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    General Dream Notes & Details

    Dream Signs & notes:

    • Long journey in car
    • Note: The above are unlikely to make me perform Reality Checks, as they are too well embedded into my subconscious responces to their context; so I generally don't perform reality checks in those situations because they are specific spatial contexts that require spatial threshold crossing, which makes me unable to recall the intention to check.
    • Games, literally inside them or otherwise - Perception of Human Interface Devices, i.e. mouse and keyboard, is negligible if at all noticeable during my dreams, but the "something feels off" factor tends to be items or objects that don't actually exist within the game.
    • Movie/game camera-like effects - Rarely think about it "feeling off" during dreaming, but it is a common sign nonetheless.
    • Dream generated scenes
    • Mixed locations - Especially real locations that combine with dream-generated locations. But also locations that are dream-generated but loosely based on game locations.
    • Partner - If my partner is present in a dream, his behaviour is usually, well, unusual. As time has gone by his dream behaviour has become more like his actual personality and in dreams we are often meeting up or going places together.


    • Old friends - Unlikely to make me RC because of good personal acquaintance to them, despite the fact they have not been a part of my life for many many years. Reality checks when other conscious individuals are present is rare for me, due to the waking life awkwardness factor.
    • Being back in my native country - Usually the locations are mixed from different periods of my life or with surreal or dream-generated environments.
    • Labcoats - Self-introduced dream sign; high likelihood of noticing and doing a RC. Generally other individuals wearing them and not my dream self; and sometimes they are naked apart from the coat. Still somewhat rare to be used consistently despite the artificial introduction into my dreams, but when present, very likely to make me question reality; this dream sign has recently begun to be more common.


    • Angels - Limited memory of this dream sign, but most often angels carrying a message from God to me.
    • Having children of our own
    • Dying but continuing to exist - In some dreams I have died, sometimes painfully, and noticed I continued to exist, but usually this did not result any increased awareness of the dream state.
    • Sunset - A dream sign I've had a few times, it usually has a somewhat eerie feeling of "end of time".
    • Driving - Very often noticeably "something feels off", because I do not actually have a driving licence. Therefore I am usually keenly aware of my inability to drive correctly during the dream. But concentration on the clumsy driving does not allow time to consider RCing, since the situation and therefore danger of crashing feels real during the dream.

    Used to be common or uncommon but now only uncommon or rare:

    • Train
    • Elevator/lift
    • Vehicles have incorrect driving side - I live in a country with a driver side different from my native country, and the driver side in dreams tends to be at random regardless of dream location.
    • Early school years (the locations, the people) - Unlikely to make me RC because I am generally within the "old friends" context as well.

    Reality checks:

    • Simply looking at hands, palms facing me
    • Counting the fingers on my either of my hands - usually the left hand's fingers when awake
    • Trying to pass two fingers through my other hand's palm - usually try with both hands
    • Trying to put my hand or arm through an object - usually only happens if the object has appeared strange to me in some sense already
    • Pinching nose and trying to breathe - new dream sign I picked up here on DV, haven't used it in dreams yet

    Passing my fingers through my palms or my hands through objects seems to be effective within the dream context. Counting my fingers generally results in correct assumptions that something is off about reality but does not always elevate my awareness about the dream.

    Last edited 19/07/2020.