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    The World Is Yours

    by , 06-02-2013 at 01:09 PM (2035 Views)
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    Lucid #100: The World Is Yours

    I'm flying high in the sky around what looks to be a computer-generated globe that's populated with little dots. I feel like I'm on a plane with Wife but I don't see a plane. It's just me and my floating perspective as we circle slowly and gracefully around this globe.

    I tell Wife, "This is a music video for a Phil Collins' song called 'Julia' from 1980."
    (Not true.) The song immediately starts playing. In it, Collins sings of how this globe is "not CGI" and that the dots represent people around the world. He sings that the dot he remembers best ("the one I best recall") was one of him over the ocean, flying on a plane to be reunited with his beloved Julia.

    As the song ends, I suddenly find myself falling downward out of the sky. I hope that this is a dream, I think, and
    of course it is.

    I immediately halt my fall and find myself hovering over a huge, vivid cityscape -- highways, skyscrapers, cranes, bridges, traffic jams, all arrayed for me down below. I want to fly around and explore this city, but when I attempt to fly, I'm unable to move. For some reason, I feel totally confident that I'll come unstuck. Stop asking, I think.

    I ignore what the dream is telling me and I imagine that I'm already flying Iron Man-style around the city. A second later, I'm flying effortlessly, cruising anywhere I like. I get briefly stuck a time or two, but I just ignore it, imagine that I'm succeeding, and immediately start flying again. Eventually, the little glitches stop.

    I see a tower that I remember from waking life -- it's one that I pass during my commute. I fly up to the top and circle around it. I glide low over roadways and high above a cluster of skyscrapers, then descend back to one of the bridges that spans a piece of some unfamiliar bay.

    My confidence is soaring, and I decide try some large-scale dream control. I put my hands out in front of me and then bring them apart like I'm performing the breaststroke. As I do, I rake cars off of the bridge in either direction and dozens of them go plummeting toward the water. I bring my hands back together and I watch as time rewinds and they return to the bridge, unharmed. I fly back toward the skyscrapers, select a pair of them, and then begin moving them up and down, one for my left hand and one for my right.

    I look to my left and see an enormous fire ogre (a la "Orcs Must Die") stomping toward me down one of the city streets. He towers over most of the nearby buildings, at least 100 feet tall. I wonder whether maybe I'll be fighting him later. I feel no fear at all. I reflect for a moment about what it would be like to have this much control and confidence in every LD. Nothing could stop me. What sort of things would I do if I had years of this kind of power?

    Leaving the fire ogre behind for now, I fly over my city for a while and just let my dreaming brain show me what it can do. I look out at the waters of the nearby bay and think about using all of this overflowing confidence for some Task of the Month parasailing, but
    the dream soon ends.

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    1. ~Dreamer~'s Avatar
      Thanks for linking me to this dream, Canis! It's nice to read back and see your earlier LD successes.
      I love your confident mindset in this dream - what a way to hit #100!
      I've definitely found that pretending you're already succeeding regardless of any hiccups is super powerful.
      Your elaborate musical creation was impressive, too!
      I immediately thought of another dream when I read the first line of this entry, can you guess which one?
      CanisLucidus likes this.
    2. CanisLucidus's Avatar
      Thanks so much, Dreamer! That amazing dream control and confidence you displayed in your most recent LD was way beyond what I did in this DJ entry, but I recognized that same limitless feeling, that total confidence that makes literally anything possible in our LDs!

      What struck me in your LD is just how unstoppable and free you were, and it brought back those feelings for me. One of those wonderful little emotional souvenirs we take back with us from our lucid dreams.

      We can't bring whole worlds back with us, but at least we can bring back some piece of how those worlds made us feel.

      I immediately thought of another dream when I read the first line of this entry, can you guess which one?
      Oh man! Can you imagine if I'd commissioned Phil Collins to dream-compose "Have a Badass Day" for me?
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