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    1. Unhelpful Mantra

      by , 11-14-2022 at 03:55 AM
      I have been in a bit of a dry spell lately. I took a bit of a break for a couple of days, hoping that I can start with fresh energy (probably tomorrow). Last night I was close to lucidity. I did a nose pinch RC and could still breathe. Didn't really trust it, so I tried pushing my finger through my hand. It didn't go all the way through, but it looked like it was trying to. Also, a scab appeared on the back of my hand as though I were slightly wounded. But I was getting ready to do something, and decided I didn't have time for reality checks and so I stopped.

      At one point, I was falling asleep with the mantra "this is a dream". But at some point it changed, and I found myself repeating something like "this is not a dream, is it?" over and over.
    2. Backrooms

      by , 11-08-2022 at 05:31 AM
      This isn't so much an account of a specific dream, but more a reflection on a theme in my dreams at times. Or a feeling that I get.

      Sometimes my dreams seem so monotonous and mundane that they can be a little unsettling to think about going back to. I don't know as much about the internet world as younger people probably do, but yesterday I came across the "creepypasta" thing and the "backrooms" idea specifically. Not sure I understand it entirely, but it seems to match the feeling I have with some of these dream ruts. Something so boring and monotonous that it is unsettling.

      Anyway, it's interesting to me because I usually try to find the artistic or poetic side of things. I like the thought of monotony itself being intriguing.
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    3. Quick Lucid

      by , 10-29-2022 at 02:12 PM
      Walking in the backyard of my old house. I come across a garden, which I apparently planted. It has been covered to protect it from frost. I look at the garden, and it reminds me of a dream sign. I do a nose pinch RC, and find that I can still breathe. I think I do another one to be sure, and then realize that I'm dreaming. I decide to go look for Synthos, I think. I try to fly, and might even succeed in getting off the ground, but then I seem to lose the dream.
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    4. 10.19.2022 - More searching for the Dream Base. Might have found it!

      by , 10-19-2022 at 12:55 PM
      Bedtime by about 10:45. 3mg melatonin, and 4 capsules of valerian - the suggested dose on the bottle is 5 capsules. This is besides the usual prescribed 60mg of fluoxetine I take each night. Had 4 cups of tea during the day and a cup of hot chocolate in the evening.

      Woke up a little after 4:00. I need to work in the morning, so the following notes are brief for the non-lucid parts. I seem to recall having three lucids, but the one just seems to be fragments. As for the fragments at the end, I don’t remember exactly where they belonged in all of this.

      7:50 am – trying to add to my notes, but we’ll see how the recall goes this morning.

      Steampunk Book, leading to lucidity

      With a girl, talking about a book. I’m interested in her, although for some reason I express this by showing my interest in the book. I even caress it. The book has steampunk themes, and it is open to a page with some machine-like diagrams. In the book, a man has gone to some place to do something. Somehow the location of the book becomes a lakeside community that I am familiar with in waking life.

      People have been tinkering with cars, in a way related to the character in the book and the Steampunk-ish thing that was taking place. It’s difficult for people to control their vehicles now. Mine seems to be fine though. I start driving up a street, although I seem to find myself walking now. This is starting to seem like a dream, so I do a nose pinch RC and find that it is! I start trying to find the Dream Base, I think (I have also been focusing on looking for a persistent realm I have been trying to build, and it might have been that I was looking for). I try to imagine the place behind me, I think, and turn around. I don’t see it though. Then I think I might fly and look for it that way – the way I got to Synthos – and look for a good place to take off (I seem to be lacking confidence in just taking off from where I am). I think about flying out over the lake...

      I think I found it!

      A dream episode involving an aquatic creature that turned into a beautiful woman and is trying to entice me to join her...I do some kind of dance and sing while on a narrow ledge... Dreaming about “Waking up”, I think? Something odd here, like I had been dreaming that I was writing in a dream journal but it was a dream, but the journal entry was still there. Not even sure if this part was in the same dream or was in another dream.

      ...Walking back into the building, I see a few displays that are reminiscent of the dream that I had been having about the aquatic creature. I do a nose pinch RC, and find that I’m dreaming! I try to go looking for the dream base, by imagining it behind me (a portal?), but when I turn around I don’t notice anything different. There is a room full of people. I call out for the Dream Base library, and as I do I see words printed in the dream world that say the words that I’m calling for. One I remember specifically is the word “library”. Where is the Dream Base? Then I remember reading about asking a DC for help. I see a girl sitting at a table near me and ask her where the Dream Base is.

