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    A Drawing ..

    by , 06-07-2021 at 04:53 AM (30 Views)
    Dream From Aug 7 '19:
    Dream 4:
    the location is Newcastle TAFE.
    i'm in class, or supposed to be, when the female teacher leaves the room to go to the staff room.
    she has gone to the staff room, with a wheelchair bound student, because the student has drawn a picture which the teacher likes.
    why not look at the picture, in class?
    so, i follow them, with the other students, to the staff room.
    apparently some of the other students can join the teacher and the student.
    although i'm supposedly not to permitted to join, i do get to see the drawing, through a partition wall.
    well, i do enter the staff room, but the area that the teacher has, is blocked by a partition wall.
    and i get a glimpse of the picture.
    its a (grey) pencil drawing, of some cartoon characters, or of some fantasy characters.
    i walk away after saying "pffft, is that all?"
    then the dream ends.
    why the secrecy?

    any comments or questions ?

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