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    1. 1-6-2014

      by , 01-07-2014 at 06:46 PM (Subjects' Dream Journal)
      Legend: Non-Lucid , Semi-Lucid , Lucid

      DayZ zombie escape:
      I'm playing DayZ and I'm currently in a jungle area. I'm approaching a metallic hanger like structure. Shotgun currently out with a sniper rifle on my back. I see a man in the hanger and a friend of his close by. The man shouts at me to put my hands up and back off. I do that and quickly dash away. The man continues yelling insults at me. I should have scouted better, then i would have noticed there were people. I run into a military area and climb up a hill. I glimpse a sniper and kill him with my rifle. I then see another but as I'm about to take the shot, a group of four people attack my target. I get a feeling that the group is very skilled and hostile so I run but they see me.

      I go down the hill and start running along the concrete edges of the military compound. They chase after me. I eventually get to a spot where my character glitches through so I get down and my body disappears through the ground. The enemy group comes to my location and starts looking around for me. I think I'm safe but i accidentally move and they catch on to my tactics. They throw a grenade over by me and when it explodes, The grenade kills me and two from their group. The next thing i remember, the group has gotten larger and they have 3 helicopters landed. All of a sudden, a mass of zombies invades. One group and their helicopters don't make it. Another helicopter takes off but crashes. Only one of their helicopters remain and gets away successfully.

      The Stone Rebellion:
      This dream takes place in the future. The setting is a planet like mars, but there is no sun so the sky is dark. In some places on the rocky exterior, cities have been built into the rock and light up the area around them. The dream starts off with a scene of Griffith (character from Berserk) talking to some man in a dark metallic room covered with messy pipes and wires. The dream plot shows him as a 'good' character fighting for the side of justice, but I get a feeling that it isn't so.

      There is currently a rebellion growing amongst the population. Certain individuals are mysteriously obtaining super human powers. The powers seemed to be enhanced by sexual desire and reach their peak when two users of this power band together. As a result, you see two people groups frequently causing chaos in the cities. The dream shifts to a scene of Kamina (from Gurren Lagann). He's on top of a building built into a rocky abyss. He contacts Griffith because he needs a partner. However, Griffith sends an assassin. The assassin meets with Kamina but Kamina already knows how this is going to go so Kamina summons a monster from his body and attacks the assassin. ( with the powers, think along the lines of Blue Dragon). The assassin manages to teleport away before getting crushed.
    2. 7-18-2013 Fake wild

      by , 07-21-2013 at 04:28 PM (Subjects' Dream Journal)
      Legend: Dream , Semi-Lucid , Lucid

      Fake wild:
      I'm in a black mesa like facility. I'm being chased by some creatures off of half life so i jump up on a pillar and i'm safe. Now, before i went to bed, i repeated a mantra, that i would have a lucid dream. Well, i ended up dreaming about having a lucid dream because from that point on, my dream self attempted wild in the dream. xD

      I'm inside that indie game called unepic. I'm running around trying to kill stuff but my sword is weak so i pick up a sword that looks like shinobu from the -monogatari series. That doesn't much damage either so i pick up a better sword and that does the trick. I ended up fighting in a lot of various places in this dream.
      Tags: anime, video game
    3. 7-13-2013 My attempt at world domination in 1 day

      by , 07-13-2013 at 08:58 PM (Subjects' Dream Journal)
      Legend: Dream , Semi-Lucid , Lucid

      An interesting first day of school:
      So, by the title, you've probably guessed this is a dream about the first of school. Thankfully, school hasn't starting yet irl, but in my dreams, it apparently has.

      So, i'm the hallway dumping stuff into my locker. As i'm doing that , some girl tries to get my attention and i absolutely ignore her. Then another tries to talk to me and i cheerfully reply. I then think about what i've done and immediately apologize to the first girl. I tell her that i'm just really tired from getting up early and well, i was tired. Right now, everyone is supposed to be at some assembly or something, and since i spent so much time at my locker, i'm pretty late.

      They was a crowd of people sitting in chairs facing a stage, behind them were tables with like certificates that you had to sign and pick up. Well, i wasn't there so someone else signed my name and i went to pick it up. I then took a seat. I was sitting next to this person i hardly talk to. The kid then starts trolling me and i tell him to stop and he doesn't. So i take my hand and strike him in the neck, as i do that, he gets pissed and tries to like break my wrist. We eventually stop because well, we're in a room full of people and fighting wouldn't be a good idea. Next thing i know, i look over and the kid and someone else are singing dream theater songs.

      After that little assembly is over, i start looking for that kid again because since he listened to dream theater, he must be an awesome person ( Yeah, my dream self has some pretty bad logic ). I look around and see someone similar to him but it wasn't him. So since i couldn't find him, i decide to wander the school in search of something interesting. I eventually walk up to a dome shaped wall in the middle of the school, i walk up to the second floor of the dome and enter. A cheerleading competition is currently going on and i stand there and talk to some girls i know.

      After that, i get really hungry. So i call my mom up and tell her to bring me some food. I walk outside in front of the school doors. There's some tables out there. Soon, my mom drops off my food in a big black carrying bag ( the sort of bag you put a sports uniform in and carry with a strap over your shoulder). So i get my food out and then i see this other guy sit down beside me. We're slowly making our sandwiches. I see that my meat has expired and is bad but luckily, i put the meat container on top of another container and i hid some meat between the two so that it stays fresh ( wouldn't work irl but it does in dreams apparently!). So i'm then like "YES! HA, Take that! my meat is still good". My dream self thought that sandwich making was some sort of competition.