      “It’s over there behind Tony,” she says, possibly pointing in the direction she means.

      That’s nice to know, but who’s Tony? I start calling out “Tony!” and see a man that looks vaguely Hispanic/Latino sitting at another table. That’s probably Tony. I go look behind him, and see a door leading outside. By this time, I have the idea that what I’m looking for is called a “resort”, and I see a couple of people out the window in bathing suits. I go outside to find myself in a seaside area. I think I correct myself on the “resort” thing and call out for the Dream Base (or Dream Base library). Much of this time I think I’ve been somewhat frantically calling out for the Dream Base, or the Dream Base library. I decide it would be easier to focus on just saying “Dream Base”.

      I’m in a small open area, a stone street surrounded by buildings. Looking up, I see a helicopter hovering nearby, as though it’s watching me. I start to look around for the Beacon Tower. I see a large round building. Looking upwards, it appears to be a short tower, ending in a squarish pillar at the top. Then I remember the light that’s supposed to be coming from the column, and a moment later I notice a streak of white across the sky above the tower I was looking at. Upon closer inspection, it seems to be a jet trail, but I’m skeptical that it wasn’t the Beacon light considering how my dreams seem to lag a bit in responding to my suggestions.
      [“Jet lag”? Could be a dream play on words thing]

      Lucid Fragments

      ...Finding that I’m dreaming, I briefly stabilize the dream by feeling the brickwork beneath my feet (I’m standing on something like a road or a sidewalk). Remembering previous dreams and my hypothesis that I’ve been spending too much time on stabilizing and not enough on engaging with the dream, I move on. I rush towards some trees...
      ...Another lucid confirmed by a nose pinch RC...

      ...Looking for the Dream Base beacon tower, I look out a window. I think I see a tall sign, of the gas station sort....

      ...Looking for the Dream Base, I see some trees...

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    5. Lucid on the roof

      by , 10-11-2022 at 05:18 PM
      Another one of those nights where I woke up a little after 4:00 am and couldn't get back to sleep for a while. This tends to be good for lucid dreaming, because I often feel too tired to get up and do a WBTB otherwise. I updated the dream journal, read some journals on Dreamviews, and read the Lord of the Rings. I also had some valerian, and a little bit of melatonin (about a quarter of a 3mg tablet, I think. I had taken a half of one before bed. It usually doesn't take a lot for me.) I eventually went back to sleep around 7:00.

      The dream was kind of rambling, involving school/research related stuff, a parade, and a courthouse. At some point, I became lucid:

      ...At another point in time, I realize that I’m either experiencing a hypnogogic hallucination or a dream. I reach out and hold onto a cable that is running next to me, pulling myself up and also more into the dream. I’m at the top of a building, perhaps on some kind of a walkway? I make my way toward the end, where the roof of the building ends, and out onto a pole. The pole seems to be covered in a thick black grease-like substance. I lick the pole to try to stabilize/anchor myself more. I can see the ground below me, but I start to lose the dream...

      This might have been a false awakening, I remember trying to get back into a dream. Something about a tube of lotion/shampoo/conditioner - something like that. I was also looking at what I thought was HI, but it seemed pretty realistic.

      Notes: Frequency of lucidity is still decent. My dreams keep ending sooner than I would like though. I still have some concerns about my experimenting with silene capensis earlier in the year. It probably doesn't have much to do with it, but there is an idea in the back of my mind that it has caused my lucid dreams to be shorter. This idea itself might be causing me to lose the dreams sooner, especially if I'm just having false awakenings instead of actually waking up.
    6. Pretzel experiment 10/7/22

      by , 10-07-2022 at 05:12 PM
      Pretzel Experiment (Lucid)

      I "wake up" on the couch where I was sleeping. The neighbors are being a little noisy - at least I think I can hear them talking and/or playing music on a piano. This makes me kind of unreasonably annoyed, and I think that I will turn off the fan by my bed to be sure. If they really are making noise, I'm thinking of playing the trumpet for revenge. I go to turn off the fan, and then realize that I should do a reality check. I do a nose pinch, and find that I can still breathe. I seem to be getting more used to lucidity, because I don't doubt that I'm dreaming as much as I have before. I'm pretty convinced after that test, and I stabilize a bit by feeling the couch and then get up. I walk over to a box on my desk where I have a bag of mini pretzel sticks (I put them there for this reason). My plan is to see if I can keep myself anchored and stabilized by snacking on or just holding a pretzel stick in my mouth as I go. Somehow the process of getting out a pretzel stick is more complicated than I expected, and it obstructs my vision a little bit. This causes the dream to destabilize a bit, but I put a pretzel in my mouth and it seems to help, at least maybe a little bit. I now make my way to the door. I open the door to go outside, thinking as I do that I should have tried to expect the Dream Base to be there when I open it. When I do open the door, I think I remember seeing a bush outside or something. But the dream seems to fade after this.
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    7. Stabilization attempt

      by , 10-03-2022 at 03:18 PM
      Looks like I'm starting to get some of my old frequency back. I often stop practicing somewhere at this point, either getting bored or lazy or burnt out, or something. My goal this time is to keep practicing past the point where I'm starting to have decent success, and see how far I can go.

