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    Fragment of Dreams

    1. A few fragments

      by , 10-05-2013 at 11:01 AM
      Just getting back into dream journalling

      1. I remember seeing my possible future employer standing there looking at me

      2. I remember being with four of my friends
      dream fragment , non-lucid
    2. The One Week Challenge - Night 1

      by , 04-15-2013 at 07:09 AM
      Okay so I was playing a game on this computer which was connected to a server. Suddenly someone tried to hack the server so I unplugged it. Then I was in a forest with about 4 other people that were around 16/17/18. We found a laptop and mobile phone on the ground after looking for them. When we picked them up the wind rushed through the trees. Something was very wrong. Suddenly my 'friends' started shouting to watch out and to get away. Looking around I couldn't see anything that would be a threat. Then this... thing slowed down to a speed my eyes could register. It was a male of about 20 years old, tall and thin but he was white. As in white like the colours on DV. He was inches away from my face and he was very very angry, his eyes were black voids. I stumbled backwards trying to put some distance between myself and... it. Once I was a decent distance away I threw a punch aiming straight for his face. "Leave me alone!" it screamed and vanished before my fist made contact. My friends behind me dropped that laptop and phone, before I could say anything else I was stood back next to the server I'd just unplugged. I plugged it back in and went to see if it was still being hacked.

      I was a camel being looked after by a walrus. People couldn't work out what was wrong, I'd had all my organs replaced but still couldn't stand up properly. Then I realised I just had a broken leg. So I continued to watch tv.

      I don't even know what that last one was meant to be

      If you would like to join me in the one week challenge, feel free! All the information you need is right here: Click Me

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      non-lucid , dream fragment
    3. 31/12/12

      by , 12-31-2012 at 10:11 AM
      All I remember is something to do with a mobile phone which a teenage girl handed to me.
      dream fragment
    4. 30/12/12 - Finally up to date

      by , 12-30-2012 at 11:54 PM
      6 dreams?! Something is really going on here, maybe I'm near a lucid?

      Dream 1: I was driving with my instructor (I'm learning to drive) and I came off a roundabout and completely forgot everything on how to drive. This included steering, I was all over the place. To my right and left were rich grassy patches. The road ahead lead to a large parking area after a junction and next to that a square blocky factory-like building.

      Dream 2: I watched accidents happen, knowing they were going to happen. I just stood there shocked, I'm sure I would have done something to help but they all happened so quickly.

      Dream 3: I went and bought an ice-cream (see, there it is again) and the DC who was serving me asked if I would like help carrying it even though it was normal sized.

      Dream 4: I was walking down the road my college is on. In front of me, blocking the road, was a huge blow up slide. On the slide were young children and supervising them were business men who were also their dads. Some of them stood at the bottom of the slide shouting things up whereas others really got into the spirit. One of them even used a rope swing to go from the top of the college building onto the top of the slide. It was crazy!

      Dream 5: I was walking on a beach, it was very hot, blue sky etc. etc. typical Caribbean beach. Without warning this black guy came marching up to me and started shouting at me, clearly very angry. I explained to him that I hadn't done anything wrong, he understood and left me alone after belly-bouncing me across the sand O.o

      Dream 6: I had magic powers to entertain the children that had just walked into the room, they were very young (between 3 and 5) and there were quite a few of them.
      non-lucid , dream fragment
    5. 29/12/12 - More dreams? What on earth is going on?

      by , 12-30-2012 at 11:41 PM
      Dream 1: I was at work with my presenter and manager and they kept messing around in the studio, I got very annoyed with them.

      Dream 2 I was playing around with a Raspberry Pi (you know that credit sized computer thing) I plugged all of the wires into it, turned it on and then the dream ended.

      Dream 3: All I remember is my cat running up the stairs very fightened
      non-lucid , dream fragment
    6. 28/12/12 - Recall disappeared for a few days

      by , 12-30-2012 at 11:38 PM
      I met up with friends in a small shop at the top of a very steep hill.
      dream fragment
    7. DJ's workbook- Points for the 14th

      by , 02-14-2012 at 10:09 AM
      Only fragments from last night but I believe I did accidentally set myself up for REM rebound since I didn't get to sleep until about midnight when I usually get to sleep at 10. Is that setting up for REM rebound? Not sure

      Anyway the fragments are:

      -There were some kids getting off of a minibus next door and they were all staring at me, then someone pulled a curtain across so I couldn't see them.