      I get done making my food and i'm about to eat it. This looks so yummy, can't wait to ea- "FUCK", I shout as this guy shows up and makes honey splatter over everything around me, and then it rains for like 5 seconds. Well great, there's goes my darn food

      I walk back into the school with my black bag. This security guard like man then sees the bag and questions me about it. I tell him it's for food. After i say that, he changes the subject and tells me he has something very important to show me. So my dream self follows him. He leads me to this room at the edge of the school. The room is dark. There's about 4 dentists there. There have some computers and flashdrivers scattered in various places. In the middle, there's some metal trays with organ looking fleshy things on them.

      The dentists tell me that some abnormality i had when i was a kid, has now developed and is threatening my life. One dentist then sits me down on a chair and squeezes me tight. I can't move or speak. As i struggle, i realize that i have been tricked. These people aren't dentists. Also, as this scene happens. I look over and the those organs on the trays are whispering things to me. But it's a sort of spiritual whisper that the other people can't hear. It was directed at me but at the time i couldn't tell what it said.

      So since i know i've been tricked. I start to scream. Eventually, three girls run in and the dentists get distracted and as they deal with them. I get up and grab a knife. I then proceed to kill the remaining people in there. I'm not quite sure what happened to the girls though. The dentists might have killed them. After that, i hurry and leave. I get to the school exterior and my parents are there in some golden cruiser. I get in and tell them to take me home. They start driving and when they get to the front entrance, i tell them to stop. I had forgotten my backpack and wanted to go get it. But not only that, i decided i should head back and grab the computers and flashdrives from that room so i can show the world what they were doing.

      As i get to that wing of the school. It's somewhat sealed off, other people had died and blood was scattered along some walls. But yet, it had a mystic atmosphere. There were spirit orbs floating around, possibly from the people that died. As i continue to walk. A girl appears in spirit form. I then realize she was the one whispering to me from the organs. It makes me sad to think of the cruel death she might have had. Either way, she sort of floats over to me and grabs my hands. At them moment, i get an extremely pleasing sensation. It totally caught me off guard. The sensation was amazing pleasure that lasted only shortly. The girl then let go and as i stood there shocked. She said something along the lines of "sorry for that, it was inappropriate to touch you like that but i had to" in a cheerful/serious manner. As she slowly disappeared, i nodded in recognition of her leaving and in a way, said goodbye.

      I get to the room and grab a laptop and then some flashdrives. I leave and make it most of the way to the road. However, the school grounds then turned into a digital area. An area in which players are transported and they are forced to fight monsters. If they die fighting in this digital area, they die in real life. So as i'm walking, titans attack ( geez, stupid titans >.< ) and people are getting eaten and the people are also fighting the titans. To my luck, a new round starts and i respawn on my farm which happens to be placed at the end of the school.

      As i spawn, i get chased by alien monsters, but i lose them as i run up to the barn. The alien monsters eventually run away and then i see these players running towards the school. In front of them, i spy out some eggs that hatch monsters. I know these people will die but i can't help them. They soon get to the school grounds and are killed by the hatched monsters. I'm then about to leave but i luckily see the giant jaguars hiding in the barn in front of me. so i walk around and in get in a tractor.

      Now, once i'm in the tractor and i start it up, Princess Cornelia and Euphemia suddenly appear inside it too. ( characters from code geass). Originally, i was just going to expose this evidence. But since i have these two here with me. I might as well play the role of zero and go for world domination. So i drive the tractor and smash through anything in my way as i make it to the road. I then get on a highway. I start driving. But then, in front of me, a mobile fortress appears and i don't have time to stop before i crash into it.

      Once i crash, the tractors falls onto the road below and lands perfect luckily. As i get surrounded by enemy troops. I get out, and then Xingke appears ( also from code geass). he asks me why i'm doing this and i show him the flashdrives and tell him that i must expose these people for what they've done. It's incredibly stupid but i feel as if it wasn't my true reason. As i'm about to get captured, i get another feeling. A feeling that this will go on and it doesn't end here, these people won't stop me, i will go on and take over the world. Then the dream ended. I hope this continues one day, i really would like to experience the ending.

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    4. 7-12-2013 Grandmothers house and Enemy objectives

      by , 07-13-2013 at 02:04 AM (Subjects' Dream Journal)
      Legend: Dream , Semi-Lucid , Lucid

      Mojang Interview:
      So i'm at this gaming convention or something. There's a lot of people there. Mojang ( the guys who made minecraft) are there. Notch steps up on this stage and is saying something or doing something. I get called up to demonstrate something. I get up there and do good for like a minute, then i get stuck in some sort of application on this device. I can't figure out how to close the darn thing. So i'm up there on the stage and everyone is looking at me as i cycle through various windows looking for the close button.

      Either way, notch i guess gets mad and tells me to get off stage. So i walk off and into this room. The room has another door that exits at the back of the crowd. I walk through and see some people. I might have done some other things but i can't remember. I get out, and i see some friends at the back of the crowd. I talk to them and then go to the bathroom. I sit down on the toilet and theres this slab of wood in front of my attached to the ceiling. I wonder what the heck it's for. So i pull it down and it becomes like a screen. Neat!.

