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    1. Something New

      by , 04-13-2012 at 09:45 PM
      This was first dream I can actually remember that I've had in days, likely due to all the weed brownies. The day leading up to this dream I ate a brownie and a half (I think?) and smoked some in the morning, but then in the evening was only drinking. That's probably why this dream was... the way it is.

      Something New [Non-Lucid]

      I was watching something, I have a vague feeling of it being South Park. There was also some talk about The Beatles going on, but just in the background somewhere. Whatever I was watching, it grew and took over my entire perspective, and I shifted into third-person. I was panning my view left over a wall, and everything started taking on deep hues of neon red with twists of golds and purples and some other colors to a lesser extent, and the world started flattening and becoming somewhat cartoonish in an ancient hieroglyphics type of way. Patterns were being drawn and morphing around on the wall, and eventually the wall opened up to reveal an enormous panoramic view of some house from the point of view of what appeared to be one of the living room corners. This created a very bizarre feel to the whole scene, it was simultaneously flat and curved. The panning stops when there's a door to another room directly in front of me. A woman walks through the door and the scenery around her starts rapidly shifting and morphing into various patterns in a sort of rapid-fire flow, and her appearance is frequently changing as well, and she occasionally phases through other objects in her surrounding. The background has taken on sort of a salvia-esque spin and the woman seems to be made of some strangely stacked cardboard-cut-out-like building blocks.... It's really hard to describe, but I saw people that looked to be made out of the same material a long time ago when I mixed diphenhydramine with psilocybin mushrooms. The whole environment is becoming incredibly unstable, and suddenly the scene ends.

      False Awakening - I'm driving down the service road of a highway in one of my old cars, and I just look around and for a moment think that that bizarre scene was something I was just thinking about, but then I remember how vividly I experienced it and it occurs to me that I must have been dreaming and now I'm awake. I tried typing up the dream, but then became concerned about the fact that I was apparently sleeping while driving.

      False Awakening - I wake up again, still in the car. Now I'm getting really concerned that I'm actually driving while asleep but I can't force myself to wake up. I still take time to try to type up my dream in my phone, but the time is really messing with me. It looks really wonky at first and then keeps changing around randomly. Of course, it doesn't tip me off to anything.

      False Awakening - This time I woke up in M's apartment, where I actually did spend the night after we finished drinking. Her big dog gets up and climbs on top of me in a really uncomfortable way and won't get off. I'm again trying to reach my phone to log the dream, but am unsuccessful.

      False Awakening - Once again, I woke up in M's apartment. She's already awake and tells me that she's late for work, she has to go "feed the whale". I get up too and tell her I need to go soon, so I probably won't be there when she gets back. After that, I woke up for real, and almost completely forgot the actual dream.

      Dream Fragment - This one I don't remember much of, but there was a big texting conversation going on between me, Linkzelda, M, M's boyfriend, N, M's previous boyfriend, and C. (Maybe some other people, too?) It's hard to remember now, but I'm pretty sure I saw part of this dream through my own perspective, part through M's perspective, and part in third-person. The only visual I can really remember now was that M's previous boyfriend was at his house wearing one of those cone-shaped birthday hats and there were balloons tied to a chair behind him.
    2. My New Bathing Suit, Fading Phone, Lucidly Non-Lucid Bad Trip

      by , 04-04-2012 at 12:29 AM
      This was from my first night in Las Vegas, I fell asleep after finishing a bottle of champagne.

      #1 - My New Bathing Suit [Non-Lucid]

      This one was kind of odd, more like a visualization-induced non-lucid. At first I was just drifting off in bed, and I was thinking about walking around the hotel pool. We'd stayed there before so I know the area pretty well. In my imagination I was walking around in something like this, but like all black:

      At first I was just sort of wishing I had that kind of bathing suit, but as I got more and more tired the scene started to expand and suddenly I actually was walking around the pool in that suit. I wasn't lucid though, so I didn't really appreciate it. I remember thinking that I was supposed to be meeting up with some friends of mine, some random female DCs who were busy changing into their suits, but I got distracted by a food stand by the pool. I tried to get a hot dog, but they were out. :C I saw my dad lounging by the side of the pool and went over to him and asked him why there were no hot dogs, and he said that they ran out of meat. He got up and started walking off with me and I started complaining about the situation to him, but I don't remember much after that. I think I woke up not long afterward.

