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    1. Hotel Fights, School Killings, and the TotY

      by , 02-10-2012 at 06:33 PM (Burke's Nightly Escapades)
      I was standing in some type of room next to a table holding my new ipod (nano). I was just flicking through it looking at stuff when a large crack suddenly appeared. I tried to slide the page again despite the crack but the glass of the cover just brushed off in a hundred little pieces. Beneath the screen was just a dull gray square

      Dream 2: I also remember a dream in which people were telling me that I have nice teeth

      Dream 3: I was in some sort of hotel room which was very small while half-lucid (aware but not in control) There was a small closet to the right of the door, a large air matress for a bed, and a small desk in the corner with a computer on it. I just sat on the air matress over the cuvers and leaned my back up against the wall. Suddenly, there was a loud commotion outside the door and about a half doezen people burst into my room. I knew some of them but there were 3 I didn't recognize. The few I knew waved at me in a "join us" motion as if they wanted me to help. Then, everybody just burst into a fight.

      I jumped right up just as one of them tackled me. We were fighting without any weapons and unfortunately I couldn't remember much of the details. At one point he had gotten behind me and I snapped my fingers/teleported behind him and kicked him in the back. The next thing I knew we were on the ground and I had a hammer in my hand trying to hit him on the head. He had his back up against the wall and fell down to a sitting position. I slowly moved towards him and he put his hand behind his back, pulling out a machine gun! It looked like a tommy gun but I'm not completely sure. He told me to get back and drop the hammer. I took a few steps back but I refused to let go of the hammer.

      Then, one of my friends lept behind him and tackled him to the ground, knocking the gun out of his hand. I jumped at him, swinging the hammer down right on his face. Right as I was about to hit him I was teleported into my school band room somehow.
      I had no memory of what had happened, I believe I lost lucidity. I was sitting in a seat with a bunch of other kids with me. Then, somebody game in through the back doors with a large metal object, what looked like supports. He set them down right next to the podium and went back outside. He made several more trips and kept bringing in more stuff. After a couple minutes he had everything inside and assembled it.

      When it was finally built it looked like some sort of cannon. The top part started rotating back and forth and the person who had built it was just standing there laughing. Suddenly, the cannon fired and a massive metal ball flew out and hit one of the kids, killing him instantly. Nobody else seemed to notice and just carried on with their individual conversations. The cannon continued to fire and kids were falling left and right. Suddenly,
      I became lucid but I did not have very much control, similar to the first part of the dream but I did have some. For some reason this scene really freaked me out and I tried to wake myself up. I closed my eyes tight and opened them as hard and fast as I could but I was still in the dream. I then tried imagining my self falling back into my bed. I closed my eyes and pushed myself back and could feel myself falling though it was very slow, like sinking into water with some weights.

      After a few seconds of this wierd sensation I had a false awakening into another dream,
      but I wasn't lucid. This time, I was still in the band room and there was still a bunch of people, but there was no cannon. A different person came in through the back doors carrying a large rope and made a couple more trips just like the person before him. He assembled it in only a few seconds and this one ended up being a guilotine! He took out a remote and pressed a button on it. The guilloting, which was really just a large axe hanging from the ceiling, sung back and then sped forward. It hit a person only 2 seats to the right of me and sliced right through his head. His head just sort of peeled open very slowly and it looked like a red glob inside.

      This bumped me into another semi-lucid state and I, for some reason, only wanted to wake up. I shut my eyes as tight as I could and opened them with as much force as I could imagining myself waking up. This time it worked the first time and I woke up, but it was yet another false awakening. It was just like last time onlt this time I didn't lose lucidity and I had complete control now. Another person walked in through the door and I decided to wait and see what this person would do. He pulled out a small note book and wrote a couple words down in it, but I couldn't see it. I got up from my seat and walked towards the back room right where this new person was standing.

