so I pick up this big machine gun out nowhere and start shooting at them, but just one shot at a time. I managed to shoot one guy and felt good abot myself, but then my cousin A, who's birthday party we went to last night (and ate pizza), just rolls her eyes and takes the gun from me. Somehow (I'm not sure if I looked away and back at her or what) she had actually entered the TV show completely and was rapid-firing at everyone and easily takes down all of them. Around this time I randomly
      became lucid. I actually managed to remember that I had smoked all that calea, which is really a first for me, and I decided to try to jump into the TV screen as well which was now in the area of the living room where the corners of the couches meet for some reason. I just wanted to hug A, but as I jumped my perception just zoomed in and then floated around the room for a couple seconds before restabilizing, and a couple DCs (I want to say they were my parents?) just looked at me like I was weird. I looked over and the TV was now back in its proper place and there was some Star Wars game just sitting there on the startup screen. I decided to try again with entering that game, but just as I was about to go for it I woke up.

      #4 - Why couldn't we have just watched it in person? ._. [Non-Lucid]

      J and Z, this girl I just met recently, came over to watch some sort of Lincoln play that was going on somewhere in my house, but we were going to watch it through random TV screens around the house instead of just seeing the actual thing. I can't remember exactly what it was about, but I know that a lot of the speech Lincoln was giving was based on that clip from a show I really can't remember the name of right now, but it's the one where it starts with the girl asking a panel of politicians why America is the greatest country in the world and the one guy goes off on this long rant about how it isn't. Unfortunately we kept changing rooms trying to get a better reception or a bigger TV screen, and we basically missed all of it. Afterward everyone was leaving, because there were a lot of people here, and J hitched a ride back to his campus (in another state ) with some girls who were going to some bar or club called "88" that was supposedly right next to it. This other big group of girls was about to leave too, but some random guy came in the house and told them that their car got towed because they didn't have a parking permit to park on the street in front of my house when there were already so many cars there, and they would've known that would happen if they had just listened to him before instead of just brushing him off. One of the guys still at the house volunteered to drive a couple of them home, and I asked where the rest of them were headed, but before they could respond I woke up.

      And that's it. All of these dreams were actually pretty vivid too, so I suppose the supplements did their job.

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    2. L-Arginine Trial

      by , 03-09-2013 at 03:47 PM
      Alright, so this time I decided to take 500 mg of L-arginine before going to bed to see what the effect would be.... This one wasn't based so much on neurochemistry research so much as just going off of anecdotal evidence. Vivid dreams are not infrequently reported with L-arginine. My trial with it was interesting.... My first impression was that it had been unsuccessful. I awoke after roughly seven hours of sleep without memory of any other awakenings and no dream recall at all. You know, often even when you don't remember your dreams you can still remember that you experienced something, you just don't know what it was. Not so with this... I had a totally blank slate. I remembered thinking a couple things, but that's it. I wasn't even sure if those were actually parts of dreams or not. I also woke up very much "in the mood", another reported effect, so I figured that that would probably be the end of it and I wouldn't really get anything out of it because I generally have a hard time falling back to sleep in that case. Then I rolled over and passed out very quickly.

      And here's... what I got.

      Emotional Responses [Non-Lucid]

      My memory first really steps in when I was locked in the bathroom in my house in the dark, lying in the bathtub. Probably related to the fact that I took a bath last night, but there was no water in it in the dream. The fact that it was almost pitch black makes this part of the dream a little hazy in my memory, but otherwise the dream was quite vivid. I had some memory of what exactly was going on.... Basically, there was this evil witch, or some other dark force, who was haunting our house, and she worked by using illusions to play with your emotions and lure you into her traps. I guess that's what was going on here, because there were bats flying all around the bathroom and I was freaking out. Likely inspired by the fact that I watched The Dark Knight Rises last night, too. I kept trying to imagine the bathroom door opening up hoping that it actually would somehow, and trying to get the bats to do things with my mind because I guess I realized that it was just another illusion, but it wasn't working. Finally I took a chance and overcame my fear and just ran for the door and made it out to the hallway. I met my mom there, and we both ran out to the main part of the house.

      Let me give a quick description here.... At the end of this hall, immediately to the front and left is a little walkway after the front door, and just beyond that is the living room. If you go right and follow the walkway to its end you get to the kitchen and eventually the laundry room, and just beyond the kitchen in the same direction as the living room is the den. Finally, there's a bar in its own little square design placed directly in the four corners of these rooms, so you can continuously walk through all four of them without changing direction if you just walk around the bar over and over again. Got it? Alright, so basically, my mom and I went right into the kitchen and my mom started frantically searching for things on the counter. All of the lights in the house were still out except for the distant one in the laundry room, and she started telling me to look for the "seven-fruited" something.... I can't remember exactly what it was, but the point was that it would hold seven souls, or seven fragments of the witch's soul, or something like that that would basically mean that she was somehow weakened without it, and it would be actually be just some basic household object we wouldn't just have immediately suspected. My mom ended up running through the den into the living room and searching through presents or something beneath a tree that didn't look like a Christmas tree but was exactly where ours always was, and I followed her because I was afraid that she was going to get caught in an illusion somehow since she was freaking out. I started looking around the house to make sure nothing was going on since she was lost in her own world.

      I stepped back on the walkway where the hall ends and looked down into the kitchen again. That's when I saw him.... My cat that just died in waking life was sitting on one of the machines in the laundry room and just staring right at me. Somewhere in the back of my mind I knew this was wrong, but I was struck with an overwhelming desire to run up to him, and I called out to him as I did so. (Yup, I'm the dumb girl that dies in this horror movie.) As I was looking at him this weird phantom double of his face kind of burst out at me and made me feel kind of like this trance state blip, and then the scene had changed. We were in some creepy kitchen that I was unfamiliar with and I was a little nervous, but I didn't care. He was sitting on the kitchen counter now, and I ran up to him and started holding him and petting him, but something was wrong.... He felt real but he was totally still and lifeless, and his head was really turned or twisted to the side in a bizarre way. He didn't try to move or respond to anything that I did and I was becoming emotional, and then I felt this ominous feeling starting to creep up on me... but then
      I woke up.

      I'm not sure if I'll be trying this supplement again yet.
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    3. Why Won't They Leave Me Alone!?

      by , 11-29-2012 at 05:05 AM
      This is from November 21st, I just didn't get around to typing it all up before.

      Early in the night I originally fell asleep on the couch in the living room in front of my laptop, then I woke up a couple to a few hours later and shut down everything in the house and moved to bed. So that technically makes these with a WBTB.

      #1 - Creeper Nightmare [Non-Lucid]

      Throughout this dream, for some reason all of the windows in my house had open blinds and were larger than normal, making it very easy to see into the house from the outside at any point. It was really creeping me out because in the house next to mine which was visible through the windows there were these four guys that kept peering around corners or over fences to just stare at me in a really freaky way, and then they would start laughing when I got anxious. Even when I tried to go out front or out back I would see them watching me from somewhere. At one point I was even crawling around on the floor in the house and reaching strategically over and around objects to avoid being seen by them, knowing that they were just out of eyesight staring into the window. Eventually I just got pissed, and I went out front, walked over to their fence, and jumped up on it in one swift movement. This is not uncommon for me; my dream self seems to think that walking on fences is fairly normal, though still something to be considered significant. I ran along the top until the second floor balcony of the next door house (which doesn't actually exist, it's a one-story house) and leapt over to it. I went in through the door and walked up to one of the guys who said "Oh shit!" and looked shocked. I was ready to smack a ho, but then my memory of the dream gets really blurry and I just remember there being something about my old friend T, I saw him for a second... but then, I woke up. Ah, well.