      #2 - Fading Phone [Non-Lucid]

      I had taken a bunch of downer drugs, and I specifically remember that Ativan and Xanax were two of them. I was partying all night, and I woke up the next morning while it was still dark outside. My dad was there and he asked me if I had gone anywhere while I was on the drugs, and I said no but joked that I couldn't be sure because I had blacked out. He looked concerned, and I layed down on the living room floor only for it to suddenly morph into the hotel room bed. Without changing position, I reached over to grab my phone and start typing up my dream. Suddenly, my dad gets up and walks over to my bed and is acting all emotional (I can't remember exactly what that means, but that's what I wrote down) My sheets are pulled up over my head by an unseen force, then my dad grabs my hands through the sheets. I'm overcome with a fear, and suddenly I realize this isn't happening. It's a very odd sensation to describe, it's kind of like... you're staring at the ceiling the whole time, and you're just really confused about what's going on, but it doesn't change the fact that you were just staring at the ceiling, it's just that you don't really understand it at first, so much that you think all this other stuff is happening, but then when you finally do, it still feels like that's all you were ever doing. Anyway.... I grab my phone again and start typing but it suddenly phases out of my hands, and I try a couple more times but it never works, so I give up. I have the actual feeling of being stuck, which is rare for me even in sleep paralysis, but I manage to shift my line of sight to the left. There's a faint light visible from something in the room, and as I stare at it it starts moving closer and growing and creating strange alien symbols, and I'm filled with a fear again, but then suddenly I snap out of it and am fully awake.

      #3 - Lucidly Non-Lucid Bad Trip [Non-Lucid]

      This was a terrible dream. :T I took Benadryl, or diphenhydramine, at a hallucinogenic dose. For those of you who don't know what that's like, basically it's sort of similar to non-lucid dreaming, only even more schizophrenically psychotic, and layered over waking reality at the same time. Actually, it can be sort of like the way I described the sleep paralysis, everything is just so unbelievably confusing that even though you're interacting with reality, you just interpret it allllll wrong. And so that was reproduced, accurately I might add, in the dream. And diphenhydramine is an unbelievably terrible experience, not to mention I know how bad it is for you and already had to overcome an addiction to it, so this was a nightmare. The worst part about this experience was that I believed I was in this dream-like trip, so I was paying extremely close attention to the dreamy nature of everything that was happening, and yet no matter how odd it was it couldn't tip me off to the fact that I was dreaming because it fit the scenario perfectly. My mindset was basically like being lucid of the fact that I was non-lucid, and it pushed my dream insanity to a whole new level. I was at my aunt and uncle's house and even my family members over there were becoming extremely confused at the bizarre and unexplainable things I was doing. Yes, I was so non-lucid that the DCs were confused. I can't remember much of the actual plot, though.


      This dream was from the second night we were there, and I fell asleep after more drinking and taking some Soma (carisoprodol).

      Dream Fragment - I took a large dose of methoxetamine, which I've never taken in waking life, and ended up tripping out. I was in a classroom somewhere and someone was giving me a foot massage, and because of the drug it felt like my toes were floating off of their original spots and randomly switching places, which made me feel warm and giggly at the time. That's about all I can remember, though.
    3. A Crazy Night, The Patrick Effect

      by , 02-27-2012 at 04:46 PM
      Well, I went to bed last night fairly drunk from red wine and having taken a few small hits of JWH-250. I'm sure this had some effect on my dreams but it's hard to say, though there was something pretty interesting at the end of the night!

      Fragment - I remember being in some hotel filled with water and a manatee swimming around, and you had to get to some other private room above the main one I was in by climbing along a ledge on wall, but that was also where the manatee mates and it gets mad at you for being up there so it tries to attack you while you're doing it. I also remember that when I reached the room there were voices of Family Guy characters saying really random stuff. I also recall hearing the phrase "twelve year olds without sex".

      Fragment - I just remember being in a chat room with Seroquel and OldSparta.

      Fragment - I'm looking after some guy (perhaps handicapped? he seemed incredibly child-like) and trying to be buddies with him, I was showing him some anime movies which weren't real but looked pretty interesting. The only other thing I remember is that the TV had two separate volume systems that you had to make work together to control the sound. >.>

      #1 - A Crazy Night [Non-Lucid]

      This occurred almost immediately after the last fragment, I was awake for probably a second or two. I was walking through a store with O and talking to him about getting drunk and losing my clothes and how I'd probably never find them, and O says "Yeah, I think the neighbors saw you." During this this one guy I knew in high school came by and asked us if we worked there but we said no, so he walked off.

      #2 - The Patrick Effect [Non-Lucid]

      I was in my dad's car with my family (but my mom was driving) and we were driving down what I perceived as our alleyway, but it was actually nothing like it, it was like a dirt road with bright green grass hills on each side and a bunch of little shacks with cars parked all around them, and no fences of any kind. The car breaks down when we pull off to the side, and we stand outside with a bunch of other people for a minute, then it jumps forward to that night at my house and we're having a huge party. I think the party is centered around me somehow, actually. I get tired of being in the den and kitchen where most of the commotion is, so I go into the living room to hang out with O, a random girl I don't know, and another DC that frequently changes throughout the rest of the dream. We started talking about music, and I'm trying to tell the random DC about one song that's really good but I couldn't remember what it was called, but the girl reminded me. (It's "Layla", though in the dream I thought of it as "Leila". )

