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    Comp Night 8: Some Things

    by , 01-16-2024 at 04:39 AM (103 Views)
    Dream 1: Scenes in a Building

    These might have been different dreams, but I’m not sure. If so, they would be fragments on their own so the point difference wouldn’t be much.

    In a building somewhere. A bunch of people have been given toy guns (that shoot real bullets). They are playing with these. Some kind of target shooting, I think. I’m a bit concerned about it – these might be a bunch of kids or something.

    In a building (maybe the same building. Maybe a University). There is someone that doesn’t like me. Something about me going away from that person, farther and farther as I flick my finger. I walk down a short set of steps, and look at doors trying to find a way out. I make my way into a sort of formal garden area. My brother is sitting at a table nearby talking about something (possibly about me). Not wanting to interrupt, or maybe not wanting to be seen, I walk into a sort of enclosed area where there is a pool.

    There is food in this building (this part seems to be a University). I get some food, I think. We also seem to be concerned about a homeless person/people who want to come in and take people’s food.


    Fragment 1: Bathrooms

    Something about bathrooms. Trying to find the men’s room, I think...

    Fragment 2: Matrix Avocado

    Eating a strange food. It is like some alien’s tentacles, in my dream it is like something from the movie Alien or Predator (one of the two, and I’m not exactly sure how). I look at the label, and it says its something like “Matrix Avocados”. It seems to be a relative of avocado, at any rate. The “Matrix” part is either a reference to the movie, or reminds me of the movie. I make the joke: “but how am I supposed to eat this Matrix Avocado if there is no spoon?”

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