      #2 - Modeling Assignment [Non-Lucid]

      I was at some big school function where they paired us up with different students and had us take tests and do modeling jobs and stuff. There was some girl there that I was just trying to be nice to for some reason, and I remember lending her a pencil, but then she still got totally pissed at me for something. However, AB, this girl I used to know since elementary school but barely ever talked to since then, got up and started defending my honor with some long speech. Oh, also, I think for most of this dream, or at least this part onward, I was JY, this guy I also knew since elementary school. No idea why, I haven't thought about him in ages.... Anyway, like I said, we were paired off and we were supposed to be doing a modeling gig. For ours they were expecting us to submit some comic we'd made, but my partner was the one who had it on him and he didn't show up. I tried doing the gig myself and they told me my image was nice but it needed more, it had to be both of us or neither. I decided to go walking around the mall/school looking for my partner and somehow ended up back at my house. (My real house, not JY's house.) I was in my parents' bedroom and I decided to just jump back on the bed and give the guy a phone call. I told him the situation and he said that he had to ditch to go to a dentist appointment. I just said that that was fine because the school was just pushing us into it anyway so I didn't really care that much.

      #3 - Nothing Wrong With A Little Bondage [Non-Lucid]

      I was at some kind of station waiting for transportation with my parents, and there were these two random girls standing not far from us. I turned to my parents and asked them if the train that just left was the one that we were supposed to be taking, and the girls startled giggling and said that it was actually a bus. I just responded that we call it a train where I come from. It was clearly based on a train from around here, so I wasn't wrong lol. Eventually a couple more arrive and we got on a different one from them and I get a third-person view (from outside and behind the train, though it may have become a bus considering what we did next) of the train swerving through traffic and over all these crazy highways that bend at impossible angles. It basically looked like a huge video game obstacle course set up all around some big city full of skyscrapers. The dream then transitions to when I'm already off the train and I'm at a mall restaurant of some kind meeting up with M, some random DC, O, ET (heh, not the extra terrestrial), S (5 hits, for self-reference), and maybe C and a few others. We were going to do something though I can't remember exactly what now, and this random guy walked up to me and kissed my hand. I just patted him on the back and said "Sorry, I'm taken." and moved on, and I saw a friend comforting him as he walked away. Then, ET just up and decides to grab me by the arms from behind, pick me up, and hold me locked in some bondage position to parade me around the mall for everyone to see. At this point many of the people in the crowd were suddenly in fetishy outfits, and everyone was just staring at me amused as we went by. And yes, it was awesome. >.> I could hear the whole gang talking about movies or something behind me, but I never got back into the conversation before the dream ended. I had a brief false awakening where I typed up most of the previous dream on my phone, almost letting it fade from memory. Luckily, I still remembered it well upon waking for real.

      #4 - And Now The Creepers Can Fly ;-; [MILD]

      In this dream I felt that I was visiting home for the holidays, though I'm not entirely sure where exactly I would've been visiting from. I was wandering around outside on the side of my house by the next door neighbors' fence and I saw some random girl followed by SC, this girl I knew in middle school, breaking into their yard through the fence. The girl was saying that it's just something she likes to do to mess with people so they have to take the time to clean their yards up. Now this next part I really have no memory of at all, though I really wish I did. Instead, I'll just have to quote it. "Then some old guy comes running by and uses me as an external pacemaker for a second." I go back inside my house through the garage and see the girls sitting out back and think that something must be up because they should still have been in the neighbors' yard. I approach our back door and think to myself "Alright, if I can fly right through it then this is a dream." I leapt off the ground and went right through the door and wall and flew into the sky. I was excited, but immediately after the happiness set in and I turned around slightly and saw some creepy guy flying right behind me. I had an adrenaline rush and the scene transitioned into my bedroom, and I was convinced that I'd ruined my shot. I almost lost this dream to a false awakening as well, but thankfully I woke up shortly afterward.

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    4. Too Distracted, Broken Structures

      by , 07-19-2012 at 04:07 PM
      Supplement Dose: 2 York Peppermint Patties

      #1 - Too Distracted [Non-Lucid]

      The main thing I remember about this dream is that my dad accidentally chopped off his fingertip. (Though there was no blood throughout the entire dream.... Definitely didn't notice that until I woke up.) I ran all around the house looking for band-aids for him so we could graft it back on. But strangely, almost all of the lights in the house were off, and I tried four or five switches in a row and they wouldn't work! How odd! () Getting frustrated, I ran back out to the kitchen where the light was already on so we could see what we were doing. During all of this, including before my dad had injured himself, I was also trying to hide bunch of OxyContin that R had left on the living room table, easily at least if not more than a hundred pills. I ended up shoving most of them into a Ziploc bag and stashing it in a drawer in my room before I could be noticed though, but honestly I don't think my dad would have really noticed at the time. Not long after we got to the kitchen, I woke up.

      After this dream, until I finally got out of bed, I was getting very vivid hypnagogia very easily, just accompanying all of my random in-bed thoughts. One that I remember clearly is walking down a random street considering that previous dream, half knowing that I was really in bed but not really caring. I never sank into a WILD or anything because of them, though. I also remember something about Dexter's Laboratory... which I only remember right this second while typing it, and have no idea what it was connected to.

      #2 - Broken Structures [Non-Lucid]

      During this dream there was some kind of party going on at my house, and my house also seemed to be fused with a forest at... incomprehensible angles. That's really the best description I'm going to be able to give it. I remember that I was trying to find someone, but then I got distracted when I noticed that the door to my bathroom was busted and wouldn't close properly, but there were tons of people over and I had a very strong urge to masturbate. >.> I got fed up with it for a little bit and sat in the foresty part of my house, and some trees started turning sideways and then multiplying and drawing strange circle patterns with their copies, it was a very bizarre visual. Soon I decided to give the bathroom another shot, and I realized that I could get the door to stay closed but I just couldn't lock it. I decided it was worth the risk. X) I got in there and stripped naked, then I looked at my reflection in the mirror. First of all my reflection wasn't naked, but again I appeared to have taken on the form of a supermodel, and... well, as I stared into the mirror my vision was fractured into sort of a collage of seeing myself from different angles and apparently different situations, and it all had sort of a shattered-glass look to it. It's hard to put into words exactly, but it was very psychedelic... I've had it happen while tripping before. All of the different supermodel 'me's were writhing around in pleasure and making various sexy faces and positions, and there was sort of an overwhelming feeling of dissociation or being pulled into this. I was able to snap out of it and my libido was shooting up through the roof, so I tried getting ready to masturbate but the bathroom was arranged in a really ridiculous way that made it practically impossible, and the frustration of trying to figure it out made me wake up. :c

      Oh menthol, I missed you.
    5. Why Do They Keep Coming!?, My Powers Have Increased!

      by , 05-24-2012 at 05:29 PM
      #1 - Why Do They Keep Coming!? [Non-Lucid]

      The dream started out at my house, and somewhere down the line it turned into J's house. I'm not exactly sure when the switch took place, but I'm pretty sure this first part happened at least mostly in my house. People kept coming over and then leaving, all totally random people, and it was making me nervous for some reason. Then one of the guys who came over pulled out a tiny revolver. I jump up to him and try to pull the gun away from him but he won't let go, and we're locked in kind of a struggle to push the barrel in each others' direction, and in the end I manage to face it up under his neck and pull the trigger. There's not much gore or anything, in fact after that I think he just leaves. But I was still really on edge for the rest of the dream, and when we were suddenly at J's house (which wasn't his real house) I started obsessively searching for objects around the house to weaponize to protect myself against the random people who kept coming over.

