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    The Plasma Lightning Train Jail Experience...

    by , 01-14-2012 at 07:41 AM (677 Views)
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    14th of January, 2012

    Finally, I'm up to date with my online journal! This was a pretty bizarre one, too.

    I don't remember how it started but my recollection comes in when I was going downstairs into this dingy little store to buy fried chicken.
    After I got it, me and two others went to commit some sort of crime. It basically involved being in this field and sneaking around but there were lights everywhere and we got caught pretty much straight away and were arrested. Iím not sure if we actually ever went to jail, but most of the dream we were on our way there in some form or another. Except for one part in the middle where I was in a jungle village with monster people. But I have no idea what that was about.

    Anyway, at one point my uncle was driving us to jail when I noticed lightning striking in a field nearby. It was really slow moving and kind of seeped from the sky into the ground. We went to check it out and where it had struck there were wispy streaks of plasma all over the ground. It looked totally awesome. My uncle got too close to the stuff and it jumped towards him and zapped him. Though you couldnít really call it a Ďzapí; it was too mellow. Where it touched him, it was like when you put your finger over a torch and your skin glows red. In fact, come to think of it, the whole thing was like those Plasma Balls, slow moving and glowing where you touch it...but more wispy. So he slumped over and was all kinds of screwed up having just been electrocuted but I jumped in and revived him. I went over to check more closely this strange material and discovered that it was in fact coming out of camembert cheese!
    We jumped back into the car and did some burnouts through an outdoor kitchen and then settled down and continued on our way to jail.

    Somehow we ended up on a train that was filling with gas, so this guy gave me earphones to put on that played music that turned into oxygen. I told him that was stupid and couldnít possibly work but then the train crashed down a mountainside anyway. Somehow we all survived (it was a Hell of a wreck) and wound up back on another, more Western style steam train where some dusty cowboy was trying to give people a baby.

    Iím sure more happened but I canít remember the rest and frankly, donít really want to.
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