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    Dream Journal-- Day 2 (2)

    by , 09-12-2011 at 02:41 PM (374 Views)
    Dream 1--

    This dream was an amazingly long and complex dream. There were several scenarios and several reoccurrances. I would jump around from place to place with similar contexts.

    In one situation, I was in a hotel room with my cousin and my older sister. It is night time outside and there are almost no lights on inside of the room. My cousin and I are high on weed and we are laughing and talking.

    My cousin really wants to eat something that we make on a tray like butter with bread or something. We don't really say anything but somehow that is tacit agreement. We start making the bread, and my ability to think clearly and view the world clearly starts to diminish (as if I were actually on drugs).

    Then, my cousin walks around a wall and out of sight and comes back using eye drops. I say that's a really smart idea and use them after him. Weirdly, I don't really use them. I just put the eye drop bottle close to my eye without squirting the liquid.

    In a little bit, after I finish. I hear a knock on the door. I immediately know it is my grandpa and grandma, especially when I can hear their voices through the door. I also look through the key hole and see a blurry outline of their figures.

    Since I'm high and I didn't use the eye drops, I immediately regret that decision and feel my body temperature rising, my heart beat increasing, and a general panic rushing over me. My grandpa wants me to walk him to get some water or something, and I tell him that I will, so I speed over to the bedroom and reach into one of the drawers to pull out the eye drops before we go.

    I can hear the door open in the other room, and my grandparents find my cousin and start to yell because they can tell he is stoned. I am desperately trying to squeeze the liquid into my eyes, but I can't feel anything. I start with my right eye and get a couple of cooling sensations in my eye but that is the extent of it. I switch to my left eye but no such luck.

    I hear my sister lying in the bed behind me say something like "thats what you get"... Suddenly, my vision drains out because I was closing my eyes and I am having this mental image of my mom rowing a boat. There is an immense sadness in the scene and then i see my mom get beaten by a belt over and over again.

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