      Dream Fragment - "Something about DV being so crowded that OldSparta sent out a message about individual threads needing to be moderated, and I volunteered to handle a couple of them."

      #2 - My Powers Have Increased! [DILD]

      I was back taking classes in middle school again, still at my current age like always, and O was there in my first class but I can't really remember what it was about. I guess it was the end of the year or something because we were taking our final exams, and after the first one I tried to go to the second one but the layout of the school wasn't right. The stairwells were gone and I had to search all over for a way to get to the second floor where my class was, and finally I found the stairs behind two closed doors that actually lead to two classrooms in waking life. Once I found the stairs there, I became lucid. I decided to keep heading to the class, but the thought of walking up the stairs was rather disheartening. X) I took two or three steps and as I was doing so said out loud "I'm already there." and the scenery around me just sort of phased into the classroom. Sweet! The entire back wall was just windows so I walked up to it and looked out, we were very high up and overlooking a highway. Definitely absolutely nothing like the area around my middle school, but a pretty awesome view for a middle school classroom if I do say so myself! I noticed that there were barely any students or even desks in the class, and I think I recall someone saying it was the math exam (I'm pretty sure the previous one was for English). I can't help but notice that the teacher is unbelievably obese. >.> She walks up to me and hands me my exam, and I just kind of drop it and put my arm around her shoulder and get her to walk with me. I said something about how I was going to help her and I called her Sarah, though I'm not sure where I got that name from. I snapped my fingers with the intention that she would become young and thin, and she did, right before my eyes! But then I got greedy. I snapped my fingers again trying to change her into a girl, AD, that I've known since elementary school, and it sort of worked but she was really lanky and unhealthy looking, shoulda stuck with the first success. Anyway, I tried to get her to have sex with me, but before I could even really get the whole thought out the whole scene started becoming geometric and bizarre, and it become unstable enough that it just fell apart and I woke up. Damn. :T

      Dream Fragment - "A whole family sharing a bath robe."
    6. In Another Life, Demon Games, Seek The Treasure, How Did We Get Here?, Really? >w<

      by , 05-19-2012 at 04:04 PM
      May 17

      #1 - In Another Life [Non-Lucid]

      Sort of a quirky little dream here. I was hanging out with a bunch of people I've known mostly since elementary school and haven't seen since high school who I've never hung out with before. Before the last times I really saw them they were in social groups that I just wasn't in, so it's not like we even really saw each other much except in the hallways or in classes (which I hadn't had with them since I first knew them), but at the end of senior year when I started getting into the drug scene I started hanging out with the same groups of people they did, but I still never really saw them because everyone was kind of going their separate ways at that point. In the dream we were now back at our high school ages and I was hanging out with them because it was like I had gone back in time and now had a lot in common with them, or something like that. Two of the guys I happened to know pretty well from a young age and one welcomed me right into the group while the other was hesitant, but in the end didn't mind. We spent basically the whole thing listening to club music that I don't recognize as being real but was really neat, and I noticed that I was wearing pink velour pants which I've been thinking about getting.

      #2 - Demon Games [Non-Lucid]

      All I remember about the beginning of this dream was that I was playing some video game, which was a sequel in its series, where you had to jump from one rooftop to the next in a sort of a suburban city, and as you do it it turns you into a demon. Afterwards someone told me I should play the original, so I did, but they didn't tell me that it has a horrible side effect! After you play the game, it makes both your top and bottom row of teeth pop out, still perfectly connected like dentures, and be replaced with new ones that had sort of a plastic-like texture. This caused me much distress when it first happened and I wasn't expecting it, and I was at my old friend S's house freaking out until his nonexistent little brother (who just looked like a smaller version of him ) walked into the room and explained what was going on. I ran into the bathroom and looked at myself in the mirror and saw my old teeth and pulled them out of my mouth. My new ones were heavily fanged and demonic, and a couple on the bottom row that looked particularly menacing and were opposite each other suddenly fell out. There was blood pooling in the spots they'd been in, so I put them back in hoping that the blood would mold them there, and it did. After that I got my weird dream sign of my mouth being full of stuff, this time it felt like hairs and sawdust, and unfortunately I didn't notice it. It bugged me until I woke up.

      May 18

      Dream Fragment - "R, O, new types of music."

      Seek The Treasure [Non-Lucid]

      O and I are in some enormous house with a group of people, but I can't remember that part of the dream very well. I vaguely recall something about us hugging each other in a big circle and having a bunch of cats that we were going to try to find homes for, and then the dream changed to where the house we were in because some gigantic pool area with multiple pools and hot tubs with covers over them, and it was warm outside but also sort of dark and rainy. I was also now with my cousin P instead of O. Eventually we meet up with his brother and sister, G and K, and their mom (also my cousin), A. She drives us back to their place, but on the way she turns into GA, her brother. When we get there GA, G, and K get out of the car, and GA hands me the keys so I can drive P and I back. So what was even the point of this...? He gives me a tiny gold slate with instructions engraved on it of how to get back to the place we were at before, and it includes cryptic messages about some treasure. We eventually go seeking for this "true treasure", but the dream gets blurry around that point, and then I woke up.

      May 19

      #1 - How Did We Get Here? [DILD]

      My memory really starts with me just hanging around with a bunch of people outside in a neighborhood at night. This group included at least O, RE, GL, PZ, JRE, and KF, but there were lots of other people too. I think there was also something briefly about drinking and taking some pills with JRE and maybe KF, but it's hard to recall now. Anyway, we were just standing around in a circle reminiscing about high school and how we used to just chill with groups of people like that with no plan, when no one had any responsibilities or anything, and we'd just go find stuff to do. We started walking down the street and up to some houses, where we all just started chilling in the front lawns. I looked over at KF and saw him suddenly pull out a gun and shoot someone in the stomach. Everyone is disoriented from the sound but I think I'm the only one who saw it, and then other people start pulling out guns as well. The crowd breaks up as everyone starts running around, and I take off down the street hearing gunfire. There's even Star Wars-like pew-pew sounds going off, and I see some red lasers fly in front of me. I immediately became lucid when I saw that. The environment was now intense as hell! There were ships flying around, lots of war sounds like explosions and rapid fire gunshots and laser pew-pews, stuff was crumbling and bursting into flames, and there was suddenly a huge sweeping laser turret coming up behind me. I should've just let it hit me and saw what happened. >w< But instead I hoofed it until I got behind one of the neighborhood houses. I looked up into the sky and an amazing fireworks display started going on amidst all the chaos. I see another one launched into the sky after all the others finally stop, and I can tell it's going to be big, but rather than exploding it causes my dream to sort of implode, and I wake up.

      After that I reminded myself that I was supposed to be doing my mantras again, so I gave that a shot before going to sleep again.