      As I walked past him I looked closer at his note book. I realized that he was using the note book from the anime "Death Note" and had written somebody's name in it. I didn't recognize the name and when I looked up at this person he gave me a puzzled look like he didn't know my name. Lucky me . Finally and idea popped into my head for the TotY. I had two left, the Titanic and Sputnik. I decided to save the Titanic for last since I figured that would be an interesting way to finish this. I walked towards one of the back rooms and thought to myself, "When I walk through this door I will be at Sputnik." I opened the door and could see the base of a rocket shit of sorts but it looked a little wierd. I didn't think much of it and just thought it was because it was russian.

      I stepped through the door and walked towards the space shuttle. I could hear a voice off in the distance coming from a loudspeaker talking in what I presume was russian, or at least what my mind though russian sounded like. He said a new word about every second so I figured it was the countdown for launch. I ran up to the shuttle and jumped up as high as I could which was perfect for getting on the sattelite. There was a little outcrop on the shuttle right beneath sputnik itself so I landed on that. I stood on this little ledge until the countdown had stopped and the bottom of the rockets ignited. The shuttle slowly lifted up into the air and it gained more and more speed. Unlike in my last space dream there was no force in this one pulling me down from the acceleration.

      I just stood on this ledge holding on to the sattelite while we flew up into space. After a minute or so the main body of the shuttle had fallen off and it was now just me and sputnik. Suddenly, my feet started to float up off this ledge I was on and I figured I was in space. Sweet, got one down and now there just one left, the Titanic. I looked around and could see the earth right below me, not nearly as small as it was from the moon, but still not that large. I looked up and could see countless stars and various planets and also an asteroid. The asteroid gave me the idea of dive-bombing to the earth into the ocean to finish the last task.

      And took a small step back and rubbed my hands together for a little extra stability. I took one step forward and just leaped off the edge. For some reason, at this moment gravity kicked back in and I started to fall down to the earth. I always wanted to go sky diving so I figured this would be pretty close. I dove straight down, head first, and tried to go as fast as possible. Man this was a hell of a lot of fun! After about 30 seconds my head started to get a little warm. I looked up (or down, in this case) and everything had a reddish tint to it; I figured I must be on fire! I must look awesome doing this . I put my head back down and just tried to go as fast as possible. After only about 10 more seconds I looked up and could see North America. I tried to picture it in the 1910's for the task and looked in the north atlantic where the titanic had hit the iceberg.

      I was probably about 20 miles above the surface now and could easily make out cape cod and long island. I looked just north of there to where I remembered the ship had sunk. It only took about 5 seconds for me to get a mile or two above the ground and I opened myself up trying to slow down. I kept thinking "brake, brake, brake!" to slow myself down. I could see a large ship on the water which I assumed was the titanic. I was slowing down a little bit but not enough. Only a few seconds after I had tried to slow down I smashed into the water going extremely fast. I pretty much did the biggest belly-flop ever. The force was so great that I
      woke up. Damn, I wanted to get two done in one night. I looked over at my clock and could see that it was 5:09, I still had a little over an hour.

      Unfortunately I didn't remember anymore dreams that night
    2. Random Frag

      by , 02-05-2012 at 01:55 AM (Burke's Nightly Escapades)
      I woke up this morning to no recall, only to look through my DJ and see this scribbled down:

      Went through some obstacle course, sitting a bench in gym hallway (school) talking to some kid asking what my powers are. "I'm really fast and strong and I can turn into a vampire and be even faster and stronger" I told him.

      lol... I don't remember writing that I think the vampire thing is from reading the Rosario+Vampire Manga these past couple days
    3. Couple Frags

      by , 02-02-2012 at 01:43 AM (Burke's Nightly Escapades)
      Due to quite the eradic sleep shcedule recently I only remember a couple frags, but its better than nothing

      I was at our town park with a friend of mine and we had just pulled in and parked on top of the main hill. I asked him where the jump was and he said right down at the bottom. I looked down the hill but didn't see anything. Then I started to walk around a little pavillion type building that's on the hill and, once I was around the corner I could see it, a little jump made out of snow. Too bad there wasn't any other snow on the ground

