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    1. The Strange Move: Don't want to leave my socks

      by , 08-20-2013 at 08:56 AM
      I dreamed that my father, my stepmother, and I were moving out of a house. For some reason there was a rush and my stepmother especially was hurrying us along, and we were going to leave most of our stuff behind for good.

      I was worried that we were leaving my fathers guitar, many of my toys (though I was a grown up), but most of all my socks: it appeared my stepmother was actively trying to prevent me from taking any of my socks, and out of some reason I felt very deeply the need to take them.

      We were almost ready to go. I managed to persuaded father that we come in one more time to get more of the stuff, and so I could get some of my socks, and he agreed, against my stepmother's wishes. The socks out of some reason were in a large chest in the basement.

      As we passed the yard, a huge owl landed, and he said "They love eachother very much" (At least I think that was it - what the owl said is the part of my dream recall I am least sure about). I said to my father: Did you hear that? What this owl said? He had heard it, but he insisted that the owl must have learned to parrot the phrase without understanding the meaning. I agreed.

      I did get some of my socks. Though most of my stuff did stay behind.