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    Comp Night 9: Hotel Stuff and More

    by , 01-17-2024 at 03:16 AM (96 Views)
    Dream 1: Hotel Stuff – is this a dream?

    There is a guy who, I think, says that we are in a dream. I feel as though he has been spreading this around, and now people want him to prove it by jumping off of a building. By now he isn’t so sure though. But a crowd of people have gathered around, and he seems to be trapped into doing it. I suggest that he escape. He could duck into a nearby elevator and go to a different floor, where it would be difficult to find him. But he wants to go through with it. We try in vain to convince him otherwise, and I think he eventually jumps. I either fall off or jump off too. I think that I start wondering if it really is a dream. Anyway, it doesn’t seem to hurt me.

    In a big hotel. I’m trying to go back to my room – I’m also naked. I’m carrying a big towel, which I wrap around me as I go. I walk down a corridor and find myself in an area that looks like a place I have dreamed about before. I think I might do a kind of half-hearted reality check, but don’t become lucid. As I go, I see that some rooms have bathtubs out in the hallways. They are in a sort of cubby area, I guess, and a curtain or a sliding door can be drawn in front of them. Still, it seems like an odd lack of privacy to me. I walk into a sort of open place, kind of like the main walking area of a mall, and in front of me is a nice-looking carpeted staircase such as you might find in a fancy Victorian era hotel. To my right, a woman is demonstrating some sort of gadget.

    Something about a news crew filming. People are dressed up in “holographic” Halloween costumes. These costumes are invisible unless you look at them with a specific lens.


    Fragment 1: Lecture

    Someone is giving a lecture. A couple of my friends are thinking of going to it, but it starts before long and is a fairly long drive away, and I don’t know if we can make it in time. The talk seems like it would be interesting though – possibly related to lucid dreaming somehow.

    Fragment 2: Scrooge

    Something about Ebenezer Scrooge. The fire in the office is cold, and Cratchit wants to put more coal on it. Scrooge secretly realizes that it’s cold, but he has fallen on hard times and doesn’t want to admit it. So he pretends to be harsh about the coal.

    Fragment 3: Train Crossing

    Driving along a road. I’m coming to a train crossing, and a train is approaching. I think I might have an idea about to the crossing, but then decide that is too risky. In fact, the train is pretty close to the crossing. It crosses, but some other guy drives up and decides to cross anyway. So, while the train is moving, he jumps his car/truck up and over some flat train cars, driving on them as though they were some sort of ramp.
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