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    4th DJ-Attempt

    Day 6 - Aut Comp 2023 / 06.09

    by , 09-07-2023 at 11:46 PM (157 Views)
    …/There’re groups of cartoon like fat people with small thin heads, wearing coats. Some of them are wearing big round hats. They’re standing on platforms at different heights. There’s something like a huge tonearm of a turntable switching from one group to another. They follow its inducted instructions and sing along a melody. Some seem not to know the lyrics and start improvising. I don’t like it although it’s not bad the result. I go down to the lower level of the system. I get to the small yard of my grand parent’s house. The couch of the small living room is out there and another sofa. A short haired arrogant looking pretty girl around 20 is laying along the couch, with the head on the coach arm and both legs crossed on the couch back. She’s wearing black stockings, mini skirt, plaid shirt and a jacket. I want to correct her posture without being direct to avoid rebellious confrontations, just by sitting next to her in order to force her to put the legs down. She doesn’t look clean. I don’t want to get too close to her feet, she’s not wearing shoes. I sit and she turns to put her legs on the table in front of the couch. I think: That’s not the best but much better. I ask for a kiss as reward. She’s angry/…

    …/There’s something with my dad/…

    My daughter slammed the bathroom door when I was recalling the segments of this dream. That blocked my recall while I was remembering more details and lost the rest of the dream

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