      #2 - Really? >w< [MILD]

      O, D, C, and I meet up with some random dude and go get lunch somewhere/go to take an exam somewhere, or something like that. After we finish I stayed behind for a long time for some reason, but I can't remember what that reason was now, while the rest of them went out to my car to wait for me. When I finally got out there, O told me that they'd rummaged through my stuff while I was gone, and then he said... well, something very personal. o.o I'm super embarrassed and just try to change the subject and drive off, while O's just laughing at me. >w<;; We're driving down some dark foresty road and the random guy asks us if we'd like to go visit his church and then walk through some random deserted town at night with him, but as we were discussing it the scene shifted to me being alone in an apartment with some strange wooden structure in it. I need to use the bathroom so I go looking for it, and find it with some words scrawled on the floor in front of it. I pay no attention to them and go in. When I get in there I start wondering how in the heck O found out... that personal thing about me just by looking through the stuff in my car, and then it suddenly occurred to me that I was dreaming. I lift up my hands to feel the wall and stabilize a bit, and they're so small! Like baby hands or something. I stabilized a bit but it still wasn't a very strong lucidity, I could tell the dream was fighting to survive. I walked out of the bathroom and called for O, then walked around the corner and saw him there where a huge coat with a furry lining on the inside, something I've definitely never seen him wear before. I'm happy to see him and he walks up to me and we hug, and then we went and sat down on the strange wooden structure. I was just trying to think of something to keep the dream going, so I decided to ask him how he figured out that thing about me, but then I woke up.
    7. Surrounded, My Flying Pet, We Meet Again

      by , 05-08-2012 at 04:22 PM
      #1 - Surrounded [Non-Lucid]

      This dream sucked. We were in some evil house with killers wandering around outside, they would always wait at the windows and when we looked in that direction the blinds would be closed, but then they're start turning and we'd see the killers just staring in and then they'd just through the window. It was so nerve-wracking that by the end of the dream it was over and I was back at my house safe and sound but I couldn't stop myself from pushing the couch I was sitting on into the wall behind me over and over again without rest because I was having a bit of nervous breakdown and I couldn't accept that there was no one behind me trying to get me. I was very happy when I woke up from that one.

      #2 - My Flying Pet [DILD]

      O and I were in some alternate version of my house with my cousin P, and there were lots of girls that I remember "knowing" in the dream but I can't recall who any of them were now. They were all talking to P and for some reason O and I were getting really uncomfortable, but I don't remember much of the plot at this point. O and I somehow made it out of that alternate dimension and into our correct one, where we came swimming through a field of grass next to my real house to get there. Yes, swimming, we were actually half submerged in the grass and it had flowing waves like water. O left to go to his house and I went in mine, which looked like it was half in some weird jungle, in fact the lighting in the area was actually very surreal and video game-like, there was an orange tint to everything. As I was walking into my house I felt pumped and became lucid. I started yelling lucidity and control mantras to myself and noticed that my voice sounded different. More... distinguished. I like it. The backyard looked like it was fused with some sort of playground so I went out there and looked up at the top of the structure. I summed LK, a girl I knew in school, and she appeared up on the top. I told her to pull me up there and she almost got it, I had to fly a little bit too. I jumped on her back and she acted shocked for a second but then I did a "Hya!" yell and she flew us off into the air and we just darted all over the place until I woke up. Wonderful!

      #3 - We Meet Again [DILD]

      This dream was a long one, though I actually only remember very little of it. There were two plots going on, one involving me which strangely I remember nothing of, and another that involved some random guy and Hayden Panettiere, my original celebrity crush.

      My clear memory comes in on the last part of the dream, I'm seeing Hayden and the guy each wearing similar strapless tops with ink blot patterns on them, black skirts, and heels. The guy didn't look half bad! Hayden and the guy have been running from some evil organization guys for a while now and Hayden says that they're about to have to start running again. After walking behind a crowd in my vision they each took off in different directions and a guy followed Hayden into a store, so I went in too. My involvement in the scene became a little less passive now, I was actually there instead of just watching. I turned lucid as I was going into the store and watched Hayden and the guy running through people really fast. Hayden was now wearing something more like a tracksuit, an outfit much better suited for this activity. I think to myself "This looks fun!" and move my perspective forward and zoom into Hayden's body. Oooh, limber! I keep running and start weaving my way through crowds of people while keeping away from the guy, it was pretty fun. But after not too long the dream started fading, and I tried to bring it back failed. Oh well.
    8. Evil Dimension

      by , 04-24-2012 at 10:01 PM
      Evil Dimension [Non-Lucid]

      I was over at D's house with O, this guy JY I knew in 9th grade, and a few other random people. We had entered some other dimension that I don't remember very much about, except that it was... evil. DX There were hornets that would come after me and dig under my skin and start slithering around, and I could feel them in bulges on my skin. I don't... I don't even.... Uggggh.

      Anyway, I told D that I couldn't stand being in the evil dimension anymore, so JY and I left. On the way out JY turned into N. We were in some airport-like area, but after walking out the exit we were in a mall. N started talking about getting something to eat, but I can't remember what.
      I woke up after that.
      non-lucid , nightmare
    9. My New Bathing Suit, Fading Phone, Lucidly Non-Lucid Bad Trip

      by , 04-04-2012 at 12:29 AM
      This was from my first night in Las Vegas, I fell asleep after finishing a bottle of champagne.

      #1 - My New Bathing Suit [Non-Lucid]

      This one was kind of odd, more like a visualization-induced non-lucid. At first I was just drifting off in bed, and I was thinking about walking around the hotel pool. We'd stayed there before so I know the area pretty well. In my imagination I was walking around in something like this, but like all black:

      At first I was just sort of wishing I had that kind of bathing suit, but as I got more and more tired the scene started to expand and suddenly I actually was walking around the pool in that suit. I wasn't lucid though, so I didn't really appreciate it. I remember thinking that I was supposed to be meeting up with some friends of mine, some random female DCs who were busy changing into their suits, but I got distracted by a food stand by the pool. I tried to get a hot dog, but they were out. :C I saw my dad lounging by the side of the pool and went over to him and asked him why there were no hot dogs, and he said that they ran out of meat. He got up and started walking off with me and I started complaining about the situation to him, but I don't remember much after that. I think I woke up not long afterward.

      #2 - Fading Phone [Non-Lucid]

      I had taken a bunch of downer drugs, and I specifically remember that Ativan and Xanax were two of them. I was partying all night, and I woke up the next morning while it was still dark outside. My dad was there and he asked me if I had gone anywhere while I was on the drugs, and I said no but joked that I couldn't be sure because I had blacked out. He looked concerned, and I layed down on the living room floor only for it to suddenly morph into the hotel room bed. Without changing position, I reached over to grab my phone and start typing up my dream. Suddenly, my dad gets up and walks over to my bed and is acting all emotional (I can't remember exactly what that means, but that's what I wrote down) My sheets are pulled up over my head by an unseen force, then my dad grabs my hands through the sheets. I'm overcome with a fear, and suddenly I realize this isn't happening. It's a very odd sensation to describe, it's kind of like... you're staring at the ceiling the whole time, and you're just really confused about what's going on, but it doesn't change the fact that you were just staring at the ceiling, it's just that you don't really understand it at first, so much that you think all this other stuff is happening, but then when you finally do, it still feels like that's all you were ever doing. Anyway.... I grab my phone again and start typing but it suddenly phases out of my hands, and I try a couple more times but it never works, so I give up. I have the actual feeling of being stuck, which is rare for me even in sleep paralysis, but I manage to shift my line of sight to the left. There's a faint light visible from something in the room, and as I stare at it it starts moving closer and growing and creating strange alien symbols, and I'm filled with a fear again, but then suddenly I snap out of it and am fully awake.

