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    Dream Journal-- Day 1

    by , 09-10-2011 at 02:51 PM (602 Views)
    Ok I have now resolved to write in my dream journal for 5 consecutive days! I think this is a feasible goal. I am definitely motivated to try and start lucid dreaming.

    Dream 1--

    I am with a group of friends, when I decide to head to the bathroom. As I get up, I am instantly in the bathroom walking to the stall all the way at the end on the right. The tiles are light grey and bright and the doors are more grey/white.

    As I reach the door, I realize there are two guys who are messing around with the door. They seem to have tools and are using them in some manner I can't tell. They are talking to each other and having a conversation. No body notices me and I assume I am just a spirit simply watching the interaction occurring.

    Soon, I conclude that they are trying to pull a prank on everyone. As I stand back and watch, I see the two guys open the door to the stall to get to the other side. As they are going, there is a nail sticking out of the door that gets pushed out from the other side.

    This sparks my curiousity and I enter the stall with the two guys. I see a third person squatting down with a screwdriver, pushing it into the empty space where the nail used to be. AFter the nail drops off, he looks through the narrow space.

    Then, I walk back outside the stall and see my frat bro figgy. He starts to explain how people are rigging the bathroom as a prank and he tells me I cant let anyone else know. I'm like ya man don't worry I wont say anything. Just then, I see my high school friend Luis enter the bathroom wearing a red shirt and two black wrist bands that have white text on them. He also has a big jew fro (his usual hairstyle). I am still standing at the other end of the bathroom and there are many people who are all doing some type of labor.

    He comes in and yells at everyone asking if they have seen something of his that he lost. Then he continues to ramble about how he has fixed millions of fridges before. He picks up a long strip of black rubber substance and starts to place it into the open door of a fridge right next to him. I just watch in curiosity to see what he will actually do.

    After a little, I decide I need to use the restroom, so I enter the next stall on my left. I close the door behind me and lookdown at the toilet seat. It has a red cover and a small hole in the middle that is the size of a O. I try to pee in the middle of it anyway.

    Then the door opens behind me, but I continue to pee while trying to push the back of my shoulder into the door so it won't open. I feel the person push back into me, attempting to open the door harder, but then stopping. He then looks into the bathroom, realizes it me and then steps in.

    I am like "dude, what the fuck?" and I notices its Shoener. He starts talking to me about the genius part of the prank he pulled. He changes the text of some URL so that people can't access a webpage or something. It reads something like AP # 4837204984=$

    I can see this blue text floating on a totally white field of vision next to another AP # 4837204984=$ except they are different fonts. As I am caught up in the vision, I hear somebody say "I would like to see that copy and pasted." At this my alarm clock goes off.

    Dream 2--

    I had this dream a while ago but it has stuck with me.

    I am in a pool with my other water polo friends from middle school. We are all wading in the water next to the brick on the edge of the pool. My chin is resting on my hands that are crossed, one over the other on top of these bricks.

    My coach starts throwing out either blue or white caps (as he would do when we would pick teams during scrimmages). He doesn't throw me a cap, but makes me swim laps. I start swimming, trying to complete the laps before the game is over. As I swim, I notice in hindsight I didn't have to breathe at all and I could control my speed simply by thinking about going faster or slower.

    I start swimming as I notice my teammates paying not 10 feet away from me. I am then transported to the other end of the pool where I am now swimming much much faster. As I swim, I look up at the clock and realize there are four hours left in the game, so I probably have time to finish the amount of laps I would have to swim.

    I start to swim exceedingly fast. As I look up I notice parents and spectators really enjoying the game, and this motivates me to swim even faster. I swim at the wall, and turn around and keep swimming. I wake up.

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