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    4th DJ-Attempt

    10.06.23 - SC2023 - Cows, mud and short videos

    by , 06-10-2023 at 01:36 PM (159 Views)
    First alarm didn’t match an REM stage, just turned it off and went back sleeping. Next alarm was set to match a full cycle, it launched in the middle of a dream. I could have recall more fragments if it weren’t because of had some struggle handling my phone. Had to adjust the brightness for not insulting the darkness around

    Recovered fragments:

    The angry cows

    …/I’m seeing it as it were sort of ‘live-in’ video clips. What I see, is what the camera takes. It follows my eyes. Not my head as in a GoPro or such cameras. It’s a collection of short clips about raging cows/…

    *There were more clips in this section but lost them while struggling to handle my phone when I woke up. I had to dictate twice the first fragments I was holding because of a mistake of mine and couldn’t focus in the lacking scenes to remember*

    …/The next sequence I see is about a cowgirl blooper in a Bull Riding show on mud. She’s wearing boots, hot pants, a white jacket and a white cowboy hat. She tries to climb somewhere jumping with her legs wide open, her boots get stocked on the mud and she cannot properly jump high enough to get the surface she tries to reach, and falls on her back. A sort of bulls are standing in group behind her. In the video they’re know to be cows. One of them sees her falling. It has bright open and long horns. It comes running on the mud to attack her. I replay the scene to see it from another angle. Basically it goes the same, just to confirm it was the boots which got stuck at the bottom. The next sequence is taking place in a country field next to a road separated with trees. There are a group of guys and one of them also falls on the floor. There’s some mud around too, but darker than the previous video. I see cows with black and white spots coming to the road, going back to the stall. One of them sees the guy falling and get excited. It comes also to attack him. The other guys get scared und spread out running away. The guy stands and runs while the cow is getting closer. I exclaim something like “Ugh ugh ugh ugh” every time faster as the cow gets to the place/…

    Short sex clip

    …/I see a woman from behind. She’s wearing a summer dress and bends down to hold her ankles with her hands, without bending her knees. Her legs are wide open forming a triangle with the floor. She’s wearing black high heels shoes, sheer tights with opening in the middle and It seems to me she’s not wearing any underwear. I change the view from back to the view from below, as if the camera were on the floor. She’s not wearing any underwear. I see a guy with a white suit coming from her back, getting closer and closer to her. He’s getting too close in my opinion, and a couple of seconds later he starts doing it to her. I zoom out from the tablet display and turn to see my daughter is also watching that film. I quickly scroll it up. Gosh! Who posted something like that!? It should start the following clip/…

    The smooth sound of the bell coming from my phone woke me up. It was the perfect timing. Unfortunately the display light of the voice recorder was too bright, I turned my phone with the display down, accidentally pressed pause and start dictating the first fragments that came to my mind. Then I turned it again to see I didn’t record any. I had to start again and turned the brightness to min. The fragments were fixed but unfortunately the rest of the dream was lost.
    Later I was able to recall one more fragment coming from another dream:

    …/I see one of my daughters first teddy bears on the top of a stack of things inside a bag/…

    After the second alarm, I tried WBTB once more with no result. I guess it was because of the unplanned events that distracted me from my goal.
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