      Stabilize (Lucid)

      Lying in bed, I do a nose pinch and can still breathe. I decide that I’m dreaming but it feels as though I’m not quite asleep. I want to get up, but I don’t want to wake myself up in the process. I think about the “opening your dream eyes” technique, and I think I try to apply it. Anyway, I slowly try moving, and it seems like I’m still dreaming. I slowly move my arm to pull myself up out of bed. My arm feels odd and kind of tingly, as though I were sleeping on it funny. I figure that I can work with that, though. I make my way out of bed, and stand up. Things seem real-ish. It is kind of dimly light in the room, like early morning. I push my hair out of my eyes. Then I sit down on the floor and concentrate on stabilizing the dream as I had planned to do before. I repeat “stabilize” over and over a few times. Eventually, however, the dream fades out slowly. I can see a little bit of something still, but think at this point that I’m waking up and what I see is from my eyes opening just a little bit. I open my eyes all the way, but that wakes me up.
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    8. A little success with dream control/stabilization

      by , 10-01-2022 at 05:46 PM
      Tried to turn on the light above my bed, but it wouldn’t turn on. Neither would the lamp on the stand next to my bed (which isn’t there any longer in waking life). This is a dreamsign, so I did a nose pinch RC, I think. Then I became lucid. I remembered to stabilize, as I had planned. I felt the back of the couch that I was laying on. The dream might have faded at this point, but I think I held on to awareness and things came back. I tried the light above my bed again, but it wouldn’t turn on. I might have lost lucidity but regained it at this point. I think I felt the couch again to stabilize, but I also licked the chest by the couch that acts as another night stand. I realize that sounds weird, but licking things seems to help stabilize dreams for me. I got up off of the couch. It was dark in my room, and the lamp wouldn’t turn on. I directed the dream to give me more light, using verbal commands. I was holding the lamp as I did this, and at first I got a flash of light from the lamp. I might have continued my demands a time or two, but at any rate the room lightened up.

      I decided to go outside, and wondered if I should phase through a wall. I decided to try for the door, a little worried that I might lose the dream before I got there. I made it though, and opened it after saying something about the Dream Base being on the other side (hoping it would be there when I opened the door). However, when I opened the door I didn’t see the Dream Base, as far as I could tell. It wasn’t exactly my usual surroundings though – more trees, and more parklike than the urban area I live in. I then said something like “Dream Base on the right”, and turned to look. There was a large building there, looking kind of like it was made of light colored brick. It might have just been part of the college campus or the parking garage that is there in waking life though.

      I then tried to fly, possibly to search for the Dream Base or to help stabilize the dream. I picked up some gravel so that I could feel it and help to anchor/stabilize the dream. I tried flying, but was having some difficulty getting off the ground. Jumping didn’t seem to help
      ...I think I lost the dream somewhere around here.
    9. Some updates (including lucids, time travel stuff, giant worms, and Donald Trump)

      by , 09-29-2022 at 03:09 AM
      It's been a while since I last made a DJ post in here. Mostly because I didn't think many people would be interested in my usual dreams. I got out of the habit of lucid dream efforts, but in the past month have gotten back into it. Here are some highlights from the past month (not everything, just a couple of things I thought were more interesting):

      Sunset 9/3/22

      This one was interesting partly because I think it was based on someone else's dream.

      There are people who mostly live inside (a place by the sea, I think). This is because an enemy has come along and is fighting against them. As long as they are inside they are safe. However, they do seem to go out in the evenings, about the time that the sun is setting. Someone asks why they do this at all, since if they stayed inside the whole time there would be no reason to fight at all. The reply is something to the effect of having to live like people, and not give up. Or, that’s what life is about. This enemy seems to have left them alone for quite some time, but after 100 years had returned. A bit like Attack on Titan. I was thinking this to myself. There is some anime-type guy fighting, and at some point he decides he is going to try to fight against death itself. Or at least that’s what I think. The place where these people are located is under a big force-field type dome, and there seems to only be the one little section with an atmosphere, which is where they live...