      I was in a parking lot driving a car around. It was me and Travis Pastrana (lol?) and we were drifting around in it. The entire cast from the show Nitro Circus was there watching us. That's all I remember
    4. A Couple Snowboard Dreams

      by , 01-28-2012 at 01:04 AM (Burke's Nightly Escapades)
      I was at our local town park on top of the hill that overlooks it. There were a few kids on the baseball field right at the base of the hill making a jump out of snow. They made it leading up to the pitcher's mound from home plate. One of them was on a snowboard standing over home plate with a bungee cord in his hand. It through him forward and he hit the jump going over the pitchers mound. The others clapped a little bit and walked towards him. Me, along with a few friends who were with me walked down to see exactly what they were doing.

      When we got down there the dream skipped to a point where me and both of my friends were standing in the outfield. The other kids who were already there were in the infield and one of them threw a baseball to the kid who had just hit the jump. He picked up his snowboard and hit the ball with it, sending it flying over the fence. He walked around the bases casually trying not to make it seem like a big deal. Then, for some reason, I turned to my friend who was lying on the ground. He then proceeded to levitate a few inches off the ground and just sat there.

      "Why don't you try spinning?" I said. At this point I didn't see anything out of the ordinary and just thought of it as an every day occurence (stupid me ). "Okay," He said and he then started to spin around in a circle. This is all I can really remember and I think I
      woke up shortly afterwards.

      (I can't tell is this actually happened or was a dream, lol, but I figured I might as well post it too) I was on the chairlift at out local ski hill and saw somebody flying down the main head wall on the trail. He went over a large roller (mount of snow) and just kept going, not doing anything fancy. Then, he hit another roller and went flying, about 15 feet in the air and landed straight to flat. He absorbed the shock as much as he could and his back hand punched into the ground. He didn't fall and rode off to the right and met up with two other people. They were making "Oh!" noises and what not and high fives went around. That's all I remember.
    5. Mount St. Helens Erupting, Taking Pictures and a False False Awakening?

      by , 01-18-2012 at 03:32 AM (Burke's Nightly Escapades)
      I was upstairs in my house in my parents' room. I was sitting on the bed watching T.V. when I looked over into my sister's room. I notices that she had a friend over, one who I hadn't seen in like 10 years. I got up and walked over and saw that my sister was sitting at her desk and her friend was sitting on the ground, both of them looking at a computer screen. They were looking at some sort of video. I stepped a little closer to my sister and just stood there for a second. Nobody said anything. Then I left and headed into my room.

      I sat down on my bed for a quick second and did a random RC. I plugged my nose and nothing happenes, I couldn't breathe. Disappointed with the result I checked my hands, all 10 fingers, none missing and no extras. Then, since I really wanted it to be a dream I plugged my nose again and tried to breathe in.
      It slightly worked, and I thought I was in some sort of dream but didn't know for sure. I kept plugging my nose, trying to breathe in, and, eventually, it worked great! I was fully lucid

      I immediately thought of the TotY and, once again, couldn't decide on which one to do. I summoned yet another dart board with all the dates on it I hadn't done yet. I summon a dart, closed my eyes and threw it. It landed on the '80s. Awesome, Mt. St. Helens, this should be fun! I walked over to my door, closed it, and thought to myself, "Mt. St. Helens is on the other side of this door," and when I opened it, I was a couple miles from the base of the volcano. I walked over to a log cabin I saw and knocked on the door. A rather "woodsy" looking man, with beard and everything, opened the door. "Yes? Who are you and what are you doing at my cabin?" He asked. He seemed a little irritated but not enough to make someone angry. "I was wondering if you could tell me when that volcano erupts," I told him.

