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    My brain and I

    The Sad Proposal...

    by , 01-13-2012 at 10:44 AM (508 Views)
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    31st of December, 2011

    Final dreams of the year, and they were doozies!
    Not quite nightmares, but pretty dodgy.

    I was at work trying to organise the best possible proposal for Nooks. I spent hours trying to organise a horse and carriage with a nice message printed on its numberplate. For some reason I chose to make a portion of the writing red which, when I finally got it all printed off looked crap. When I tried to change it, they told me they didn't have any spares and couldn't make any more. I wept my little heart out on the stairs for ages, screaming and hitting the pavement. Then I realised I hadn't even organised the carriage yet and decided to postpone the whole endeavour until tomorrow.

    Later on, I was at a party where a whole bunch of nerdy guys got into a hilarious, dweeby fight. At the party, this one guy had a "vomit maker" on, which was basically a bunch of leather straps tied around his body that looked like they'd been there for years. He said it was to help him be a better Satanist as it always kept him feeling sick and angry. Of course.

    I left the party and was approached by some guys who doused me in a flammable liquid and set me alight. I ran onto the grass but they had a whole field of sprinklers that kept shooting his stuff all over me and keeping me on fire. I dug down into the dirt to extinguish myself and eventually broke through into an awesome underground Minecraft area. It was huge and like a parallel world under the ground with blocky T-Rexes and stuff.
    I remember just looking around in awe before the dream faded.


    Walking near the road where some firemen were giving a hands on demonstration of their truck. When he was opening a valve, one really badly cut his hand open and put a wrench on it to pinch the skin back together. I walked across the road where this guy on a moped was driving madly in the wrong direction, he skidded in front of this guy driving his tractor down the road and then hit the kerb and bailed off. He stood up and stared and me with crazy-ass ice addict eyes then charged at me as fast as he could and stabbed me in the stomach.

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