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    AndresLD's (somewhat) Crazy Dream Adventures


    by , 02-12-2017 at 06:20 PM (655 Views)


    I woke up 5 hours into my sleep and stayed up for 40 minutes. During my WBTB I went ot the washroom, drank some water, and browsed FB and instagram for most of it. I went back to bed and tried to encubate my dream about going to Everest. I think I tried MILD.

    At some point I fell into SP. I couldn't move and heard buzzing and saw flashes. I reminded myself to stay calm even if I saw scary stuff. I slowly broke away from SP and plugged my nose.
    At first it felt like it failed, I tried again.

    This time air clearly went through. I stood up and walked to my bedroom door. I was going to open it and then changed my mind. Decided to exit through the window instead. I was trying to lift the curtains but they kept falling down. It was a bit bright outside. I jumped through and started flying. I flew around the neighbourhood, over the freshly snow-powdered roofs and across the white field. I reminded myself to feel the cool breeze on my face and then descended. Landing on a patch of frozen grass, I sat down and touched the ground around me. It was cold, but not freezing, it felt nice. I reminded myself of my objective and took off again. I lost a bit of stability and worried about having FAs, which to my surprise it didn't happen.

    Instead, there was a change in scene in which I found myself in a temple in Nepal. I walked around in what seemed to be the inside of the temple. There were lots of people walking around. I stumbled upon a giant golden statue of Zenyatta (overwatch), which depicted him sitting in the mediation position, while moving several orbs in a big circle, something criss-crossing one another.

    At this point I lost most lucidity and wandered around the place. I entered a room in which I was getting shot at and I was using Reaper's shotguns to defend myself. I saw the Himalayas far away and wanted to fly towards them. I ended up getting on a train and the dream shifted in a different direction.

    I hadn't had a legit WILD in a long time, and I wonder if it is because I hadn't spent much time up during my WBTBs. It is also odd that I lost lucidity during the WILD, as I find that more common with DILDs.

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