      #3 - Lucidly Non-Lucid Bad Trip [Non-Lucid]

      This was a terrible dream. :T I took Benadryl, or diphenhydramine, at a hallucinogenic dose. For those of you who don't know what that's like, basically it's sort of similar to non-lucid dreaming, only even more schizophrenically psychotic, and layered over waking reality at the same time. Actually, it can be sort of like the way I described the sleep paralysis, everything is just so unbelievably confusing that even though you're interacting with reality, you just interpret it allllll wrong. And so that was reproduced, accurately I might add, in the dream. And diphenhydramine is an unbelievably terrible experience, not to mention I know how bad it is for you and already had to overcome an addiction to it, so this was a nightmare. The worst part about this experience was that I believed I was in this dream-like trip, so I was paying extremely close attention to the dreamy nature of everything that was happening, and yet no matter how odd it was it couldn't tip me off to the fact that I was dreaming because it fit the scenario perfectly. My mindset was basically like being lucid of the fact that I was non-lucid, and it pushed my dream insanity to a whole new level. I was at my aunt and uncle's house and even my family members over there were becoming extremely confused at the bizarre and unexplainable things I was doing. Yes, I was so non-lucid that the DCs were confused. I can't remember much of the actual plot, though.


      This dream was from the second night we were there, and I fell asleep after more drinking and taking some Soma (carisoprodol).

      Dream Fragment - I took a large dose of methoxetamine, which I've never taken in waking life, and ended up tripping out. I was in a classroom somewhere and someone was giving me a foot massage, and because of the drug it felt like my toes were floating off of their original spots and randomly switching places, which made me feel warm and giggly at the time. That's about all I can remember, though.
    10. Interrupted, Shown The Power Of RCs, Odd Discovery, The Last School Of Magic, Caught In The Wind

      by , 03-18-2012 at 10:32 PM
      #1 - Interrupted [Non-Lucid]

      This girl A (who I haven't seen since first semester of college) is over at my house during a family party and we're in my room messing around in the dark. And by messing around I mean just playing, but in an overly affectionate way.... I could sense feelings for her and I'm pretty sure she had some for me, too. After a while it was starting to look like it might become a little more than playing, so I got up to lock the door to make sure we had privacy, but then tons of people, including this guy J I used to hang out with, just started waltzing on in and making themselves at home and playing some video game on my TV. >.< We tried to make the most out of it still () but it didn't work out, and A very randomly told me that my room looks like a spaceship. I got up to go into the bathroom to "do my medicine" but when I got in there I was distracted because I was wearing some really bizarre white top and a black jean skirt, and it was definitely something I've never seen before, I'm not even sure it followed the laws of physics.... After that I went to pee, and after I started I woke up.

      #2 - Shown The Power Of RCs [DILD]

      I was in a high school class with this girl S with whom I've had an extremely embarrassing moment, which I will not go into, and in the waking world I apologized over and over again, and in this dream I felt like it was finally totally in the past. (Even though in the waking world I barely saw her before and will probably never see her again, so it's really not that big of an issue anyway.) We're waiting for class to end, as it's apparently the last class of the school year. There's a video constantly malfunctioning on the projector and we're all just getting fed up with it, and I think to myself that class ends at 8pm (what a shitty high school!) and that it should already be around 7:40, but I check my phone and it says 7:10. I checked again shortly afterward and it said 4:00. Instant lucid. Holy crap, reality checks work! I got up and told everyone "It's already 11:00, school's over, let's go." (11:00? I still don't trust my lucid mind, it comes up with too many non-lucid things still. Like this....) There were objections but I just repeated "Nope, nope, let's go." and walked out the door. Some random DC girl was walking with me in the hallway and said something to me about how "It sucks for people who had plans.", or something like that, and my response was "Yeah, especially the ones of us who are melting!" Immediately afterward I proceeded to rapidly melt, which I felt completely realistically, all the way down into a puddle, and then the dream ended. Damn you dreaming mind!

      Side Notes - I had been forgetting to do my mantras lately, and I wondered if that's why my lucids haven't been happening as frequently. After this dream I started doing them again every time I woke up for the rest of the night.

      #3 - Odd Discovery [Non-Lucid]

      I got drunk with my old friend D (who doesn't drink) and spent the night at his house, though it was actually some fancy Asian-style house and not even remotely similar to his real one. His mom then woke us up in the middle of the night to smoke weed with her. (D doesn't smoke weed either, nor do I imagine does his mom. ) We smoke a lot of corn (medium quality weed) and chat for a bit and I'm just in awe at this discovery that they smoke weed, and the main effect I'm getting is EXTREME cottonmouth. I take a drink of water, then go back to fiddling around with this lighter that never works, and this two-carb pipe (I can't remember if it actually had two chambers, but it was a really cool swirly, spiked design with a mix of yellow and blue) that kept randomly getting replaced with a tiny plastic bowl. We hear a noise and it turns out to be D's dad, and his mom gets scared so I look at the weed and say "Should we hide it!?" and she tells me to do it, so I grab it and shove it in my jean pockets and get up and follow D out of the room. We hear them getting into a HUGE fight and their voices start fading into the distance as we get further away. D stops in this dark room full of random people and I'm freaked out, and he looks almost catatonically depressed and I really want to help him but I also want to get the hell out of there, and I ask him if it's okay for me to leave because I'm scared (his dad is a pretty big guy). He doesn't respond at first, but then shakes his head yes. I give him a sad look of thanks and then run out the front door and hear his dad say "Oh, you better hurry!" I'm frightened and jump into my car and try to start it but I'm shaking and messing up. But I woke up while I was trying to work it.

      Dream Fragment - I see my dead grandpa (but he's still alive in the dream), lots of other family members, my dad's close friend J, and a couple random DC kids who are both named Alex. I perceive that I'm in Las Vegas, though this is all actually taking place at my house. All I really remember other than that was J asking me if I'd found him any MDA, to which I responded no because it's hard to come across.

      False Awakening - I wake up and text O about how sake is even better in Las Vegas.

      #4 - The Last School Of Magic [Non-Lucid]

      A lot of this dream is hazy and hard to remember, but I do recall that I was trapped in some place called "The Last School of Magic", or something like that. It's basically this big evil school in the sky that my friends and I can all see from this big open field that seems to have a castle waaaaay off in the distance at the end of a long path, and I end up going through some weird third-person control bouncing shapes and people and traveling through gravity-defying obstacle courses.... It was really bizarre. I just know that is was VERY intense, and at the end I kicked the ass of the evil teacher who had originally invited me to to the school, using some magic I learned along the way. We were outside on the path again by the big field and looked over at the dark stormy clouds in the sky and saw the house where the school was glowing red and vaporizing, and we laughed at it. Despite the fact that I don't remember very much of it, this dream was pretty realistic and vivid. But it probably doesn't help with my memory that I had a....

      False Awakening - I got up out of bed thinking to myself what a crazy dream that was, and I found this little book of ancient mysteries or something like that sitting on my desk. I apparently had had it before but never really read it, so I started flipping through it, until I found a story called "The Last School of the Occult". I started looking at it and some of it looked familiar to the areas I had gone through, and I was totally blown away. I started thinking something insane was going on, but then I had another....

      False Awakening - I tried writing down everything that had happened and got most of it out. Only to wake up and realize I would have to type it all over again, which is why I forgot so much of it. :T

      #5 - Caught In The Wind [MILD]

      I was on vacation with O and we got a bong and some weed and took it to a corn field to play where on the way we became Peanuts characters, I was Lucy and he was Charlie Brown. Some girls starting making fun of me saying "You like corn! You like corn!" and I felt it had a strange connection to Francine from American Dad! for some reason. Wind started blowing me back and up through the air continuously at least 20 feet and it made me realize that I was dreaming, but I wasn't really able to hold on to it. I just kept getting pushed back until I had a....

      False Awakening - I wrote most of the dream down (there was more to the beginning that I forgot because of this), but then my dad walked in and asked me if I had used mom's wind, and the second I saw him I thought "Damn it!!" and woke up for real.
    11. Cute Animal Class, Our Fate Is Sealed

      by , 03-04-2012 at 04:57 PM
      I can't wait for Link to read this one.