      ...Maybe the same dream, maybe earlier or later. We are in a Church, I think. There is a prize being offered to the person that names the sunset. People are chipping in a lot of money, and the prize is up over a hundred thousand dollars. When the person came around for my entry though, I think I just called it something generic like “sunset”. Also, I was supposed to give my telephone number or something, and I didn’t do that. Later, someone asks if we gave answers that were likely to win, which she thought involved several parts of a code-like response. I “wake up” later, thinking that I should have named the sunset something like “rose pink and cherry blossoms” or something like that. That reminds me of a song, and I hear people a floor below me singing it.

      Movie and interesting time stuff 9/7/22

      Watching a movie about war, or something. It has to do with communists. Somebody is a hero, but I don’t quite understand what’s going on because I haven’t really been watching the movie from the beginning...

      ...There are three guys that kind of look the same. Actually, they are the same person, I think, from three different times. There is a fourth guy that is watching them from a vehicle. Eventually they meet up, and this is also the same guy. They have a friend with them, and I think the new guy finds it quite amusing to see his old friend again, but the latest addition to the group (I think) decides that they should leave him behind. They stop somewhere, and the friend goes inside to check on something, and the four identical people leave him behind.

      Time Travel Cabinet 9/9/22

      Walking somewhere, trying to get away from a woman that can control minds. As we walk, one guy realizes how pretty the woman was, and kind of misses her. This seems to be related to the flowers on some plant. The woman catches up to us, but we jump into our time traveling cabinet/space ship before she can get us. We have escaped her by allowing our minds to be controlled by some other people, apparently. The woman warns us that these other people are violent. We reply that these specific people aren’t. Our ship takes off, and I try to hold the door closed without running the risk of falling out myself, I think.

      Lucid in an opium den 9/12/22

      I took more detailed notes this night, which may be helpful for others so I'll include them. Another note: I don't encourage drug use!! Especially not opium, or its derivatives.

      4:10am – Woke up a few minutes ago. I had a lot of coffee yesterday, and I wonder if the melatonin I took is wearing off. Anyway, I’m having some heartburn and having some trouble sleeping at the moment, so I will hopefully make this into a WBTB. Drinking some baking soda water now. I don’t recall too much of dreaming prior to this, except that I dreamed someone was coughing as I lay on my left side experiencing indigestion.

      5:05am – I’m going to try to go back to sleep. Hopefully it won’t be another night of difficult sleep. I might start cutting back on caffeine. I might also take some valerian, since it seems to help with the waking-sleep transition. Maybe I can WILD. Remember to stabilize, then go look for the Dream Base. Maybe I can make a portal to get there. Flying might work too.

      11:15am – I did not get back to sleep until about 8:00. Woke up again just a few minutes ago.

      Opium Den (lucid)

      Running around a town. I think my friends want to go to a strip club, but I don’t want to go. I’m lucid! There are tunnels in the city that go down, possibly underground. There are opium dens down there, as well as at least one normal store (like a cell phone business or something). I run down one of the tunnels, and go into one of the dens. There are people sitting around the den on benches, and a man to my left that seems to be managing the place. I decide that it might be fun to take some opium and see what happens, since I’m dreaming and it wouldn’t hurt.

      I go to the manager, who (if I remember correctly) gives me some challenge that I have to pass before he will give me opium. Then he shows me a box with a bunch of little containers in it, and I select one that looks kind of like a decorated egg. I walk over to a bench, opening the container as I do so. There are a bunch of grains of “opium” inside, along with little tweezers that you are supposed to use to take out the grains.

      Sitting down, I try getting out a grain or two with the tweezers. This proves to be more difficult than I expected, but eventually I get some into my mouth. Pretty soon, I find myself overcome with a pleasurable, relaxing sensation. I relax into a sort of stupor, reminiscent of the feeling I had a couple of days ago while listening to a lucid dreaming hypnosis script

      I don’t quite remember what happened immediately after this. At some point I had an experience where I took a small laptop or ipad home from somewhere (the University perhaps?) and decide that I should return it. I was apparently lucid on some level - not enough to realize that there wasn’t much point in taking back the laptop, but enough to realize that I could fly there riding my guitar. I go flying up into the air, finding myself above campus near the library.

      Trailer Trouble 9/14/22

      In a camper trailer. There is another trailer being built nearby, which I think is too close. I notice something wrong with a little hole on the outside, apparently it is on fire. I go out to look at it, and see that it is sparking even when it is not actively burning. I unplug some things from it, which then involves me running around to at least three different generators and unplugging things...