      Enemy Objectives:
      My grandmother is having some sort of party so i get dragged over to her house unwillingly by my brother or something. As i get there, it's fun and all, but i sense a deeper plot going on. In this dream, i'm playing like a spy or something. Either way, someone is killed i think and everyone gathers in a ring to collect evidence and find out what happened. I know something but i lie and don't say anything. After that, i walk into the deeper parts of their house, i meet some people.

      One person is at a desk, i really want them to move so i can search through the papers and what not. They eventually move and i start searching. Nothing of interest. Eventually, this lady gives me a quest to assassinate some one. I take it. I get in my mech and i'm now on my farm. I'm fighting this other person, but i'm not doing so good so i call for backup. My backup arrives but his mech is flooding with water.
    5. 7-11-2013 C.C Betrayal and Dimension Trap

      by , 07-13-2013 at 01:46 AM (Subjects' Dream Journal)
      Legend: Dream , Semi-Lucid , Lucid

      C.C Betrayal:
      This dream takes place in a suburban area. In the center is a building that looks as if it's still under construction. To the left of that building is a road which cars only drive on rarely. To the north is a building complex. And to the south and east are residential buildings but hardly no one lives in this area. It's currently dusk, and I'm walking along the south side of the middle building in my Keikogi ( martial arts uniform, but i just call it a gi). Apparently the middle building is a dojo and i'm headed there to train.

      For some reason, i decide to take off running. The wind is blowing my gi a little so i take the top part off. I end up running completely around the building and i find myself to the east side of it now. As i start walking south, i notice my brother and my brothers friend launching fireworks. it turns night. I keep walking and as i get to the southeast corner of the middle building, my brothers other friend pulls up in his truck ( lets call him John ). John parks the truck and gets out. He apparently has bought me tons of taco johns. But it's all just those potato tots. Not very much of a meal but meh, i'll eat it. As he does that, the younger sister and brother of John ride by on skateboards going north and then everyone else decides to join them.

      John also grabs his skateboard and takes off, but i don't have one so john lets me on his skateboard and starts explaining how to ride one. I tell him i already know, so we go on to talk about different things. He asks me if i play any sports. i tell him i don't but i have gotten into martial arts lately.As we talk, we eventually ride into the complex north of the dojo. We all stop there. Turns out, johns friends from work have also joined us for the ride. The people from work start talking about a pet party they intend to have. They seemed like very sexual people.

      As they talk, i decide to go to the bathroom. I walk in and start peeing at a urinal. In the corner of my eye, i see something on my left, but i decide not to look because it might be another person. As i get done, i turn and look and it's a bathtub that is turning itself on and off. As i walk back to the truck, i realize i'm wearing a black jacket with red strips and same design sweatpants. Anyway, i get back to the truck and all the food has been eaten.

      Then C.C ( from code geass) gets in johns truck. John also gets in and so do i. As we get in there. John starts to look like clovis from code geass and starts rambling on about his final move and attack. As he talks, C.C betrays him, the next thing i see, C.C is in her mech, and so is john. C.C has john trapped in an energy field and is flying him away, she is yelling at him and accusing him of killing people and etc.

      As she flies away. I start to think, i used to have a contract with her, why didn't she do the same thing to me? and will she ever betray me?

      Alien hostage:
      It's mid day, i'm out in a desert place. There's a facility and a space ship behind me. A group of people from star trek are being held hostage by some alien race. Our queen then comes out of our space ship and makes peace with the aliens. Initially, we thought the aliens were being led by one of our enemies, but we found out they weren't so that's why we made peace. So our people are returned.

      I start walking towards the facility after everyone is gone, then i see someone i know, lets call him Tom. Tom is partially covered by a door, and below him is a girl he has captured. Tom has also managed to give himself super mutant powers. Tom takes off running away. Then as i'm about to pursue him, another person starts driving up behind me, they're planning to run me over. He's probably a guardian of that girl so i quickly point to my side and he gets the message.

      He gets out and we start going after the girl. As we get to the door of the facility. It opens up to my driveway except there is a zip line going all the way down it and a train station up at the top where i'm currently at. I jump up on the parked train and grab on to the zip line. I see the girl farther down the driveway at the entrance. So i continue going down. As i look back, The guardian is going on foot but behind him is Tom which quickly takes the man down and starts running after me.

      As i get to the girl, i see that's she tied up to another girl and touching her would cause a bomb to detonate. I look back again and Tom has a gun to that guys head. What a sticky situation.

      Amusement Park Gold:
      I'm at an amusement park. There's a decent amount of people there. Me and a friend are at like a slot machine thing. My friend is playing. He then wins $9999 and starts to cry because he can't believe it. As he is there, i somehow make my way down some steps and i'm in a fairly open area. I then get in a fight with like Zeus and i'm like shooting lighting at him and he's shooting stuff at me and the battle is generally getting no where.

      Next thing i know, i'm in my bathroom with C.C and my friend might have been there. We're talking about various things. I then tell my friend and C.C to walk out because i was taking my clothes off. At least i think that was the reason, i know i did take my clothes off but we might have been hiding something in the bathroom and there might have been people outside the bathroom so we needed to make sure the people outside didn't figure out what was going on. But then again, it's only a feeling, i'm not entirely sure.