      #1 - Cute Animal Class [Non-Lucid]

      I'm back in a middle or high school class, but it's taking place in my room at home. I don't perceive it as my room at the time, though. The class was strange, and generally involved petting cute animals. I spent the first part of a dream petting a black cat that was sooo fluffy, and I remember a white cat walking around in the background, and at some point some dog that was cute but upon waking up I'm pretty sure was horribly mutated, or at least not remotely what a dog should look like. I think she was based on N's dog, too. Class ends, and I remember thinking that winter break was about to start. I reach down and grab a random blue jacket that's sitting on my bed and struggle to put it on for a minute, then I turn to look at the door and notice that Linkzelda41 is there! I said something along the lines of "Merry Christmas" or "happy holidays", and I ask him to wait up for me while I grab my stuff so we can leave the class together, but he heads out. :< I try to grab all my stuff and run after him, but I start to notice that there's a LOT of my stuff in this classroom. (Still haven't realized that it's my room. ) I start panicking and grabbing as much as possible, thinking "I can't just leave all this stuff here, I need it at home!!", and my arms are starting to get really full and I'm not sure how much more I can carry, but then I wake up.

      Fragment - "Large class, black midgets with dog heads that turn into trucks, singing, P."

      #2 - Our Fate Is Sealed [Non-Lucid]

      I'm with a bunch of other people my age in a house (based on D's?) sitting on a couch facing the kitchen counter. Apparently, we perceive it as being stranded or locked in somehow, and we have been for a couple days. We're trying to keep spirits high, and one guy has been smoking weed with the guy who's cooking our meals because he was freaking out, and we all joke that the food is way better now. A girl tries to play a prank on them after they're coming back to the room from smoking a bowl, but isn't fast enough. He makes some small plates of food and hands them out (and I mean really small, but I suppose we're rationing), and I offer some to the girl sitting next to me on the couch but she declines. Finally she says "It's going to happen... we're all going to die." She has some prophetic powers or something and laments that after all this being trapped it's just going to end. She warns everyone that if they want to make the end of their lives worth it they better do it now. She points at me and says she can't say why but I'm the only one who can go home, but it still won't save me. She also claims that some of us may temporarily come back from the dead but not for long. As a result, when I get home she wants me to make a list with all of our names on it, that way it'll add to the mystery when we die, and when she comes back to life she can get the list and sell it for millions. I woke up after she said that, though.

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      non-lucid , nightmare , dream fragment
    12. The Water Slide Accident, Trapped In Darkness, Dreaming About Sleep Paralysis?, etc.

      by , 02-26-2012 at 09:42 PM
      I decided to try using aniracetam as a sleep aid last night, I'm not totally sure if it had an effect yet but my dreams did seem different than normal. I took 750 mg, maybe I'll try 1500 mg tonight. I did manage to remember a good few more dreams than normal, but I think that's mainly because I decided to stay in bed and keep falling asleep again for longer.

      #1 - The Water Slide Accident [Non-Lucid]

      I'm at some public pool working as part of some "water-raising" experiment. (Like literally... I think all we were trying to do was increase the water level in the pool. ) There was a gigantic rectangular tent at the top of a long water slide on one end of the pool, and I climbed up the slide (somehow) and into the tent. In it was Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory, a couple other random people (maybe other characters from The Big Bang Theory but it's hard to remember), and my middle school orchestra teacher. Sheldon was doing something to conduct the experiment, and we all stepped forward to look out the window to see if the water in the pool was rising, but we shifted too much weight in the tent and it started slipping down the slide and into the pool. It was completely closed in and we were all freaking out thinking we might get trapped inside of it and drown. We hit the water and I expected to die, but somehow I made it up and slowly I saw everyone else popping up out of the water as well, including Linkzelda41, actually as Link! (For those not game-savvy, the character in his avatar.) I made sure everyone was okay but noticed that my teacher had never come up, and when he finally did he wasn't breathing. I went over to him and we dragged him out of the water and I started doing CPR, though without the mouth-to-mouth, just the chest thing. (The dream switched to third-person around this time, too.) I did it for a long time but it wasn't working, and I started crying but I didn't stop doing it. But he finally gasped and woke up! When he did I gave him a big hug and wouldn't let go. The dream jumped forward to me being in the hospital and getting prescribed some random drugs for... something, I guess mental trauma? :T I don't know, but the dream ended at that point.

      #2 - Trapped In Darkness [Non-Lucid]

      I'm home alone watching a movie almost totally in the dark, and the darkness is starting to creep me out a bit. I read online (or maybe heard from someone, or something...) about how some secret FBI agent or some other government agent on a plane accidentally stabbed someone they were sitting next to by activating a lightsaber unwittingly in his bag because it was built with an on switch that was too easy to access because the designer was lazy. I also remember that the lightsaber was red, because I actually saw it happen in a third-person kind of way. This had revealed to the world that the US government had successfully created lightsabers, so I texted J (who's a big Star Wars fan) about it and then read something about how they were launching a new moon into the sky to make up for it. I looked out back through the glass doors and saw a plane in the sky, so then I went out front and saw a rocket (really tiny) launch off in one direction across the sky, and a HUGE, absolutely gigantic moon launch off in the other direction, but from the same source. It went behind the house so I went back in and to the back yard, and looked straight up in the sky and saw it there, still enormous. All of the stars in the sky were constantly scrolling across it like the night sky was just a huge spinning wheel, but that didn't really seem to bother me much. The darkness outside was getting really thick though and it was still scaring me, so I went back inside and walked into the bathroom. I tried to turn on the light switch, but it wouldn't work. () That made me even more freaked out, so I ran out into the living room just generally frightened and hoping my mom and dad would be home soon, but then I woke up.

      I'm never going to get better at doing RCs.

      #3 - Dreaming About Sleep Paralysis? [Non-Lucid]

      There's some presentation going on at my house in the den by some orchestra guy, with lots of orchestra teachers there sitting in rows of chairs, including my high school orchestra teacher. My friend J (the one I texted before) and his mom are also sitting way up at the front, right by the TV. The guy puts on a song and each of the teachers has a music sheet where they're supposed to be writing down the notes as they hear them, but almost none of them do, instead opting to wait until the end to just jot them all down, which I find pretty impressive at the time. After they all finished and walked away, I walked up to J and told him I thought I'd have some awesome news to tell him about lightsabers being real, but that turned out to be a dream. () He laughs, and we go out into the living room to hang out with some random girl and OpheliaBlue. We start watching a movie, and I can't remember what I was wearing but I just remember thinking of it as something really informal to the point that it would be embarrassing to be seen wearing it, and then the doorbell rang. I didn't want to answer it like that so I went into my bedroom to change, and that's when things got weird. My room was dark, and my fan was sticking out of the wall to the left of me when I walked in, but still running. My movements became incredibly jerky and snapped back as if I was in sleep paralysis with my eyes open, but honestly... I'm not sure if I actually was, or if I was just dreaming that I was. Part of the reason I think that is because I "realized" that I was in sleep paralysis, but I don't think I was really lucid about it, and I never realize it when I actually do wake up into it. I don't know though.... It was incredibly vivid, so maybe I was and I just realized it for half a second and then started hallucinating. Anyway, after the realization my vision switched to a third-person view from the perspective of the road in front of my house, looking up at a bunch of trees hanging over it (which aren't actually there). These trees were very mystically mechanical in their movements and had something that I call the "IMAX 3D" effect, which is something I get when I'm tripping really hard where everything is more detailed then anything in reality actually is. I started to wonder if I was on DXM, but then I started thinking that the doorbell ringing was probably just my parents coming home (since they were still gone from the previous dream, I guess) and I could've just answered it how I was. I saw that playing out in my mind's eye, but after that I woke up and noticed that my fan wasn't exactly in the same position in my view as it was when I thought I was in sleep paralysis, so... I just don't know.

