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    1. Back in Bloomington IN with guide

      by , 03-16-2013 at 11:57 AM
      In this dream My husband and I had moved back to Bloomington, Indiana. Our kids were not there and I did not notice.

      Before we even managed to get settled, an older woman (not old) but older than me (perhaps my mother's age) offered to guide me through the town in her car, and I accepted. So I separated from my husband.

      I don't remember all of the tour, but it was lengthy, and I remember I got little out of it

      Although at one point we stopped by the library, and a young male librarian somehow figured out I was Polish, and he spoke Polish too. He brought out lots of Polish sweets. I knew that while I could handle them, I could not eat any, even though I wanted to. I unwrapped some chocolates from their foil wrapper. I asked him where the closest Polish store was. He did not know even though he had all these candy, so he went to ask someone else, but he could not figure out the answer. I apologized for messing up (unwrapping) his chocolate candy. I tried to rewrap it, but the wrapper was no longer there. So I wrapped it in a green cloth napkin instead, and left it next to the books on a counter.

      We continued the town tour in a car, but I was getting bored and tired. So I told the woman, and she seemed annoyed. I explained that we just got here into town, and I had not even had a chance to walk into my own new home yet. It became clear that even though she had picked me up close to where I lived, but she was unwilling to drop me off there. I could study the bus schedule. She had a bus schedule in the car, but I could not figure out how to read it, so I got out of the car and approached a bus stop to read anothe bus schedule there. That's when I realized that I did not know my address, nor which neighborhood we lived in or how far I was.

      I took out my iPhone to try to contact my husband. An app was up, and I tried to close it, but I got an endless supply of Do you want to Exit? Prompts from this app, and hitting Exit just brought up a slightly different menu with Exit as one of the options.

      I heard someone call my husband's name. I saw him approaching with a group of students. Only then I realized that it was just someone who had his name, and kind of looked like him (not really).

      Somehow I made it home (either scene shift or new dream). My husband and I decided to hire a prostitute who was a friend of ours by the hour to help us unpack and improve our new home. The young woman was very excited by this assignment which was a refreshing change from her usual.