      ...(not sure if this is the same dream) some villains are trying to attack. I try to drop rocks down on them from above...

      ...(still not sure if this is the same dream) villains are trying to get into the trailer. I think they succeed, and take someone hostage(?) They take them somewhere under water. It turns out that they can breathe while they are there...

      ...Meanwhile, back at the trailer (I think) we’re getting thirsty. There doesn’t seem to be any water. But then Dad goes up on a hill, and after following him I find that he is still there with at least one other guy (I think) next to a deep hole that they dug. At the bottom of the hole is some muddy water. I wonder why they don’t dig the well deeper, but apparently the water level doesn’t change, or doesn’t get any cleaner, or something. There is a shallower hole nearby that also has water in it. Yay! I think there might be a dog there too. They offer me a cup of filthy water. If you let it set a bit, the mud goes to the bottom and the water is sort of clean...

      ...But look out! The worms are coming! Big worms. Apparently, man-eating worms. We go back to trailer (unless this happened earlier and this is afterwards, but I’ll go with the hypothesis that this is in order of events). The worms attack. We fend them off somehow, although I think at least one person is dragged away. Or maybe that was the second time. The worms attack again, bigger this time...

      ...Inside the worm, it turns out that these aren’t actually worms but machines that look like worms. There are people inside, tramping down some long industrial-looking corridor. Some people have drowned in there too (I forget what the deal was, but I think a bunch of water got in there earlier somehow)...

      ...Somewhere there was a bit about Mom (I think) trying to convince me that I should study underwater worms. There are two options, worms on land, and worms underwater. You get to scuba dive to see the underwater worms, but they look kind of scary to me...

      Sick Cat and Donald Trump 9/19/22

      Someone has a dead, or dying cat. It’s on a flat plate, like a large microscope slide (the animal is flat too, and almost microscopically thin). They are trying to get some help. Someone comes along and gets involved. It seems that the cat can be helped, but they need a place where they can put it for a while. This person decides that Donald Trump might be willing to lend his condo. They go up to a posted sign that has a number you can call if you need to reach the president, and call him. I go outside, reflecting that Donald Trump would probably be willing to help out...

      Had a brief lucid dream 9/20. Then took a little break from journaling. Started again today, and had this dream last night:

      Lucid at the apartment 9/28/22

      Walking towards the back of the property where I currently live. There is another house to the left, and the Front House to the right. It seems to be set up a bit like the house at C- used to be. The back house isn’t in its normal place. There seems to be another large building back there, but it isn’t the back house. I think to myself that this might be a dream. I say something to myself like: “This is probably a dream, sir.” I do a nose pinch RC, and find that I’m dreaming. I think for a moment about my goals, and remember that I was going to try to find the Dream Base. I think to myself that I had at least one other goal, but the only one that came to mind was the Dream Base. I recognize this as being an artifact of dreaming – it seems a little difficult at times to remember things from waking life clearly. Anyway, I look around for the Dream Base beacon, and I think I see a light or two in the distance. They look like regular lights though, like a building or cell tower. But then I apparently lose the dream. Unless it's an FA or the Void.

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    10. Dream Control - but was I lucid?

      by , 01-10-2022 at 05:35 PM

      Took some valerian before bed for oneirogenic effects. I also took ibuprofen for a headache and diphenhydramine to help me sleep. I had many dreams besides this, but don't have a lot of time to record them right now.

      __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ _____________

      Dream Control

      I am upstairs in a Church/hospital combination, I think (if this was the same dream). There is a bridge-like structure, and a woman laying on top of it. She disappears when I try to find her...

      ...At some point I'm trying to make her reappear by looking up and away, and then back down again with the expectation of seeing her. I'm able to make people appear, but they seem to be a little different than what I expect them to look like.

      I wish I could remember more of this. I have a vague memory of making other things appear, and I suspect that I might have been lucid. I just don't quite remember.
    11. 01/01/2021 - Interesting experience

      by , 01-02-2022 at 02:20 AM
      I had an interesting experience last night. It was very close to a WILD, I suppose:

      I was laying in bed with my eyes closed. I was close to falling asleep, and I think I was experiencing some hypnogogic hallucination. It was one of those situations where I'm in bed with my eyes closed, but it's like I can see what I would expect to see if I was awake. So I see something in front of me, maybe one of my arms/hands as though I were laying partly face down. I know this is a hallucination, so I focus on it. I know that I have a waking hand, but I concentrate on a "dream" hand and moving it into view. Eventually I succeed in this, but I don't remember much about what happened after that.