      #4 - Testing A New MMO [DILD]

      I'm at my aunt and uncles' house. I don't remember much of the first part of the dream, but I end up going in the little kids room and slide across the floor in the weird way I do in dreams sometimes, and that warps me back to the front of the house. Some MMO has come out where you play the game in real life and you use these rifles that shoot green plasma bullets. I get one just to see how it is, and S ends up getting one too so he comes over to play it with me. We run around the house shooting at each other, and then I run back into the little kids room and end up doing the slide again. I say "Oh, this is a dream, isn't it?" and become lucid. Unfortunately, after this dream ended I didn't wake up enough to write it down, I fell back asleep and had some other non-lucid dream, and when I woke up again I tried to write down this one as quickly as possible but I still can't remember what happened after I became lucid, though something did happen. I also don't remember the other dream, either. Oh well....

      #5 - An Intense Argument [Non-Lucid]

      I get a hotel room for some reason with an old friend J (different J than before) and some guy who's just a random DC, but apparently a very close friend of mine. I'm trying to have a good time talking to both of them, but there seems to be a lot of tension between the two. (I know what this is based off of, it has to do with J. :T) They end up getting into a big argument and both strip naked to show their dominance. And then they start wrestling! One side of me is like, come on guys, don't do this, you're being childish.... :\ And the other side of me is like !!!! They break up the fight and the guy tells J to get out and not come back, so he does. I'm planning to go drop J off and come back to hang out with the guy, and I tell him it'll only take me about twenty minutes but he says he has to be at a football game in that same amount of time. So I say goodbye, and shake hands with his girlfriend (who just randomly appeared, and apparently I had just met) and hug him, and they left. J is texting me to hurry up, and I'm trying to switch from shoes to sandals for some reason but my socks are being illogically weird feeling and won't come off. Finally I just walk into the hallway, which is actually the music hall in my middle school (and the hotel room was where the orchestra room is) and I hear D's voice telling me we'll never make it in time because the middle school is right by the football game and the traffic will be terrible.

      #6 - The Secret Codes [Non-Lucid]

      This one shifts back and forth between first- and third-person a lot. I remember Hank from King Of The Hill talking to a group of kids about some (fictional) famous singer and guitarist's weird-sounding name and he corrects them on how to say it, and when they ask him how he knows he sighs and says "He told me." Somewhere in here there is a discussion about some gum or candy that you're supposed to chew if you're freaking out or having a bad trip. I remember that but not the visual of it. Then my dad and I are at a movie theater seeing some movie I can't remember anything about and it switched back to Hank, now in a flashback, walking around awkwardly at a concert or rave of some kind. He meets some young guy that turns out to be that musician who tells him how to say his name, then some weird "secret code" used in the gay community (I think specifically involving politics, which was definitely not real and very bizarre sounding, though I don't quite remember it). He walks off past John Redcorn who is on acid or something and freaking out, and he sees Hank but clearly isn't sure whether or not he's actually there and he says to himself "Where is that candy!?" Back at the theater, the movie's starting and my dad tells me more about the secret gay political codes claiming that the guy told him (I guess carried over from Hank) and I'm like "Uh-huh...." >_> Then back at the concert, John Redcorn is chewing on some of that bad trip candy and looks really happy, and he sees Hank again and they talk and he says he'll help Hank get out of there, because I guess he's lost somehow. Once again back at the theater, my dad is still going on and on more in-depth about these secret codes, and I'm like, seriously, I'm trying to watch the frickin' movie. >_____> And that was it lol.

      Whew, that took a while to type up! At least a I was able to recall a lot, though.
    13. The Sandwich Haunts Me, Seizure Radio

      by , 02-07-2012 at 03:32 PM
      Well, I ended up smoking a small amount of weed yesterday to see if I could do it without anxiety, which I did. And luckily it was early enough that it didn't really blunt my recall at all, it actually feels like it made my dreams a bit more detailed.

      #1 - The Sandwich Haunts Me

      I was in a bedroom with the lights out in a house at night with K and a couple of random people I don't recognize from real life. We're talking about going to a club or something, and a girl walks in and starts telling K and I about some really strong acid that's going around, I don't remember what she said about it but she gave some description of visuals that one kid had off of it which I'm pretty sure were not that amazing but really impressed us at the time. I really thought about getting some, but in the end I told her I don't trip anymore so at the most I'd probably roll (take ecstasy) or something. We start talking about smoking weed (not actually planning to do it or anything, just talking about it) and then it's revealed that one of the people there I don't recognize is an undercover cop and lights start flashing. I get up and run into the hallways of what turns out to be a really big and beautifully designed house. People all around me are disposing of drugs and evidence while the cops get ready to raid us, and I run out to the backyard where it's apparently daytime and there are lots of people just kind of hanging around and in the pool, not really saying or doing anything. I wandered around there for a bit until I just kind of forgot about the cops and went back inside.

      I walk past a guy who's hitting on a girl by telling her some psychedelic trip report story that I (apparently) told him after reading it online. I go in another room and sit down next to some guy who asks me why I look annoyed, and I pull out a small piece of bread and pretend to be using it to text the guy who was hitting on the girl. Also, wherever I touch the bread there's a red mark which at the time I thought of as "raspberry stains". Eventually I was mad at myself for coming up with such a terrible lie and just tore the bread in half an offered half of it to the guy. He tells me how I had successfully taught him to sing like a girl but lately, after the thing with the cops and some jokes at his expense, he wasn't able to anymore. I felt sad and wanted to teach him again. ... While he's telling me this there's also a Powerpoint slide of a wesbite page or something covering half of my vision that listed some information about singing and had an image of the sky as its background. As we're eating the bread my vision suddenly turns third-person and we're watching a Spanish version of The Office. It skips around a lot while people are talking which gives it a very strange and surreal feeling, and it starts focusing on a woman who works in the office but is apparently also a hooker by night and pregnant, and her water breaks while she's walking to someone's desk. Meanwhile, even though I'm not really in my own body at this point, I can hear myself in the background talking to some guy whose job is apparently to redub the US version of The Office.

      Suddenly the dream skips forward to me being back at home and my mom making breakfast for me. She started with making bacon strips, and after that she was making some french toast sandwiches, which were literally just half-bread (triangular) sandwiches made with french toast and some unknown ingredients in between them and drenched in syrup, and they looked AMAZING. I never got to eat them, though. Oh well....

      #2 - Seizure Radio

      It was nighttime, and I was in a bed with my parents, this guy I used to see now and then named S, and this girl A I went to public school with. It was around 4 AM and S kept talking loudly, I told him to shut up so my parents could sleep but he wouldn't stop, so I went out into the kitchen to get a drink of water. I was thinking about texting A about S while I was out there, but then I noticed a strange shadow in the hallway. I slowly walked over to it, then everything got really fast and glitchy and I started making these "vrrrrrrt" sounds over and over again, and I float into my parents' bedroom where I realize that my mom is holding me. I ask her what's wrong and she says she asked me if I was alright and my response was "You'll know once I'm on the seizure radio!" which I don't remember at all. That made me freak out, which woke me up.

