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    4th DJ-Attempt

    Nigjts 7-10 Aut Comp 2023

    by , 09-11-2023 at 10:15 PM (148 Views)
    07.09 - Night 7

    Ö/I get into a new section of the sorter, itís main purpose is to heal books. Here fall all books that got damaged along the process of distribution. The books this time are modern paperback versions. Thereís a book with pink cover on top of one of the piles on the plates.
    I donít see itís going to work, I have my doubts about the process. Itís not my task today anyway, Iím too wide away from my working place where Iím sorting stuff for titles for its placement or something like that. Weíre moving to another section of the sorter, we have to board a train. There are people from the design area. The big J is there/Ö


    I succeeded to incubate the dream back again but failed to recognize when it started

    Ö/itís the same new section, thereíre other paperback books piled there. Iím leaving the section now and I can see now the creeper of my living room hanging in a precarious way next to the sorter. Iím afraid itís going to fall, I try to fix it into a better position while the sorter keeps moving. Iím trying to figure out whatís the logic of this new station. Each book has some values, like RPG cards. And they must be placed on their corresponding plate according to those numbers for the machine to take them to their new location or something like that . Thereís a guy wearing glasses working on the first plate. He shouldnít be there handling books because of his task has nothing to do with books. Heís taking the books away from where they should be taken by the machinery. I think to myself: ďNow I see why itís not workingĒ/Ö

    08.09 - Night 8

    This time the dream was too abstract to recall a full sequence, Iím moving into thoughts and the scenery changes too fast to recall more

    Ö/I see some coworkers, old J is there. They twist and fall into big woks like theyíre sort of omelettes. Other stuff turns around and moves on/Ö

    09.09 - Night 9

    Ö/Iím on a train arriving at a train station. I see some cops with dogs doing their job/Ö

    Ö/I see my daughter is watching films In a strange language. I cannot understand what the actors are saying. Look like a live show comedy/Ö

    10.10 - Night 10

    No recall, got too few hours of sleep, then must go back to work

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