      An interesting excerpt from a dream a couple of nights ago:

      ...I'm on a beach at some kind of camp. I'm talking to a girl on the opposite side of what seems to be a small boat. She says "what's the difference between night and day?" To which I reply "well, at night I can have lucid dreams".

      Didn't become lucid.
    12. Missed Lucid

      by , 12-20-2021 at 10:39 PM
      Last night's dreams involved a bit more blood/gore than usual. I have had these kinds of dreams after taking valerian or vitamin b-6, but I didn't have either last night. I did take 50mg of Benadryl, which might have had something to do with it. Or it might have just been a fluke. I don't remember seeing anything more gruesome than usual during the day.

      Should have been lucid

      I'm somewhere, there seems to be a lot of people around. I see a glass case with a sign inside that says something involving the word "dream". I look suspiciously at this, thinking it looks a lot like something from a dream. I do a nose pinch reality check, but for some reason I'm having trouble. The trouble is either that I can't pinch my nose all the way closed, or there are too many people around for me to want to stand there holding my nose, or something. Anyway, I give up on the nose pinch (for pandemic related issues, I avoid touching my nose in public, obviously). I pull out my phone instead to look at the numbers, I think. Now I'm having trouble reading what's on my phone. But I still don't become lucid at this point. Whether or not I eventually did, I don't remember.

      Bloody Murder

      A story/movie plot (?) involving vampire-like things. Or maybe just a murderer. I think there is some bloody scenes. This may or may not be a part of the dream fragment involving popcorn:


      I want to buy some popcorn. Someone else (my mother?) and I are in a concession stand/store where many different kinds of popcorn are being sold. I'm putting together a bag of various flavors, and I think I decide to do mainly cheese flavors. There seems to be some disagreement with the shop owner.

      Rotting corpse

      Something about having a dead body laying around. I think about how people move dead bodies outside (or bury them maybe?) and how that might be because they start to attract worms and such after a while. There are some gruesome scenes of maggot/worm/bugs infesting a corpse.
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    13. 12/05/2021

      by , 12-06-2021 at 01:18 AM
      Bought a paper notebook yesterday to keep by my bed. This way I can take notes during the night, which I think is helpful for the earlier dreams. The following is what I wrote during the night: "Couch, tent, airport, East Japan, apples, to be Sol, old dusty Santa Claus". Below is an elaboration.
      __________________________________________________ ________________________


      I'm trying to find a place to sleep for the night. There is a couch, with three cushions on it, that I should be able to fit comfortably on...

      (maybe part of the same dream) Now I'm in a tent getting ready to sleep. I need to change , at least my shirt. I want to be sure that I can change without people seeing me, and look around to make sure that I'm concealed well enough.

      East Japan

      We are at an airport. This might have started out being my University campus, but somewhere along the way it becomes an airport. We travel across this place, and arrive at a section called "East Japan". I didn't know that there was an East Japan, but here we are. We go into the building, and my brother and I make some joke about whether people in Japan prefer being called "Japs" or "Nips" [sorry if this offends anyone]. Then we set up a display of some kind. My brother has a display, and I have some construction displayed that I put together. Kind of hard to describe what this thing was - it was small, and had two longish things sticking out.

      [Interesting side note - this evening I was trying to see if there were any swimming pools in my area open at night, so I started typing "all night swimming pools". As I started typing "all n-" the Bing search suggestions popped up with "All Nippon Airways" - which is the largest airline in Japan.]


      We are eating apples from trees. There is a section of the trees that has some tasty apples, but are a little bug-eaten as wild apples often are. I find this spot, but also walk elsewhere. Some other people find this spot too, and refer to it as the - something ["neural center"maybe?] They are referring to decay in the apples and surrounding branches/wood.

      To Be Sol

      There is a female robot-alien thing. Someone has her held captive. She eventually finds a way to defeat the person holding her captive, but now she is alone against a whole lot of robot-aliens outside the door where she is. It looks like this might be the end. However, she finds that she is able to fight against her enemies. Maybe not defeat them entirely, but they haven't succeeded in defeating her either. They shoot back and forth through the door and around obstacles. They start changing their positions to better shoot and hide. As they do so it becomes apparent that the character of their race is becoming one of war. This isn't necessarily bad, because I think before this they were mostly machines with no identity of their own. Now they are a warlike people. The phrase "this is what it means to be Sol" is present, either in my thoughts or vocalized by someone. Sol is the name of the robot-alien race.