      Either way, i walk out of the bathroom in my underwear. C.C is on my bed and there's some other people there. I think i remember telling C.C to wait for me on the bed so i was fine with her being there but i wasn't expecting the other people.

      Dimension Trap:
      I'm in a game of TF2. I'm the only one left alive on my team. I'm being hunted by the other team. I'm in a desert mountainous place with a saw mill in front of me and further back a hill leading to a cave. I kill some enemies on my way to the sawmill. However, as i get there, i'm being shot at by people on the hill. I keep trying to shoot them but i miss. I eventually hear them talking about how they plan to ambush me by using c4. Since i overheard that, i shoot the c4 that's planted beside me to stop it from blowing up unexpectedly. I then run into the sawmill and hide as i wait for them to come down.

      They make their way down. I jump out a window over a heavy, and kill most of them. I run up the hill and into a cave. The heavy chases me into the cave. I keep running and running. I eventually jump into a cavern, the place has lava flowing down below. I look back and notice the heavy stopped chasing me as i jumped into this area. I then realize i stepped into another dimension and it's an area of no return to other areas. Well great.

      As i wait, a spy comes into the zone with a really fast car. He stops as he drives to where i'm waiting. The heavy comes in as well. They don't attack, rather, they think and then realize what they've done. They have now trapped themselves in here as well. Since they're trapped, they try summoning a digital girl to help solve the issue, but she's dies almost as soon as she's summoned because the zone is messing with her data and she can't maintain form in this place.

      The only thing i remember next, is, there was a room full of people stuck in this zone. I get accused of something on television and come into the room with a mech and kill all of the survivors.

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    6. 7-9-2013 Focused dimension power

      by , 07-09-2013 at 08:10 PM (Subjects' Dream Journal)
      Legend: Dream , Semi-Lucid , Lucid

      Third Person mission:
      In this dream, i spectate 4 different people. One person, which i think is me, is guarding something inside this huge machine carrier vehicle. Inside the vehicle is a mech, and behind the mech is me, as i'm guarding, another person lands on the vehicle with his mech, the person gets out and infiltrates the vehicle. He gets to my room and we fight. I can't remember who wins.

      The other 2 people i spectate are two people fighting in mechs.

      Burned betrayal:
      I'm in my house, and my mother is cooking something. As i approach, she then takes a hot pot with boiling water in it and smacks my hand. My hand then gets burned pretty bad. I run out of the house, outside it's night and the sky is abnormally dark.

      Dragon Truth:
      I'm on a bridge, people dress like they would in the middle ages. It's very crowded. There are various shops scattered around. As i see myself walking, a dragon awakens in a distant land. As it does, i'm forced to go around and tell the truth to people. This means i basically tell them what i really think about them. I remember walking up to some shops and shouting rude comment at people. I also remember getting a glimpse of a dangerous looking person that seemed to be located far away.

      Friends piano:

      I'm in my room with two friends i know, one is playing some sick dream theater tunes on the piano. After a while of that, another friend calls me up and tells me to meet in front of a store. I get to the store and my friend isn't there but rather, a group of other people i know. The group is being led by a mysterious painted talking face.

      Card shopping:
      I'm with my cousin, we're in a giant shopping mall, we're on like the 40th floor of this giant building. It's night time and the store is closing and no guards are around. So i tell my friend to steal some yu-gi-oh cards but then these two asian kids come around and they start trolling us. At one point, i'm pretty one of them sprayed some stuff in my face. However, two guards eventually come up and tell us to leave.

      Focused dimension power:
      It's daytime, and i'm at a park in some big urban city. I'm standing by a fountain, the fountain has tons of pretty girls by it. As i walk around, i eventually see my two friends waving at me from the top of a really tall sky scraper. I start running and make it up there. Once all three of us are out of public view, we unleash our dream powers and i open a dimension portal in which time is infinite. The portal only stays open for a short amount of time, so i quickly send my friend in there while casting various spells to maintain the portal, and as i have about 7 seconds left, i pull him back out.

      Foreign Half life:
      I'm watching this foreign person play half life 2. I eventually see him stop playing and i get to see his family and what not, he had a pretty chaotic house.
    7. 7-7-2013 The Unmeritable Unmutable Organization of Vagueness

      by , 07-07-2013 at 06:15 PM (Subjects' Dream Journal)
      Legend: Dream , Semi-Lucid , Lucid

      The Unmeritable Unmutable Organization of Vagueness:
      Me and some other person are driving up the driveway of my house at night. We pull up and there's this weird old man standing there. We get out and give this old man some pictures we found, they were painted by this old lady ( who i assume was also weird because her paintings were weird ). The old man sits down and goes through all sorts of pictures, he seems very sad and focused, i believe this lady was someone he knew but died and these pictures were the only thing that was left. Either way, next thing i remember, i'm in my room staying the night at the house of this old man ( which is my house irl)

      Now, you might be asking why i pulled up to my house in the first place or why i decided to stay the night there with that old man. Well, i vaguely remember something about me being the savior of the universe last night so i'm just going to assume this has something to do with that.

      Now, it's night and i'm in my room and the creepy old man is in his room. I walk out into the hallway and i see a basket full of possum skeletons and intestines, that is absolutely disgusting. I somehow figure that this basket is a chinese shrine to his cat and he plans to put shrimp on top of the skeletons and have his cat eat them. Okay, well that was messed up. Stupid old man.

