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    2013-September-29 Sunday - While I sang those sad songs...

    by , 09-29-2013 at 02:33 PM (517 Views)
    I'm tired. Like, Really really tired of what I'm doing, Staying up late at night ruining myself without rest. With that being said my title of this post is in reference to the Morphine song "The Saddest Song". And really, I do have a choice to not ruin myself here and I'll use it. I'm done - Let's not waste the rest time at night.

    Dreams for tonight...

    Last few:

    > I was in a department store trying to escape a big fat, African-American guy (Who might have been over 350 pounds) and yet he kept up with me as I kept crawling over things and talked to me. Am I that tired?

    > I was just outside the church - Sort of - And I did not go in exactly but was between the band practice room and where sermons are preached. I saw Chuck and Katie, Heard Katie and heard her laugh and when I saw Chuck go into the band practice room I was thinking if I would go in there I might just be like a fictional figure, Lyra Heartstrings the Unicorn - But in this case, The "Background Pony" One that was cursed to not be remembered by anyone.

    > I think I then went into a place that was half McDonald's and half a grocery store. I saw through someone else's eyes and as I went through things to buy and eat, A man and his kids were at the counter returning something and the man was irate. Later his two sons (Who were under 12 years old) knocked me over and the father turned around and I said "They're just playing" and the father was not irate at it, And he said "See you around".

    Then the dirt was about to hit the fan and be spread everywhere; I went back to the place where the entry/exit door was and it wasn't there, Another stand to buy stuff to eat was there, And there were these Star Wars Podracer things with knives attached to them which were going to come down on the floor and race all around. I went around and told people to get their feet off the floor or they'd be cut up and everyone did and only one person was hurt; My father, Who I (Whoever I was) Tried to help and keep off the floor. I at first was by a cylindrical column and a knife came up the pole and cut him! Then later whoever Father was turned into chicken and grease when I was above a grille (That wasn't a hot grille) and I said "I'm not married to people, I'm married to organs!" And then the thought was "I'm married to dirt" At the end prior to waking.

    I need help, And to accept what will work.

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    1. 101Volts's Avatar
      Enough; My ship sails in the morning. I wonder what's for dinner?
    2. 101Volts's Avatar
      Oh man, This dream entry is a sad one to me. Reading some things I used to dream, Months later and out of the element of what was while having changed like a caterpillar to butterfly certainly brings things into another context compared to how I thought back then.