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    Reversing Opposite Gran's Old Place ..

    by , 07-14-2021 at 05:45 AM (117 Views)
    Dream From Mar 8 '14:
    it is day.
    am in my car, and in Brisbane Street, on the north side.
    gran's old place in brisbane street, is on the south side.
    am trying to reverse my car, to the kerb on the north side.
    instead of reversing so that front of car, is to my left, the front of the car is to my right.
    and the front of the car, is pointing to gran's place, which about two houses to my right.
    Rawson Ave is to my left, about one or two metres away.
    im parked, about in line with gran's former neighbour, who was an architect.
    my front windscreen is dirty due to dust, or there are grey clouds in the sky overhead.
    and i don't look in the rear view mirror, to reverse the car.

    any comments or questions ?


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