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    1. Childhood Nightmare

      by , 06-08-2010 at 09:53 PM (Burke's Nightly Escapades)
      Black = AwakeBlue = LucidRed = Dream

      Nothing last night, which was kind of annoying, but anyway, I guess I'll write about one of the first recurring nightmares i had as a kid, before i learned how to wake up form them.

      Location: Back alley by a lake

      I was walking down the street minding my own business, not sure exactly where i was going, but i know i was walking away form Oneida Lake in central New York. Nothing was out of the ordinary, a few cars were driving by and there were several other people walking along the street. I then heard some female scream as if she was terrified of something, and when i turned around, i saw a man with a gun chasing her. He then noticed i was looking at him, and started chasing me! I quickly turned to my right and ran down an alley where there were large cardboard boxes that i could fit into. Granted i was only 8, so there wasn't much of me that had to fit. I tried hiding in one of the boxes but the gunman ran over and threw the box away. I was petrified and I couldn't move. I somehow then managed to get up and run out of the alley, while the gunman just stood there.

      I thought i had got away when i felt a strong push from behind me and i lay face down in the gutter. It is now that a crowd of people form around my body and i start seeing things form a 3rd person view from above and behind the crowd. I could see a hole in my back and blood dripping from it, and I also saw the gunman turn away and run. Nobody said anything and no one tried to chase down the gunman. It was about this point that i saw a very bright white light and could hear the voices and screams fading. All throughout this i felt no pain, only a strong sadness that almost made me cry. It was about 5 seconds after i saw the light that
      I woke p all sweaty and with a pain in my back. I quickly got up and ran to the mirror expecting to see a bullet hole, but i was 100% fine.

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