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    AndresLD's (somewhat) Crazy Dream Adventures

    Cayo de Agua

    by , 12-24-2016 at 04:51 PM (637 Views)


    Cayo de Agua is the residential complex I used to live in back in Venezuela, before I moved to Canada 10 years ago (when I was 14). I woke up 5 hours into my sleep and stayed up about 50 minutes. I went back to sleep and kept repeating "I will realize I'm dreaming".
    I was waking up from a dream and held still. I felt SP and HIs.

    I stood up from bed and did a RC. I was dreaming. The room was different, I was in my Cayo de Agua bedroom. I stepped outside and descended the spiral staircase. It was dark. I went outside, it was gloomy, about to rain. I realized I hadn't stabilized. I sat on the ground and felt the floor. It felt so real. It started raining and I was getting cold. I decided to yell "STOP RAINING", my voice was deep and loud, like Gandalf's. It was accompanied by thunders and an explosion follored by a fire in a house, but it worked. I decided to start singing, making up the song as I went. My voice was once again deep and loud, but I had a great singing voice (unlike waking life).

    I had a FA/Woke up and held still. I thought I had lost it but did a RC.

    I was still dreaming. I repeated the steps, stabilized before exiting, and was greeted by a strange DC outside. He was in a blue subaru and was telling me about his upcoming camping trip with his gf.

    I kept having FAs (probably about 10 total). They all started in my Cayo de Agua bedroom. Not sure in which order, but the following were the key events

    I met my gf downstairs and we had sexy time.

    I didn't have sight in one of the dreams, but I was able to just feel my way around the dream. I kept thinking back to physio and how this would improve my proprioception as I was challenging it.

    I was standing outside at night time with my GF. I held her hand and leaped yowards the sky. We went into space and watched the stars, nebulae, and nearby galaxies. It was a beautiful mix of purple, blue, white, and black. She was dumbfounded by how beautiful it was.

    I was helping my dad BBQing.

    There was a national anchor of a debate between Capriles and Maduro.
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