      I went out to the kitchen and den again to see everyone had gone outside so I wasn't too worried about playing loud music, and I tried to put it on by going to YouTube and typing it in, but instead I found... the most amazing thing I've ever seen in a dream. On the screen were characters from SpongeBob SquarePants, with an especially large focus on Patrick (and I think maybe Squidward). They were all quickly jumping all around the screen (mostly one character at a time, though) and ranging from really close to really far away and performing very random movements and actions, and muttering things that were definitely in their voices but completely inaudible, it was like total delirium. While they were doing these things, the entire screen was engulfed in gear-patterned-type kaleidoscopes of sky blue light distortions and tendrils that pulsed heavily and emanated from a blindingly bright white vortex in the center of the screen. The characters and background scenery were dragged along with and twisted and bent by these distortions, and overall the scene was just like some unbelievably massive acid trip. Staring at it for too long caused a grid of Pokémon to form in my vision, and I looked away to see everyone else in the room staring at it in awe. My dad had also come into the room and sat down at the table and was marveling at it. I looked back at it and just stared some more because I couldn't bring myself to look away, it was so beautiful. The Pokémon grid thing started happening again, and suddenly I realized that I was shirtless. I went into my room to put something on, and started thinking about how I was going to spend countless hours watching the screen and seeing how far I can dive into my mind with it, but then I woke up.

      I am now officially dubbing this "The Patrick Effect" and making it one of my lucid goals to recreate this effect in a dream. I never expected my mind to create such a powerfully accurate psychedelic effect in my dreams, I must use this subconscious ability as much as possible!
    4. New Emoticons, Mario And Yoshi

      by , 02-18-2012 at 08:47 PM
      My dreams from this night were kind of hazy, I went to bed mildly hungover and still have a bit of a headache. -.- But I did manage to get something down.

      #1 - New Emoticons [Non-Lucid]

      I was talking to FancyRat, who had apparently just become rich and famous for some reason I can't remember, with Facebook messages but still using DV emoticons. There were a lot of really strange emoticons on the list and I was distressed because they had removed the panic one. But I did find one that whenever you looked at it it made your screen get sucked through some crazy psychedelic tunnel with dragons flying around. Meanwhile, I was at a restaurant with my dad (I had my laptop with me) and we had some snooty butler guy as our waiter, and he asks if we want an appetizer or anything and my dad starts telling him about how we HATE appetizers so we never get any and how could he even ask that... to which I'm just like what the hell? Let's at least get some chips or something. >.> After that I woke up.

      #2 - Mario And Yoshi [Non-Lucid]

      It starts out with me watching K play a Mario game where there was a side story which was like a copy of Luigi's Mansion, so I was telling him how to get to that. Skip forward, I go back to high school for some reason to play an online Yoshi game with D in the lunch area and and up seeing a bunch of annoying people but also this guy E who was a grade below me and pretty fun to hang out with. I don't remember much about the game, except that nothing we were trying to do was working correctly but we kept unlocking a bunch of random Yoshi colors anyway. After that I get complemented on my game skills by Dianeva who's in a chat room and logged into the game in a way that just lets you watch other people play. That's it for that.
    5. Alternate Path, A Series Of Random Events, The Jungle Of The Mind

      by , 02-04-2012 at 06:01 PM
      So when I went to bed last night I was still pretty drunk from doing shots of tequila, which is probably what led into the first dream lol. Other than that nothing too amazing, but some interesting hypnagogia in the morning.

      #1 - Alternate Path

      All I really remember about this dream was that instead of deciding to go to bed I had opted to stay up and keep posting on DV and doing shots of tequila. I recall complaining about how bad the hangover is going to be and people telling me I should go to bed but I didn't listen lol. Of course, when I woke up I was relieved.

      #2 - A Series Of Random Events

      This one's kind of hard to remember too, but I do remember walking through several very large and very impressive landscapes. It's all kind of in snippits, but first I was walking down some large hill in a very cool looking building complex with O, and we were talking about doing coke and Adderall and a couple other things and then started complaining about how it'd be too much speed. Next I'm with an old friend, C, and we're walking through some amazingly huge mall with crystal chandeliers hanging from the ceiling and a kind of royal orange ambient lighting, I'm not totally sure why we were there but it was a really intense design! Lastly, I was back with someone else in my house and we were playing hide and seek, and I tried to hide under a couch. I lifted it up and let it fall back on me, pretty sure it wouldn't be noticable even though there was really only like an inch of free space under the couch. I couldn't really get it to look as nonchalant as I wanted it to before I woke up.

      #3 - The Jungle Of The Mind

      This is something that almost happened to me that tends to occur every now and then when I get really drunk (and it used to occasionally when I would smoke weed) where I would get kind of lost in thought in bed and start to get delirious to the point of entering a full dream, so it was kind of like WILD but really more just... WID. It started with hypnagogia about plants and some windy sounds, and then I was walking through some kind of forest or jungle on a path that had been clearly followed before because there were lots of plants flattened on it. At one point I saw a large (maybe like half a foot tall and a foot wide) bug crawling in the distance (thankfully not near me! ) that was golden with blue patches and very luminescent. :O Now, if this had happened to me a while back when it was more frequent, I would have thought something was up here. One bug crawling across my vision is a delirium sign for me, but I didn't catch it this time. I almost got sucked fully into this dream, but then I kind of twitched and it snapped me out of it. Oh well. I also remember that Smash Mouth's "Walkin' On The Sun" was playing in the background of the forest.