      After that, i see an advertisement or something on my tv and it basically tells me that if i kill this old guy, then one of my friends will have to give me a video game. Now, i'm not sure if i killed him but i remember the old man dying.

      After that, i find myself standing on a highway at night in an urban area talking to some other people, we're part of some rpg game and i'm picking my class and then there was also probably some other weird dream concepts involved with that but i don't remember. Next thing i see is this guy making his way to rescue me. The guy is in some rank nasty looking water, now imagine an ocean full of that nasty water. That's what he's in right now, and behind him is a settlement on the water, there's a couple of people on the dock next to him and an abandoned battleship, it's also night here.

      The guy is in the water connecting boats every two feet. The guy just wants to get to his destination so he asks the people on the dock why he has to tie the boats and the people tell him that its because the water rises 3 feet. As the man said that, i instantly become the guy i'm spectating and the water starts rising fast, and before i know it, the darn water sinks that old battleship fast and it creates a big wave and it drags me under the water. Before i went under, i looked at the big wave coming and my face was like ' -_- really, the water has to rise now".

      I eventually come up and i'm there laughing with a bunch of friends. I get out of the water onto the dock area. There this guy invites me to some organization with a funny name, but i forgot the name so i just named it The Unmeritable Unmutable Organization of Vagueness.

      Once i join, i got to move over to the other side of the dock and hang out with the members. There was a bunch of people i know and it was really fun, then one of my friends takes me down a corridor into a room.
      As he does this, i start to focus on my sleeping body and start to lose the dream but as i'm doing this, i also gain lucidity and as that happens. I yell in the dream really fast "Are you lucid?" at my friend, The idea was to focus my mind more on lucidity and the dream and well it worked.

      I then found myself looking at the floor, i looked up and my friend had turned into a child. Then i notice something written on the floor, it says "Valve: 91% happy". I thought this was hilarious and started laughing but it woke me up.

      Deal Breaker:
      I had remembered a lot of this dream and was going to log it last night but i fell asleep. The basic concept was me making some deal with this person but then he betrays me and starts trying to kill me.

      Vampires - Survivors:
      I'm a vampire and i'm in a group with other vampires. We are in this suburban area, the settings appears to be 1930's ish , the buildings are no more than 2 stories high and it's mostly residential.

      However, almost all of the residents are gathered not too far off in the town square for some big party. What the residents don't know is that the government are slowly approaching the town square and are going to kill everyone.

      Our vampire group is a little ways off from the town square, we are running fast, we're trying to escape the government. But first off, we need outfits to blend in with the current population. So we go into an alley in which i find some people, my group goes on ahead of us and i kill the people and take their clothes. i meet up with our group outside a hotel. Me and a girl in our group go into the bathroom and start changing into the clothes i picked up. The other members went into different rooms.

      Next thing i remember. It's about 12 years later and i'm in an area in the northern part of the town. I walk into this dark hotel place. I'm there with just a couple of other members. They stay in the lobby room and i head down a hallway lighting up various rooms, i get to the end of the hallway and see a very creepy looking room, i decide not to look into that room and head back to the lobby. As i get there, one guy says he will join and we should head down the hallway.

      Well, with him here, i suppose we can investigate the room. We find the room and once it's lit up, it's apparently the room of a beautiful vampire princess. After that, we check out the two remaining rooms, one room is a secret garden that contains magical properties that we must protect from the werewolves. As i meet back up with the remaining members in the lobby, the girls decide to go into the room of the vampire princess and start changing clothes in her shower.

      I try to explain that the princess can see them changing in plain sight but they take their clothes off anyway. After that, i go to the airport where some members are waiting there for me. I find out that they got a plane taking us to vail colorado, nice!. As we get on the plane, this cute girl walks up to me and i grab her hand. Next thing i remember, the plane crashed into a mansion with an outside garden. As we crash, i receive objectives to complete. One objective was to collect some objects and i start doing that, one of the other objectives was to kiss something. For the kissing objective, i immediately start trying to find that girl that got on the plane with us.

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    8. 7-6-2013 Train of leadership

      by , 07-07-2013 at 05:23 PM (Subjects' Dream Journal)
      Legend: Dream , Semi-Lucid , Lucid

      Train of leadership:
      I remember the dream starting out with me on a bed surrounded by a group of other people, and then one of my friends calls me and i answer my phone and start talking to them. After that, i see a small town out in the middle of a desert like place, the town is being watched by one of those titans from 'attack on titan' but the titan is waiting for me because the town is controlled by a rebel group and i'm their leader. I then see myself standing in a suburban area at night, debating what i should do. Then i decided i should face the titan head on, so i get on a train with other people of the group and start heading out that way. ( this dream had a lot more to it but since i was really tired, i didn't attempt to wake up when i should have and etc. )
    9. 7-5-2013 fought an ogre

      by , 07-05-2013 at 10:32 PM (Subjects' Dream Journal)
      Legend: Dream , Semi-Lucid , Lucid.

      The ogre:
      In this dream, i'm in some forest place with someone who i assume is my partner. we're currently walking through a tribe of humans and ogres, but i get a feeling that the ogres will soon turn against the humans and that we should get away as soon as possible. Well, i was right. And as we exit, we draw the attention of one ogre by accident and he starts to chase us. We run into what looks like an urban building still in construction.