      Old Dusty Santa Claus

      We take a dog to see Santa. The dog looks a lot like Scooby Doo. When we get to the place where Santa is, we find a mostly empty room with an old, shriveled, dusty Santa Claus sitting in the corner. He is bent over, with his head mostly in the bag of toys, as though he is rummaging around trying to find a present. This is a lot less glamorous than we were expecting, and I don't even know if this is Santa or just an animatronic decoration. There are people in the next room that seem to be having a nice time, with nice looking presents. We go over to visit the old Santa, and I think the dog is sniffing at the bag/Santa expectantly for a present. Santa doesn't say anything, and might not even notice our presence. It's like he's gotten too old and senile to be particularly aware of his surroundings. Or else he's still rummaging in his bag trying to find a present. It seems a little pathetic.

      Something is brought into the room, temporarily obscuring our view of Santa. It's like a rack of luggage or something. When it passes, Santa is gone! We don't know where he went, but we wonder if maybe he got inside the luggage and left. This situation strikes me as being really funny, and I wake up laughing [it still amuses me to think about].

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    14. 12/04/2021

      by , 12-04-2021 at 08:26 PM
      The detail of my dreams (or dream recall) appears to be improving. I'm remembering things people say more frequently. There also seems to be more variety and depth to my dreams. This might be related to my conscious effort to pay more attention to people in my waking life, decreasing my medication, sleeping better, dream journaling, or just paying more attention to my dreams in general.

      __________________________________________________ _____________________
      Some scenes

      Sherlock Holmes…

      Someone that appears to be Jesus is talking to a little girl who is going to Church. He refers to her Bible and says “just don’t hurt anyone with it”. This makes sense to me, since some people seem to misuse Christianity and hurt others. But later, this character seems to be studying a Bible and not understanding all of it. We wonder how it is that He wouldn’t understand His own Book. So maybe this wasn't Jesus?...

      Visiting Uncle D--. He is getting old, but he seems to be doing pretty well health-wise. We're at the top of a staircase.[note: this Uncle passed away a few weeks ago and I attended his funeral)...

      Using the bathroom in the basement of my old house. My Dad goes downstairs and asks me what I’m doing. I guess I’m embarrassed to tell him that I’m using the bathroom, so I say “I’m filming a horror movie. It will be the 2nd scariest movie ever made!”

      My Dad says “OK, have fun,” or something like that. I feel a little guilty for lying to him...

      A woman with a wooden leg. Actually, it looks like this leg has been fashioned out of a table leg. She seems to be walking around on this better than her old artificial leg though...

      [note: I quickly made some notes on my dreams when I woke up, so the following might be a little difficult to understand. I think it's all part of one dream. I feel as though there were a lot more to this.] Pastor D--, ruins (tunnel?), house, they’re trying to get people to leave the house so that they can look for the treasure. Something sci-fi. Another planet perhaps? But something happened during the Middle Ages, at which time treasure was hidden...

      Cat…if you interact with the cat you learn something, I think…

      [note: this part is me making notes now from the fragments that are occurring to me. Again, it might not be very coherent.]

      Building...don't go outside?...Carriage in the canal. Overturned. Carriage is now canoe-like. Bodies beneath the carriage/boat...

      ...bodies, I think [what about them?] People dressed in historic clothing...
    15. 12/03/2021 - Lucid

      by , 12-03-2021 at 03:08 PM
      Went to sleep probably between 12:00-1:00. Woke up around 8:00 or a little after. In the evening, I listened to a lucid dreaming hypnosis audio file. I also watched a couple of LD videos.
      __________________________________________________ ______________________

      Mexican Restaurant Birthday

      Running late... I arrive at a Mexican restaurant. Someone is playing Mexican music on a TV or computer, or something. We appear to be celebrating my birthday. There are some tasty looking things. I move on to desert, and someone tries to distract me. While I am busy either eating or dealing with the distraction, I can hear people singing "happy birthday" in the background. I realize that they are probably bringing me a surprise cake.

      Sure enough, they bring out a "birthday cake". This doesn't look like a normal birthday cake. It's mostly brown in color, and there is only part of a cake. Nonetheless, I express my admiration for how big the frosting layer is inside the cake...

      Lucid in Puerto Rico

      I'm walking down a street in Puerto Rico. It is a location that I visited back in June on a missions trip. In this dream, I live there, but had been a part of the missions trip. I'm reflecting on how different it seems now that the "trip" is over. I still live in the same hotel, but I don't go to the same rooms. I don't spend time with the same people. I don't walk down the same roads.