      "What volcano? You mean ol' St. Helens over there? She ain't no volcano, just another pile of dirt and rocks." He told me. "But there has been some low rumblin' goin' on late at night in case you were wondering." Just then, there was a very loud, low rumbling noise. "Alright, thanks. See ya, gotta go!" I quickly flew up to the peak of the mountain and got ready for the eruption. Wanting to make it fun, I summoned a sled, like you would use on snow. I sat down and said, "Whenever you're ready!" At that moment, the entire ground beneath me started to move. I slowly started to slide down when I saw gysers of rock and dust popping up all over the place in front of me.

      I leaned back and forth, left and right avoiding these mini eruptions. I was about halfway down the mountain and suddenly I was pushed up straight into the air, about 50 feet. A hole had opened up right below me! I started falling to the ground when I pulled up on the tip of the sled, trying to make it fly. I leaned back, trying to lift up, and when I was about 10 feet off the ground it finally started to rise. At this point I just made a B-line for the bottom hovering several feet above the ground, still trying to avoid the gysers. It was much easer in the air, slicing through air instead of dirt and rocks. It took me a minute, but I finally made it to the bottom.

      I didn't want to miss the show so I dropped the sled and flew up to about 200 feet and just hovered there, watching the eruption. A huge chunk of the side of the mountain was missing and massive amounts of ash and soot were pouring out of the hole. The cloud was enormous, thousands of feet high, maybe even miles. It stretched well into the clouds. I looked down at the ground behind me and saw a pyrocalstic flow blowing through the forest. It was heading right towards the cabin I had stopped at! Not wanting to let the guy die, I headed down there to try and help. I had actually started to like him . I thought as hard as I could and snapped my fingers. In an instant, the cabin was gone. I hoped it had worked and it was someplace where the eruption wasn't.

      Well, that task was done, and I figured it would be in my best interest to try and do another one. I decided I would to the brownie camera and take a picture, since that one seemed more simple. I snapped my fingers imagining myself in an old house and a camera on an end table. In the blink of an eye, I was in an old house, but there was no camera. I searched for it a little bit and headed into a room next to the one I was in. I saw somebody holding up a camera and one of those bulbs or whatever they used for a flash. I then saw a family standing in front of a white wall. I ran into the family and photo bombed it . I was an ass, but I didn't really care, it was a dream

      The flash happened right as I got into the group, and I was eager to see what the picture looked like. Obviously annoyed, the person whom I assume was the father of the family stepped over to me. "Hey, what the devil do you think you're doing? This is meant to be a nice family photograph. Not many people get these you know!" He seemed really angry. "Hey calm down pops. Would you like me to take another one?" I figured I might as well, since I couldn't remember whether I had to be in one or take one. "Why yes, that would be alright." He replied.

      I got behind the camera where the photographer had been. I asked him to move out of my way so I could take a picture and he reluctantly agreed. "Okay, now how do you work this thing?" I asked him. There was no obvious "picture" button, and I had to cause the flash manually, I believe. "Well, first of all you have to hold this contraption here to created enough light for the photo. You pour the powder in here," he said, as he did it for me, "and then press this button to make it go off. Then, right as you create the flash you hold this button here," he pointed to a large button on the side of the camera, "and count to 10. Once you're done, you pull this lever and the photo comes out here," he said, pointing to a large slot on the front of the camera.

      "Okay, I think I got it," I told him. "Smile!" I told the family. They didn't make any facial expression, and I pressed the button for the flash while also pressing the large button on the camera. I counted in my head, "1, 2, 3..." and when I got to 10 I let go. "Okay, now I pull this lever?" I asked the man. He nodded and I pushed down on the lever. A small piece of paper came out with a faded image on it. "How do I get the picture to look clearer?" I asked the man. "Oh, you have to soak it in a special solution, here, give it to me." I handed it over to him and he placed it in a small pool of an orange liquid. The family whom I had just taken a picture of leaned over my shoulder as I leaned over the photographers, trying to see what he was doing. After about 12 seconds he took the picture out and placed it in a towel.