      As we go in, we realize we have just trapped ourselves in here, so we act quickly and me and my partner pick up a big metal pipe and thrust it through the ogres stomach as he walks into the building. After that, we use the time that gave us to look for weapons, i find a knife. The ogre walks in and we fight, i get knocked around a decent bit and get a bad cut on my leg, it hurts. As the ogre swings at me again, me and my partner block the attack and start continuously stabbing it, it soon dies.

      After it dies, i realize i've probably been seriously wounded, i wake up with the feeling of my left leg being cut but the sensation soon faded.

      House fight:
      All i remember in this one, is that i'm outside at night and these people are attacking me. All the punches and chops i use are all ineffective because for some reason, it's hard to put any force behind my attacks since it's a dream. Either way, i throw a hammer fist and for some reason, i was able to put a lot of force behind that, i then defeated my enemies with it.
      Tags: anime, battle, farm, fight, ogre
    10. 7-4-2013 The hidden skulls

      by , 07-04-2013 at 06:14 PM (Subjects' Dream Journal)
      Legend: Dream, Semi-Lucid , Lucid

      I'm in a room , my cousins mother is there, it's about 3:00 in the dream, we're talking about something and trying to fall asleep at the same time. I don't remember much else.

      7th construction:
      I'm playing the character of Zero ( from code geass) and i'm checking progress of construction on something called the 7th. As i watch, i see a worker placing a self down somewhere and i ask jeremiah ( another character from the anime) if that self was supposed to be placed there. He then gets mad at me for doubting his ability to build. Next thing i know, i'm inside a room and i throw up two times, something had me sick xD.
      Also while i'm in that room , i remember being in third person and viewing a lake of blood with jeremiah in his spinning mech outside coming to attack me.

      A dream with showers in it. I remember being in my house, i really need to take a shower , but there's lots of strangers in our showers. I decide to go down the hall and use a different bathroom but there's people in that too. Darn!.

      The mysterious skulls:

      In this dream, i remember being on a foreign planet digging up piles of skulls with a team of 3-5 people. We eventually find what we're looking for. It's a skull with magical powers, but it's only one of many different skulls out there that are unique like this, and each skull has a different power. I also remember in this dream, having my car parked in the middle of a road.
    11. 7-3-2013 Invasion

      by , 07-03-2013 at 08:44 PM (Subjects' Dream Journal)
      Legend: Dream , Semi-Lucid , Lucid

      The dream started out with me some distance from my home. I was hanging out with a friend, we were talking about life and some other topics if i remember correctly. Then i saw a portal , i saw the main characters from yuyu hakusho walk through it. Next thing i know, i'm inside the portal, it turns out to be a new dimension controlled by some aliens or the like.

      The dimension is spread out on various islands, there's the main island and then there's a test island which is used for the sole purpose of running checks for starcraft and serious sam enemy ai. I find myself at the main island, on the island is a facility which looks like something from portal. The hallways and rooms are all white. Some humans have come through the portal. We find out that in order to save our earth we have to put out a fire or something in this dimension. So we bring water hoses and stuff through the portal but some character comes along and cuts all the hoses up in a split second. There's no doubt that he was our enemy and a possible alien.

      Either way, i next find myself on the test island looking through various places for secret treasure. I eventually find it after dealing with a cactus dog monster. Next thing i know, i'm on another part of the main island except it looks sort of like my drive way and i see one of my old teachers there. Apparently, he's an assassin.

      I remember the next dream , i was in a stadium playing football with my brothers. And in another dream , i remember being in some city on an oil rig in the ocean.
    12. 7-2-2013 10th lucid

      by , 07-02-2013 at 08:57 PM (Subjects' Dream Journal)
      legend: Dream , Semi-Lucid , Lucid

      First fragment: I had really long dream at the beginning of last night, it seemed like it went on forever, i remember being zero from code geass and causing all sorts of chaos on my farm

      Second fragment: I killed a giant dragon the size of like a skyscraper.

      I'm in some sort of dusty wasteland-ish city. The city is split into two parts, one part where bandits can live freely and one part which is protected. I'm in the part with bandits... great. Anyway, i run out of ammunition for my rifle and i decide to go to the store to buy more but the bandits start trying to kill me and then of course this leads to a long chain of events in which i hijack one their vehicles and start driving away and etc..

      Now, i try to go get ammunition one more time so they still get in my way so i'm just like "screw that" and start driving up to the town square to move into the safe part of the city. Well, i get up there and this martial arts class is having some sort of ceremony but i walk through it anyway xD. I start looking for the door but can't find it. Eventually, this martial arts person comes up to me and asks me to join their dojo and i'm like no, i'm already training somewhere else.

      But then i look down and realize i have a black belt on and i'm like wait..i'm not a black belt yet. And this is where i become lucid. However, this lucid i can think clearly, finally, i have a high level of lucidity and since i do, i reminded myself to do a DEILD when i wake back up. Anyway, i see the door that leads to the peaceful part of the city and i head that way, as i do, i look at my hands and they have long and short fingers scattered here and there.

      For some reason, the weird hands may have freaked me out a little and that made me lose a bit of control, my teeth started clicking together, like what happens when it's cold and you start shaking. So that happened and it was uncontrollable to the point i could hardly speak. Eventually, i wake up and do the DEILD. Let me you tell you, i wasn't ready for it at all xD. My body started shaking violently and since i wasn't expecting it, it was sort of a shock and i couldn't proceed but it was cool none the less.