      I think to myself something about the hot tropic sun. Then I think that I should take advantage of this climate while I live here and get outside more. But then I remember that I don't live in a tropical climate. Wait a minute...This is a dream! Now I remember the hypnosis audio I was listening to the evening before, and "hear" the voice asking "are you dreaming?" I'm pretty sure that I am, but I do a nose pinch RC anyway. What should I do now?

      I decide to play in traffic! I am standing at the edge of a busy road. I notice that, even though this is a dream, I still have an instinct to try to dodge vehicles when they are about to hit me. I try to overcome this urge and walk in front of cars and let them hit me. I don't know if any of them do. I remember one car that either drives right past me or goes through me and I see it continuing down the road as though the driver never noticed me.


      Some kind of intrigue going on. There is a girl who is going up against an antagonist. She plans to go alone, but is willing to take volunteers with her. Nobody seems to want to help. I volunteer. She explains the plan to me, which involves me recording things with a video camera. I tell her I don't have much experience with that, but it doesn't really matter. The recording is more of a cover, I think. We are supposed to be journalists.

      Or maybe we are journalists. At least, I think we become journalists. Or she does, anyway. We go on our way. Our mode of traveling seems to involve sliding very fast down a hallway. She is faster, but I'm catching on to this mode of travel. Along the way, we are discussing journalism. I'm explaining that I think journalism should be objective, and not write their opinions into their stories...We get to the end of the hallway

      She takes a job at a company that I think is owned by the antagonist. The villains catch on though, and while they have her distracted I can see that they are moving a bunch of things out of the building. Documents, or something. It would have incriminating evidence contained in it, I think...

      ...There is another girl here, who plays the trumpet. I play the trumpet too, and we talk about playing a duet. Sounds like fun, so I think that I will go (either to get my trumpet and change into some required garment, or just to change). I think on my way out I'm trying to pretend that we know what the antagonists are doing, and try to give the impression that their plan won't work. Personally I feel a bit doubtful that my companion knows what she is doing. I go somewhere and try to change into a long skirt/towel/half-toga thing. It's way too long, and I end up changing back into my normal clothes...

      Is this the same dream? I'm not sure, but it kind of makes sense so I'll put it here.

      I apparently realize that I should get back and help my friend with whatever it was she was going to do. I'm on the campus of my old University now. There are a couple of newer buildings, one of which is a bank or credit union, or something. I see a building that I haven't been in for a while and think it might be fun to cut through there. But then I decide that I should not waste time but should get back to helping my friend. Eventually though, I do end up cutting through a building.

      This building has swimming pools in it. While I'm there, I check out a sign with the pool hours to see if I could take a swim there later in the evening. Then I try to continue my way, but start to get a little turned around looking for the exit. I walk into a room with a swimming pool, and try to find the way out on the other side. But this doesn't seem like it is going to lead where I want it to, so I try to walk back toward the door I came in by.

      I walk around the edges of the pool. There is a girl (possibly a lifeguard) sitting in a chair to my right and a man swimming in the pool to my left. I turn a corner. There appears to be water covering the floor here. But when I step on it, I sink deeper and deeper and realize that there was no floor at all but that I just stepped into the swimming pool. I climb back out, and see the hallway that I was looking for.

      I continue my walk, now rather soaked. Oh well, my clothes will dry out. I finally find my way out of the building...

      Again, this may or may not be part of the same dream, but it makes sense

      ...The wetness of my clothes makes my limbs feel heavy while I walk. Now I'm in a wheelchair. I think I'm also eating something. Anyway, I finish whatever it was and wheel over to a trash can to throw it away. Then I continue on my trip back. The ground is sloped downward slightly, and I try to take advantage of that to pick up some speed with my wheelchair. At some point, the wheelchair becomes an office chair with wheels. I'm gaining speed now, and come to some steps. I'm able to ride the chair down these without falling. I come to another set of steps, and do the same. There are a bunch of people when I reach the bottom. I'm going pretty fast now, and run into a guy that is sitting on the ground. He falls over, and I'm a bit concerned at first that I hurt him. I turn and look at him, but after a moment or two he seems to be getting back up and is OK...

      ...Finally, I make it back to the place where my friend was working and trying to defeat the antagonist. It kind of looks like things are coming to an end though. I go into the building at try to find her. having trouble remembering the details at the moment


      ...I am on my way to a bathroom. My brother is too. I'm a bit disappointed because I wanted privacy. My brother is in the bathroom washing his hands. Something about hand washing. There are also plants growing in the bathroom. There is a nice sunny spot in here...
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