      He rubbed off all the excess residue and handed me the photo. I looked at it, and could see it clear as day. It looked just like the family, only as clear as a modern digital picture. It was still in black and white, however. "Oh, how lovely," the woman said. I assume she was the mother. "Here," I said, giving it to them. "I hope this makes up for the other one." I told them. "Oh, it certainly does," said the woman. "Hey, if you don't mind could I see the other one?" I asked the photographer. "Sure, let me just wash this one as well," he said, as he took the other piece of paper and placed it in the solution. After a bit he took it out and cleaned it off. "Hmm, that's odd," he said, rather concerned which made me very intrigued. "Can I take a look?" I asked. He handed me the picture and I studied it. I could see the family just fine, and saw that they were surprised, looking at me jumping in front of them, but I wasn't there. I found this extremely strange but, before I could think any more about it,
      I woke up.

      Woo! I got two done in one dream! This is awesome The photo one still makes me think, but hey, I got the task finished and that's all that matters in the end

      Second dream: I was having some sort of sexual encounter, though I can't comepletely recall it. All I remember is feeling as if I was achieving orgasm and ejaculation, but at the same time I woke up. It felt almost exactly as if I had a wet dream, only it had actually happened after I woke up. I slowly got up, not wanting to make any more of a mess than was already there, and headed into the bathroom to clean up. Before I left my room I checked the clock. Only 2:00? I had only been asleep for about 2 1/2 hours. Just as a quick RC I looked away then looked back, still 2:00. Alright, not a FA. I walked into the bathroom and checked my underwear, but it was completely dry. No jizz or anything. I did 2 more RCs, checking my hands and plugging my nose, but they both failed, I was still awake.

      I didn't want to lose any more sleep since I had school in the morning so I went straight back to bed.

      (There were two more fragments but they were just remembering a certain place/a person, no specific information)
    6. Failed DEILD Attempt

      by , 01-16-2012 at 05:34 PM (Burke's Nightly Escapades)
      All I remember is finding myself at that point where a dream is fading and, even though you know you're about to wake up, you can't stay in the dream. I stayed in this state for several seconds and figured I would try a DEILD. When I woke up I layed completely still, and imagined a simple dream enviornment. After what felt like 30min I figured it wasn't going to work and just got up. The clock said 10:01, and just to be sure I turned away and looked back at it. Still 10:01. It makes sense that the DEILD didn't work, I had already gotten 10 hours of sleep so I likely wouldn't fall asleep very easily

      There was one other dream that I knew I had, but I can't remember it right now. For some reason I didn't write any of these down right away Will edit if it comes to me.
    7. Jumping Off the World Trade Center and Some Little Punk Messing With Stuff

      by , 01-15-2012 at 10:35 PM (Burke's Nightly Escapades)
      Finally, after several days of nothing I finally remembered a couple dreams, and one of them was lucid!

      I was in what looked like a computer lab with several rows of desks/chairs and computers. I was on one all the way in the back only it wasn't a school computer or anything, it was my laptop. Everybody else had the same desktop computer but mine was the same as the one I'm on right now. I didn't really think anything of it and was just staring at my background typing stuff even though nothing was happening on the screen. Then, some kid in front of me turned around and smiled really creepily at me. I just sort of looked at him a little odd witha "what?" look on my face. He just chuckled a bit and turned back around.

      I went back to my computer and noticed that some of the icons were missing. I then tried to get on the internet but nothing was happening, no matter how much I pressed the button. Then, I tried to open up microsoft word but that didn't work either. After a minute or so of trying to get this to a work a little pop up appeared saying something like, "haha, you've got a virus ." I looked up and the kid in front of me was staring at me again with a malicious little grin on his face. "Is this your doing?" I asked him. He just laughed and turned back around.

      The next thing I knew I was standing in the doorway to the same room I was just in, facing all the computers. That kid was right in front of me just smiling again. Then, suddenly, he tried to punch me in the face! I quickly put my hand up and stopped his attack, fist in hand. He then tried to jap me in the stomach with his other hand but I deflected it again with my other forearm. At this point I found things a little fishy. I started to question reality and needed to do a RC but I was stopping this kid from hitting me. I looked around for something to do a RC with and noticed a digital clock in the corner of the computer right in front of me. It said 15:81. I figured this was enough to know I was dreaming, but just to be sure I looked away and then back. It now said 0:02.5. What? Decimals? Okay, it's definitely a dream.