      So this marks some milestones! I'm about to hit 25 dreams logged on here, I just hit 10 lucids , I also had a lucid dream the last night so this was exciting(2 in a row!) , And i managed to have a high level of lucidity which allowed me to think clearly. Next milestones up are: 50 dreams logged on here , 25 lucids , and dream control/awareness.
    13. 7-1-2013 Arcade games and Candy

      by , 07-01-2013 at 06:11 PM (Subjects' Dream Journal)
      Legend: Dream , Semi-Lucid , Lucid

      I find myself in a room full of candy, I went around inspecting it. Then i sat down and ate some. However, i looked over and noticed a black man sitting in a chair. I instantly thought "Oops, this guy must think i'm either stupid or a thief that isn't aware at all". I talk to the guy and i find out he's part of a group that films porn videos and that he thinks my presence in this room must mean i want to join. I thought " Oh geez, no i don't want to join". But the guy like forces me to get up and follow him to the club room.

      However, there i find a group of some friends i don't normally talk to. The expressions on their face were like "what the hell is he doing here?" And i'm thinking in my head "calm down! i can explain, i promise!". But i soon find out that they actually don't film porn at all and it's actually a casual group that meets occasional, but still, i don't want any part of it. The group sits down in some chairs and starts chatting and etc.

      There's some room behind me and some glass windows behind the free space, i looked over there and i see two mechs fighting inside the room, one mech is completely dominated by the other but before i can see who piloted the winning mech. I see a van with C.C ( from code geass) in it. I instantly jump up and run outside to see what she's up to, she's apparently talking on skype and fixing pizzas in ovens inside the van.

      I went back inside and looked back at the place where the mechs fought, i saw the lady who piloted it, but then this other lady caught my gaze, she gave me a freaking terribly angry look and i just smiled and slowly ran out of the building xD.

      Samurai fight:
      My friend is on some bridge fighting a samurai with a katana. He's my friend but in this dream ,he plays the role of my brother. Eventually, my brother wins and he gets experience points for beating him.

      Lucid #9:
      I remember becoming lucid in my living room. I think it had something to do with one of my dream characters talking about it. Either way, the DC walks out into my garage, but as i follow him , i remember to root myself in the dream and gain some awareness so i look at my hands and one hand has 4 fingers, great, but the other has 5 fingers. I wake up as i attempt to grab a pot of soup but i sort of fail to grab it because i'm not used to using a hand with 5 fingers and a thumb.

      Governors mansion and the arcade:
      Me and my dad are some mansion that apparently the governor owns. We stop and look around and as we do, my sister comes up and she brings the governor with her, she's dating him. I decide i didn't want to sit there and hang with them, so i went down to where my friend works and we go to some arcade. Everything is overpriced though so i walk over to a pit with a lot of food in it and press a button which lights the whole pit on fire and starts cooking all the food. I eventually stop it and grab a piece of bread, i then start shaping it into coins so i can play games for free hehe. But it takes too long so i just eat it.

      Lawn Mower:
      I bought a lawn mower and i'm driving my dads truck but my truck is in the middle of the road and my lawn mower is sitting out on the side. I decide i should move the truck first so i do and as i come back to pick up the mower, some one has stolen it, great D:
      lucid , non-lucid
    14. 6-30-2013 Russian father

      by , 06-30-2013 at 07:05 PM (Subjects' Dream Journal)
      Legend: Dream , Semi-Lucid , Lucid.

      I'm playing TF2 ( team fortress 2) and i'm inside the game. At first, the map is a canyon sort of place. I've ran out of ammo on my main weapon but a person from the other team is attacking me so i hide behind a boulder and occasionally pop out to shoot with my pistol. Next thing i know, i'm in a respawn room moving through all sorts of teleporters not having an idea of where i'm going.

      Then this girl finds me lost and tells me how to play. She puts me in like an arena and there, i'm forced to melee various enemies as they spawn. After that, i'm free to go and i spawn to the map, which is now my farm, and i'm a pyro class but i don't do too good so i respawn as a sniper. As a sniper, i totally kick butt and do an awesome job.

      I'm outside of my house, doing something, then my mom comes out and tells me the police are coming to search our house. After hearing that, i run inside and lock our doors. The police search outside first and then begin to knock our doors down. As they do, i grab my phone and knife and then go to my bedroom.

      There, i find some girls and other people i don't know. We all sit down , We talk and stuff. Then i realize i haven't brushed my teeth and that these girls probably think my breath smells awful so i go to brush my teeth, but for some reason, i come back without brushing them to find the police have broken in and are searching our computers and what not.

      Hotel repeat:
      Now this one is pretty interesting, it takes place in the same hotel as one of my previous dreams ( i looked and i don't think i have it logged on here, oh well ). Either way, i'm in a fancy hotel located in florida and i ask the people at the front desk if the concert was on the second floor or first. For some reason, i was looking for something up there, but i forgot what.

      I see my friends sitting in chairs around me. They were watching game of thrones on tv. I ask one of them and he tells me i'm looking for a girl. Then i say goodbye as i start to leave, and one of my friends like tackles me and it pissed me off.

