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    2013 September 25; Maverick, Rainbow Dash, Mummy

    by , 09-26-2013 at 12:40 AM (476 Views)
    > One where "E" happened

    last three dreams I recall:

    > A dream similar to the scene from the 1990s movie "Maverick" in which one guy is shooting at the main character. It was a bit different than in the movie including more falls.

    > I thought of a place in Cranberry Mall, PA where there used to be an Aladdin's Castle Arcade. I thought of an arcade game that I may have tried once and not done very good at, Because I would've been like nine years old and it was a game that required athletic strength; You had to pedal and in the game you were flying some machine. Anyway, I thought of that and then Rainbow Dash showed up.


    So then, There I was in training (Or that's what I guess it was) for flying; Being coached by a cartoon Pegasus Pony! Why? Anyway, I don't think I turned into a Pegasus but I was flying somehow and one particular thing I had to do was collect flying rings as if I were playing a Sonic the Hedgehog game. I had to collect some rings in a big flying but stationary and vertical circle, Without turning; If I were to type an "O" here, Imagine I was facing to the right of the screen and then I was at the top, Flying down and clockwise and then I had to fly back up, Backwards to the starting point!

    Later I saw some sort of a graph showing speed and how Rainbow Dash was faster than Sonic the Hedgehog.

    > MUMMY

    This was a rather different one; The previous day while I was in a parking lot I thought of the movie "Under Wraps" And the scene in which the mummy was mistaken for a burned victim and then shocked by electricity.

    So the dream commenced; I saw the kids biking home from the old ice cream factory or whatever it was, But they gave the mummy an 80s Oldsmobile Station Wagon to drive and he did a decent job driving at first, But then one of the kids got in while he drove at like 3-5 MPH and then tried to drive with him, At which point they sped across a bridge with the pedal to the floor and turned left, Then went a few blocks before they crashed into a house after taking a hard right. The mummy walked away and the kid was stuck under a lot of stuff in the car, And some guy who was about 20 years old or so I'd guess (And who wore a black shirt and had dark hair) then got a power saw and started cutting stuff away to get the kid out, But he cut himself at one point too though I did not see a lot of blood.

    That mummy dream was the last dream I had on this date prior to waking.

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