      At this point I realized I still had this kid's fists in my hands. Remembering what he did to my computer I twisted his left arm (the one he tried to hit me with first) until he started to exhibit pain. "What do you say?" I asked him in the same tone parents would when they're annoyed with their child. "Okay, okay! I'm sorry! Please! Stop! That hurts!" I let go and he immediately ran out the door. Suddenly, the dream started to get very unstable and it felt as if an earthquake was happening. I quickly rubbed my hands together and focused on my surrounding, trying to become hyper-aware. The shaking stopped and I proceeded to walk over to where I was sitting and grabbed my laptop. Didn't want to forget this!

      I thought of what to do and remembered the TotY. I couldn't think of any to do, so I walked over to a DC sitting at one of the computers. "Hey, can you check or tell me what some of the TotYs are that I haven't done?" I asked him. "Uh, yeah sure. Dreamviews.com right?" He replied. "Yep, thanks." He typed away on the keyboard and after only about 5 seconds he told me, "Let's see, there's the first picture ever taken, first t.v. broadcast, fix that telescope in space, and base jumping off the world trade center."

      "Awesome, thanks." I told him. I decided I would jump off the twin towers in NY. Haven't jumped from high places in a while so I might as well. I headed to the door of the room and thought to myself, "This door leads to the roof of the twin towers in NY." When I opened the door I was suddenly outside, hundreds of feet in the air on the roof of a building. Hey, it worked! I walked over to the edge of the roof and looked down. It was so breezy that I almost fell off when a gust of wind blew over me. On the bottom I could see a bunch of people crowded around the doors and a big ribbon. This must be that cliche ribbon cutting ceremony they always do. Was there even one for the world trade center? I figured I might as well add a bit more challenge and try to get down before the ribbon was cut, and maybe even do it myself.

      I took a few steps back, gathered my breath, and sprinted right over the edge. I did a few acrobatic flips and such, until I leveled out into a normal sky diving position. The only problem was, I had only gone down a few feet. "C'mon gravity! I'm not gonna make it!" But I just floated there, nothing happening. I started getting a little annoyed and yelled as loud as I could, "Gravity on please!!" After a couple seconds I started falling straight down, like some body should when they jump off of anything. "Thank you!" I yelled. It took me about 15 seconds to reach the halfway point, at which time I heard people screaming down at the ground. I looked down trying to see something with the wind blowing into my eyes like this. I noticed they were all looking and pointing straight up at me! Well, they're going to be in for a treat!

      I dove down, head first, into a full on dive. I waited until I was about 50 feet from the ground and quickly flattened out into a normal sky diving position again. I wanted to make a big crater in the ground since that seems to keep happening in all the fights I've been in recently. After only a split second since I had flattened out I hit the ground going full speed. It didn't hurt at all and felt like one of those big coushions used in movies where somebody jumps out of a building. Once I came to a complete stop I looked up and noticed I was in about a 25 feet deep crater. New personal record! I say everybody lined around the edge looking down at me with disbelief that I was still alive.

      I got up, dusted my self off all nonchalant as if nothing had happened. I jumped up and out of the crater in one big burst. I landed on the ground in the middle of the crowd and just stood there for a few seconds while everybody stared. Then, one of them started clapping, followed by another, and another. After only a short moment it turned into a full on applause as if I had just preformed some amazing trick (which I pretty much did ). I just smiled and walked over to the podium where somebody whom I assume was the mayor was standing, as well as a guy holding those big, oversized scissors. I asked them if I could cut the ribbon. The man with the scissors replied, "Well, the mayor was supposed to do it," while motioning towards the man at the podium. "No, no," he said, "let this guy do it. He did just survive an incredible fall without even a scratch."