      A new game:
      I'm in some sort of 3rd person strategy/action game, sort of like final fantasy. Either way, our team enters a building, it turns out that it's home to like those titans from the anime "Attack on titan". We run around and manage to steal a skill card or something and then we get out of there alive. But we die soon after from scorpions attacking us. This dream also took place in a canyon/desert like area.

      Signs on the road:

      I was on some sort of road painting a sign on the ground so i know where to drive later on. I was there with one of my friends and his mom. He was telling me about a vacation he plans to take and how he's going to play some game the whole time, he didn't say the name but it was the game from the previous dream.

      After that, for some reason, i meet up with mikasa from the anime "Attack on titan" ( i think her name was mikasa at least, i only watched three episodes ). After that, we get in like a corner and start killing enemies as they come up to us, we're farming for xp or something. After we're done, i realize i haven't brushed my teeth again, so i go to do that but i looked back and couldn't find mikasa. Another dream where i didn't get to brush my teeth and my breath probably smelled bad, my dream characters are going to start thinking i'm nasty xD.

      Russian Father:
      Our family buys a new house and we have a pool party. Lots of my friends are here, but i get out of the pool and take a walk. I end up in a village. At that village, the military and a gang are fighting each other. I help the military and after the battle, i see my grandfather arresting some one.

      After that, i find myself back at my house, i get into a car and start driving. At one point on a road, this cop is driving really fast behind me and i really need to stop so i do a sharp turn into like a parking lot. Apparently, the cop thought i was stopping so he like turned and ended up crashing. I call my mom and she sorts it out. The cop was actually a really nice person.

      My mom takes my car, so i end up walking. I end up back at my old house, a little weird. I walk down the driveway and see my mom riding away in the distance. i text a family member to come pick me up so i can pursue her. But i find a car next to me so i take that. I chase her and we end up at a dock at night time. There, i ambush my mom, but then my dad comes over to me with some black foreign substance covering his body and he absorbs me.

      I'm not sure if he destroyed my moms car or she drove away, i can't remember. However, my dad explains to me that he's russian and that when i was a child, he injected me with some weird substance which gave me super powers. I see a flashback as he's explaining, i see my newborn body in a hospital bed and my dad arguing with a nurse. After that flashback, i find myself in the present, my dad has defused with me and is showing me my new power.

      I now notice i have the black substance over my skin as well. He tells me it can form anything i want it to or absorb anything. So i form an exoskeleton with a shoulder machine gun. It works and i can control the machine gun simply by thinking.

      Thoughts: I find it a little weird that most of my dreams tonight revolve around video games, it's kind of embarrassing really, i don't even play video games that much. Also, i only watched three episodes of attack on titan and 2 dreams involve that anime. Oh well, it was interesting none the less.

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      non-lucid , memorable
    15. 6-29-2013 Shinobu oshino and Jail

      by , 06-29-2013 at 07:42 PM (Subjects' Dream Journal)
      Legend: Dream , Semi-Lucid , Lucid.

      Robots and zippo lighters:
      In this dream, i'm a pilot of a mech, but my mech isn't fully upgraded so i'm hiding in my garage hoping to avoid the other mechs so my mech won't be destroyed. After a while, i eventually walk out and find tons of zippo lighters on the ground, and of course, my attitude is, 'hey these could be useful'. So i walk around collecting a ton of those. I think i eventually see a person but i can't remember. The dream takes place on my farm at night by the way.

      Also, i mentioned Shinobu oshino in my log title ( she is a character from the -monogatari anime series ). That's because somewhere in this dream, i saw her or something. I can't remember what happened except for the fact i saw her.

      The theme of this dream is like the gamemode Jailbreak from cs:s. I'm a prisoner but i get left behind, in this dream, the goal was to get a bomb and plant it somewhere in a courtyard. Since i was left behind, there are no cops to stop me from looting the bomb off a body. So i get the bomb and i go through sewer pipes into the courtyard and as i'm about to plant it. The cops shoot me and i die.

      Next round, only my dad and sister are the cops and i'm the only prisoner. Next thing i know, they are in my room attaching pins and buttons to my t-shirt.

      I'm in a big open metallic looking room with other people. We are all standing still, there is a girl walking around giving us orders. I open my mouth to ask a question as she walks by and the look on her face was absolutely terrifying, the young tough lady then starting yelling at me and told me to give her 5 dollars so i did. Then she gets even more mad because i wasn't suppose to give her money.

      Eventually, she leaves me alone and continues to walk around yelling at people. She gets back around and tells me to give her money again and i do ( forgetting what happened last time) but i was too late, she snatched the money just as i remembered what she had told me. So i start chasing her and i tackle her down and rip the money from her hands.

      After that scene, all of us are sent to like this nice little living room place. Not too bad for a jail xD. Next thing i know, the girl is having a feast with me and my family. I'm afraid at the thought because i know she's going to do something bad. So i walk outside for the feast, but i see no one so i keep walking, i eventually get the some woods and i see some indian like shelters, i'm afraid the owner is going to come back and catch me around his stuff so i walk back.

      I find my family sitting around a big fire. As i sit down, all the prisoners escape, so i decide that in the chaos, i will flee too. I start running, this new girl joins by my side but speeds up for no reason. I look behind me to see this guy chasing me. He's throwing alcohol on these ant hills and to my surprise, they're exploding. This is all i remember.
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