      Aaah that sandwich... if only I could have stayed in the dream long enough to eat it. >.< I need to have another lucid so I can summon it and taste its glory!

      non-lucid , nightmare , memorable
    14. Why Do I Keep Dreaming About Gangs?, Killing Time, The Final Test

      by , 01-31-2012 at 08:16 PM
      Managed to remember a good few last night, though I recall not writing some down because they were depressing. But, the last one I got down was pretty... interesting lol.

      #1 - Why Do I Keep Dreaming About Gangs?

      I'm in some kind of vacation house chasing what I refered to as "dust bunnies", they remind me of the fuzzies from Paper Mario (the black ones) and also of the spirits or whatever they were in My Neighbor Totoro. I'm waiting for my friend M to come over, but before she does I wander off and start walking around the neighborhood. Somehow I end up in front of some diner where there's a guy who looks like he's about to rob me and this other guy who was standing there, so I run into the diner, but then he comes in and holds the diner hostage. He tells us that this diner is now under gang control, and then we hear a loud noise like some kind of boom and someone tells us to run. We all make it out of this door in the back and run by a school bus down what is now a long and deserted field of grass with the diner being out in the middle of nowhere, and the criminal is running with us.

      #2 - Killing Time

      I remember watching a video about a kid coming to terms with his asexuality, and that's it before I woke up.

      #3 - The Final Test

      I'm in some kind of college, waiting to meet up with M again. I'm wandering around again (I guess I didn't learn my lesson before ) and I end up in a very strange hallway. Basically, looking down the hallway, there are glass doors leading outside just to the right of me. Beyond that on the right, just a wall, but also another door much further down. On the left, there's nothing but glass walls, that seemingly repeat row after row (the same length of the hallway I'm already in) and go on forever. Every now and then there's a line coming down the wall to show that that's where that piece of glass ends and the next one begins. Suddenly something starts happening outside as I hear a lot of commotion, and a wall of ghosts starts materializing on the other side of the glass, as far down as I can see. Different sections of the wall move closer and further away from me like in a wave pattern. I get freaked out and run outside, which causes all of the ghosts to dematerialize. Everyone seems to be freaked out out here too, so since the ghosts are gone I head back inside but some monsters have spawned and I end up having to fight them, and I lose and die. So I get sent back to my most recent checkpoint, when the ghosts first materialized, which seems perfectly normal at the time. I continue that same routine until I've died a few times, then decide that I need a new strategy. This time, I waited for the ghosts to become really solid and get further out of the glass and I realize it's a bunch of people I actually know. :O I realized that the ghosts weren't my enemy, and they told me that they actually want to dematerialize, so I do still need to go outside but then when I come back in don't stay to fight the monsters, just run down the hallway and don't stop until I reach the other exit. I nodded and did that, and I almost got killed again! But I finally made it to the exit. As I get outside, I meet up with J, and he says "Welp, we've finally finished college." and I respond "Yeah, and I only remember like three hours of class. " ... As we walk triumphantly off into the distance with a large crowd of people, the ending music from Star Wars plays, and my dream comes to a close.
      Tags: college
      non-lucid , nightmare , memorable
    15. Fucking Hornets, Fickle Emotions, Third-Person Control

      by , 01-30-2012 at 06:01 PM
      Got another lucid this time! Short, but interesting. I got a little more abstract with my control of it, too. Other than that, a couple other interesting dreams as well. Not a bad night.

      #1 - Fucking Hornets

      I'm making some kind of video game with a lot of old friends (and a couple current), a guy I haven't seen since high school, and OpheliaBlue. Ophelia and the guy from high school are talking about adding some cinematic to the beginning of the game, so after we discuss how that would fit best they go off to start working on it. My friend O, still my current theory for who my dream guide is, starts talking about how we're going to do the opening credits, and he shows us what he has so far. I don't remember what they were, but I remember that they were pretty funny. But J gets all bitchy about the font size being too small, even though O hadn't actually tried to set it to what it would be in the game, he was just showing us the text. :T Oh yeah, also, we were doing all of this discussion in my bathroom, in front of the mirror lol. Possibly using the mirror as a screen to project things on, now that I think about it...? But anyway, J was standing kind of behind me, so when I turned around to listen to him talk I noticed that there was a gigantic map of the world behind him, one that was clearly not visible in the mirror. As he's talking, he pulls out a much smaller, handheld-sized, map and starts talking about some "red bee therapy" (which I take to mean red hornets) then comes and stands right behind me to try it out and says their are a bunch of the red hornets right behind the map, which he's holding up to my back. Hornets. Now, for those of you who don't know, I hate bugs. They're... soooo nasty. >_< But hornets especially, they're like my least favorite bug there is. So I'm freaked out at this point. I look down at the counter and see a pair of scissors, which I quickly grab, and say "J, get those things away from me right now, I'm not even kidding, I will fucking stab you." He backs off, but one of the hornets gets left behind my back (somehow... ) and I reach back there and feel it. I feel a sting and start running around freaking out, and I grab it and squeeze it to death, something I'd never do in real life but I was desperate , and I threw it down on a table and saw it dead, but then it CAME. BACK. TO LIFE. It's comically large and red with black stripes, and I grab a tissue box and start smashing it but even though it keeps getting nastier it never dies, and it's so gross it makes me feel like I have to puke, and I'm shaking. Then I woke up.

      Thank god.

      #2 - Fickle Emotions

      I'm in high school in an English class that I never actually had, but it's boring so I leave to go find a different class, then pay that teacher $100 (two separate payments of $50) to let me be in her class instead. She shakes my hand and says "A gentlemens' agreement!" (More How I Met Your Mother references from my subconscious. ) But, she turns out to be a hard ass to the point that the other kids in the class are "troubled", like there's a guy not far from me to the right smoking weed in the middle of class, and the girl I sat down next to on my left is single and pregnant (but not visibly). However I learn through the course of the class that she's actually just a really nice girl and pretty cool, and I develop a little bit of a crush on her. I start messing with the teacher to make her laugh, and we end up getting along really well and she's even starting to act like she has a bit of a crush on me too, and it's so obvious that some of the guys in the class are visibly jealous. Somewhere down the line the teacher turns into my old Chinese class teacher and someone says something about him which gets me distracted, after which the girl just never shows up or is even thought about again. Class is over so I get up and walk around the hallways which turn into an enormous and clearly very expensive and high-end mall, and I'm trying to find my locker but it's too hard to navigate, I even pass through a jail cell on the way. I woke up after I found my way out of that lol.

      #3 - Third-Person Control

      O and I went to a head shop or something, and we saw someone getting arrested in the parking lot, so we quickly got in my car and drove off. While I'm driving, I notice that the accelerator keeps getting stuck, so I'm slamming the breaks to make the car slow down, but eventually it just goes faster and faster and faster until the car pulls up off the ground and we blast into the sky. But I became lucid at this point! I started steering us around the city, as we were in a downtown area with lots of tall buildings so it was fun just zooming around in our rocket car. Before too long I notice that my vision is steadily narrowing down to a very small area and I'm afraid that the dream is going to end if it gets all the way down to a dot, so I consciously switch it to third-person perspective control, which still feels like first-person. (Kind of hard to explain.) It worked for a little bit, though! My full view of the city was restored, and I could see that the car actually had turned into a plane. I start flying off to the side of my vision so that my camera angle moves over and we transition from the city to a mountain range, and the sky starts turning dark blue, so in order to keep the dream changing (rather than ending) I kept up. I had the mountains be just dunes in the background with the sky being underwater, and I transformed the plane into a fish, and I just swam around in the water a little bit, but then I finally woke up. :/ Oh well, it was fun!

      So that's it for this entry. I'm definitely happy with the number of lucids I'm getting lately, even if they're brief.
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