      "Thanks!" I told him. I walked over to the guy with the scissors who gave the right to me. Wow, these were really light. They must've only weighed 5 pounds! The crowd gathered around waiting anxiously for me to cut it. I held them up to the ribbon and closed the scissors, which was pretty awkward given how big they were. However, the ribbon didn't cut! The crowd gave a sigh as if they were disappointed, while I took a closer look at this "ribbon." I found out that it was actually some type of steel cable! "Hey, whats the big idea having these scissors try and cut a metal cable?" I asked. "What are you talking about? It's just a paper rib--" The man who had given me them said, but was interrupted when he took a closer look.

      "Oh, nope. You're right, this isn't the ribbon at all. It looks like it's rebarb from the buildings." It was at this moment that I could hear a few snickers and laughs coming from around the corner of the building. "Who's back there?" I demanded. "Nobody!" the voice replied. "Go away!" I walked over to the corner of the building only to find the same kid who had messed with my laptop back in the computer lab. "What the... what the hell are you doing here?" I asked him. "Nothing, go away!" He replied. "Seriously, who do you think you are messing with something as harmless as a ribbon cutting ceremony?" I demanded. I don't get why somebody would sabatoge something as meaningless as this. "Pfft, it was still funny." He said. "Besides, I bet you can't catch me!" He yelled as he sprinted off as fast as he could.

      I snapped my fingers and teleported right in front of him. "Oh really?" I asked him. "I can't catch you?" He turned back, obviously surprised and started running back towards the crowd. I casually walked back following him. I could see him just enough so that I could tell he tripped right over and into the crater. Idiot . I strolled over to the edge where the entire crowd had encircled again. "Wow, how dumb are you?" I asked him. He sat in the bottom of the crater in a ball and just stayed there. I decided he was embarassed enough and I walked back over to the rib--metal wire-- and asked them if they had any sharper scissors. "No, sorry," they replied.

      "Hold on," I said, "I have an idea." I took a step back and swung my hand back and around, karate chopping the wire. My hand sliced right through it as if it were butter. Everybody stood there for a second again, and then cheered... again. "Wow, nice hit!" the mayor said. "Thanks!" I replied. "Now what?" I asked them. "Now, we go inside!" he said. I followed both of them inside and, right as I walked through the doors,
      I woke up. Damnet, everything that used to help me in lucids are now waking me up Oh well, got one more of the TotY done .

      Second dream:

      I remember sitting in my bed and seeing a large figure of words that spelled out something along the lines of FREIDEAY. Friday, maybe? I couldn't tell, but there were lines going through parts of it, so it looked like FR//EI//DE//AY. I had no clue that this meant and just layed down and went back to sleep.
    8. Very Small Frag

      by , 01-08-2012 at 10:09 PM (Burke's Nightly Escapades)
      I was lucid... I think, and I did something, but I can't remember. I'm pretty sure I woke up from excitement.
    9. Some Frags at Burger King

      by , 01-07-2012 at 05:43 PM (Burke's Nightly Escapades)
      I was standing in line for burger king with my parents, not knowing what I wanted. I was pretty much zoning out and just staring at the wall while the line, which was about 10 people, never moved. I must've been in the dream for a good 20 minutes, and throughout the whol thing I just stood there, waiting, not doing anything. After 20+ minutes someone else in line said, "This is crazy!" and I woke up.

      I was in burger king yet again, but this time I already had my food. I can't remember what I had, but I wasn't sitting at a table, nor was anyone else. I was on what was like a counter or bar, laying down and eating my food. Everybody else was doing the same. Then, right as I finished somebody across the restaraunt said, "First one to throw something in this gets the rest of my food," he pointed to a cup between his legs. Not being one to pass up the chance for free food i crumpled up my trash from my food and through it at him. I missed by just a few inches and I hit his backpack which was on the ground in front of him.

