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    The life and Times of Harry Potter, Warlock

    by , 08-26-2012 at 07:27 PM (950 Views)
    08-24-2012 -- [So I've been noticing something odd. I have some dreams that I think are huge, and some dreams that seem quite short in comparison. But when I write out the basics so I don't forget, almost all of them take up the same amount of space. And when I type them in, almost half the time, the short, sweet ones are longer than the long ones. This stuff is just weird. That said, this feels like one of the longest dreams I have ever had, and it covers something like a couple of decades of time. We'll see how long it is after I type it in, though....]

    This is a Harry Potter dream. Throughout the dream, I am Harry Potter, though the entire dream also takes place in less than a block of space where I grew up in Buena Park. In this dream I have been 'orphaned' as usual, same with Neville Longbottom. But Neville is five or six years older than me, and mostly raises me as a sort of big brother.

    Though the whole dream was very intricate, detailed, and vivid, my mind can't manage to remember the earliest bits as anything but a haze of chases, kidnappings, running and hiding, and powerful magics. There are lots of hints of subtle warnings just before a kidnapping, so it turns into a chase, instead, and powerful accidental magics that end up injuring or killing the Death Eaters that are trying to harm us.

    Much of the hiding and chasing seems to be happening around the Heinz house, and it is becoming obvious that Neville and I are very powerful. Almost an entire different level than the average witch or wizard, the difference is that obvious. Neville and I defend each other as well as ourselves, and we do a very good job of it.

    A few years pass, and sometime around the age of eleven or twelve, we find and rescue my parents, James and Lily, who didn't die, as everybody thought, but were somehow captives for the last decade or so. I spend the next few years being raised by them, and my powers continue to grow. We live in the Potter Ancestral home, which is the Goodwins' place, but magically larger.

    I'm standing in the living room / dining room combo, staring a long distance down the two small steps into the den (as I say, expansion charms) where a hot (in more ways than one), sweaty Lily Potter is dressed in a tight, form fitting spandex body suit, collapsed on the couch, recovering from some heavy exercise that has left her exhausted, and somehow sexually spent. I am entranced.

    I use my powers to heal, refresh, and sexually recharge her, so she suddenly finds herself incredibly horny, and I back away quietly, unseen. She didn't see me, she can't know I had anything to do with it, but somehow she does, and is embarrassed and absolutely furious with me.

    She's gotten a hold of my remote control (why not a wand? I don't know) and is trying to check for my finger prints to prove it was me. I don't understand the logic, but somehow I have to fake playing When the Saints Go Marching In on the piano badly (Rod Miller-style Entertainer wrong notes) when I know I could play it perfectly, to prove my innocence. She still suspects me, though.

    It is a couple of months later that Neville calls an extended family meeting over at the Heinz house. As we all get together and I wonder what is going on, I suddenly realize right before they tell me. Neville is going to take over raising me again. He explains that they just aren't comfortable around me. My power levels scare them, I just don't fit in, and they want to concentrate on their new family.

    In one way, in the back of my mind, I can understand. But mostly I am just hurt. Hurt, and angry. I am just about to stalk off when we are attacked by a Death Eater, and I lose it. I just wave my hand at him, and his head explodes like it was hit with a Sledge-O-Matic. Same happens to all the other Death Eaters who are attacking. For the first time ever, I let out my full power, and I am as far above Neville's level as he is above everybody else. I stalk back across the street to the Hickory house (my house) which I guess I've decided is my new home, just leaving everybody else standing there, horrified.

    A few years pass, and Neville comes over to confront me. He fears I am becoming complacent, and unsafe. We're talking on the balcony of the Hickory house, perhaps three or four floors up (it's only a single story home, but as I said, expansion charms.) As we're talking, another powerful warlock attacks us. This guy would be a challenge for Neville, but I gesture, penetrate his shields, and disintegrate him. Neville tells me this is just what he is talking about. He shows me a small blue sphere, just about the size of a superball, and explains they are powerful explosives, and the guy probably planted a bunch of them around before he attacked.

    I do a summoning, and sure enough, I pull together a number of the things. I banish them about a hundred feet into the air, and Neville is amazed and horrified. Horrified because at a mere hundred feet, they would still do tremendous damage. Amazed, because other than a sonic boom-like bang and a few broken windows, there is no damage. Though I never tell Neville, I contained and shielded the explosion, easily within my powers. Neville stalks off, more convinced than ever that I am over-confident and dangerous, and I am completely on my own.

    A couple more years have passed, and I am now 19 or 20. The age difference between Neville and I has grown, because he now has an entire family of his own, including almost grown children. They pull me in for another family meeting, but this time we have it at my house. The Potters have a couple more kids, as does Neville, and they all arrive in a big horse-drawn wagon. [Whether this is in reference to the backward wizarding world, or a throwback to the Tales of Alvin Miller series I have been listening to for the last few weeks, I don't know.]

    The Potter women start to explore the house, and as they approach the hallway leading back to the bedrooms, I sense an evil wizard or monster there. I don't even wave my hand anymore. I just think, and silently destroy the being, leaving nothing but a pattern of blood on the wall, which the ladies just assume is a part of the wallpaper.

    As the Longbottoms try to situate the wagon in my living room, Neville's oldest daughter, who is just at the edge of adulthood, is bent over in a pair of loose jogging shorts, revealing a rather nice backside. I'm beginning to get ideas, and I'm hoping Neville doesn't notice me noticing.

    He does. He is very forceful in pushing on me an odd binding contract written on our tongues, ordering me to stay away from his daughter. I am not very happy with him, and neither is she. But in an odd twist, much like the deal with the Devil in the Piers Anthony Incarnation books, this includes an unwritten agreement that there are no restrictions on anybody else. By the end of the dream I have a very passionate Lily Potter in my arms, no longer able to resist me, as we're just about to move on to more than kissing.

    [Hey ... don't blame me. I am not into incest. Throughout this entire dream I was Harry Potter, and it was Harry's mother, not mine. If anybody is into incest, it is Harry Potter!]

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    1. HomeRiver's Avatar
      Just commenting on the first part of your entry because I haven't read the entire HP and I don't want to see any spoilers. I agree. Last night I had what I thought (upon first waking) was a relatively inactive night and it was my longest journal entry yet.
    2. Batch's Avatar
      Go ahead and read the dream, there are no spoilers in it. The life I dreamed has nothing to do with the story Jo wrote, except for the names of a couple of characters.
      HomeRiver likes this.
    3. HomeRiver's Avatar
      I don't think I had a dream which spans over years as your has and that maintains some internal logic for such a long time. Curious that the women gets angry after you turn them on and also curious that you are able to unleash your total power once you separate from your family.
    4. Batch's Avatar
      Well, in her defense, it was his mother, and he was something like 12 or 13 at the time.

      Think that's the first I have ever dreamed that spanned that kind of time and maintained any consistent logic, too.