      I got off the counter, a little disappointed and sat down on the ground. After everyone else tried, it seemed as if I was the closest and I thought I would get his food. "You don't get it," he pointed at me, "because I don't like you."
      and then I woke up. He was mean
    10. Quick Frag

      by , 01-03-2012 at 12:14 AM (Burke's Nightly Escapades)
      I remember this dream being much longer, but I was too tired to write it down and fell back asleep. This is all I remember from it:

      There was a long line of what seemed to be stuffed animals, mainly smaller ones such as squirrels and racoons. My friend behind me handed me a stick with some strange white, silvery, bag type thing that looked like a pouch of some sort. He told me to hold on to his spider. I was like "OK" and just took it and sat there.

      I know there was more but I can't seem to remember it. Maybe it could've given some context for this
    11. Some Frags of Long, Vivid Dreams

      by , 08-13-2010 at 08:11 AM (Burke's Nightly Escapades)
      I haven't written anything down in my physical DJ in a few days since I've been lazy but I've managed to remember a few frags of dreams that when I woke up, I thought were the most vivid and lengthy dreams in a while.

      1: I was in some sort of farm patch and was cutting lettuce off the groun (been watching too much travel channel) and then threw them into a truck behind me. Then it was carrots. After that I reached into a big bush and felt a pain in my right hand. I noticed my pinky was gone! (Should've gotten lucid. Oh well ) It was as if my pinky was cut off.
      Spoiler for Kinda Gross:
      Then I continued on with cutting the vegetables.

      2: I was in a very large airport like structure and there was an alien spacecraft floating above us They said that if we did not meet their demans that they would burn us alive with acid. After a minute or two it started raining, only it was raining acid. A drop landed on my head and it began to burn. Then, another drop landed on my wrist and also started to hurt. I looked down and there was a small welt where the dorp had hit. All this acid went straight through the roof, but when I put my sweatshirt on it protected me form the acid. I noticed other people running away trying to get away form it.

      I was then in another circular room with several people whom I don't remember. There was a T.V. on the wall of a past dream I had (it was a sex dream, lol). They said that they had been monitering my dreams. I asked them "Wait, so you can see all of my dreams?"
      "Yes." one of them replied. I started to feel embarressed about them seeing me have sex in my dreams. But then the dream abruptly ended.
      I'm glad it was just a dream
      non-lucid , dream fragment
    12. Couple of Frags

      by , 06-26-2010 at 04:21 PM (Burke's Nightly Escapades)
      I was in my bedroom and had what I think was an FA. I woke up and started to clean a bunch of bugs that had all congregated on my window. I grabbed a sock out of my droor and started brushing them off, hoping none would land on me or my bed. (my bed is directly inderneath my window)

      I was in my living room watching T.V. even though it was off. There wasn't any picture showing, just a black screen. My sister was sitting on the floor to my side and started throwing Legos at me. I grabbed them and threw them back. This went back and forth for a little while until I woke up.
    13. School Beat Down (Fragment)

      by , 06-15-2010 at 08:18 PM (Burke's Nightly Escapades)
      Location: Science wing of my high school

      I was walking towards my science class when a kid in my school walked out of the room. He started walking toward me and stopped about 15 feet away. He then ran at me, trying to punch me. I dodged it easily and pushed the arm he punched with away while tripping him and pushing my fingers into his nerves in his neck (the thing you do to annoy the heck out of people). I had seen it many timeson T.V. so it's cool that it transfered into my dreams, and this wasn't lucid . He fell to the ground and held his neck for a second, then got right back up and charged at me again. He attempted to punch me yet again but instead I grabbed his arm, spun around and flipped him over my back so that he was laying infront of me. He rolled over on his back and appeared to be in pain. I then walked away while he layed there and a group that had formed around us started to disperse.

      (Dream skipped here) Later that day another one of my friends walked over to me and said, "Hey, Ricky I heard you beat up Tyler earlier." I replied, "Yea, but he came at me first."
      Which was when I woke up.

      This dream would've been longer but I couldn't remember it when I woke up and it suddenly came to em in the middle of a final so I probably forgot a little bit more of it in the 2 hours since then