      -The 4 lightbulbs in my room had blown so I went to ask my mum for some more

      -Some kind of battle going on next to a huge pit
      dream fragment
    8. Points for 27/12/11

      by , 12-27-2011 at 07:19 PM
      Dream 1
      I was at my old secondary school in a maths class. The time ticked on to half past three and it was time to go, there were some of my college friends there including a girl in a blue frilly dress with no back. I stood up to go and the teacher said to me "Are you all sure you understand the homework?" and very few people did. So the teacher kept us back and made us do a bit more work until it got to nearly 4 o' clock. I checked my watch and very nearly did a reality check since about 15 minutes had passed in what seems like 2. But instead I just thought that time must have passed quickly because I wasn't watching it. I needed to hurry since I doubted my friends would wait for me if I was too late. I walked out of school and appeared to teleport to a huge place (teleporting- 10 points), similar to that of a warehouse. The shelves went all the way up to the roof and there were loads of them. As I wondered down the narrow isles a employee at the place spotted me and called me over. He was up a ladder trying to pull something off of a shelf, I went and stood by the ladder to see that behind me was a large expanse of bare floor. He told me to stand nearby, so I did and looked back at the shelves. They were filled with old televisions, the big box ones. The worker then pulled one off a shelf and dropped it, the tv crashed to the floor below. He shouted at me saying that I was meant to catch it, So I went and stood next to the shelves. He dropped another one, a big heavy one and I caught it with a spine crushing catch. I put it on the floor and we carried on doing this for a while. Then he started to move forwards and my friend H.T ran round the corner to help, we moved all the tv's that I'd caught forwards as well. We kept moving everything forward so that we kept up with the worker, then I saw a thread of cotton wrapped around one of the tv's. I looked up to see the shelves gone and somebody weaving cotton, to the left of them there was what appeared to be a small tea shop. Outside the tea shop was Santa and the worker from earlier went up to him to ask him if they could use his beard for cotton and he agreed. The then went inside the tea shop. Me and my friend looked at each other before leaving the tv's and following them in. When I got inside I recognised the cafe, I was in Lincoln, in Stoke's cafe. I was asked what I wanted so I said tea. They gave me a silver sachet that was this size of my hand. I went and sat down next to my Grandad and his friends. I opened the silver sachet and found what appeared to be cream inside, this was apparently the tea. I tried it and it tasted exactly like whipped cream. (Eat something- 4 points) (Full dream- 1 point)

      Fragment (0.5 points)
      I also remember going into a place like subway and asking if they could give me some bread cheap since it was near closing time, the woman behind the counter said "no but you can have a taster for free".

      Dream 2
      I was in my room and my neighbour came to visit. He came into my room, saw my new shoes and said he liked them. Then he sat on my bed and had a chat with me. This was quite a long dream but I can't remember what was said. (Full dream- 1 point)

      TOTAL= 16.5 points
    9. Points for the 19/12/11

      by , 12-19-2011 at 11:25 AM
      1 Fragment
      2 Dreams:
      • A holiday thousands of miles away in the middle of dreamworld
      • Alien encounter

      I was given a large flatscreen tv. (Fragment- 0.5 points)

      Dream 1:
      I was in my house looking up at the stars, then an alien suddenly appeared next to me. It was short, only coming up to my knee cap and as the stereotype of aliens goes it had a huge bald head. I panicked and got scared, so I grabbed some bread and the key to my garage. I ushered it into the garage leaving the bread in there with it, then I shut the door and locked it.
      The dream ended here. (Full dream- 1 point)

      Dream 2: For this one I did a WBTB at 3.00am but it failed (WBTB attempt- 1 point)
      Me and my family went on holiday to a different country and I took lots of 1 coins for some reason. That night we went to a resturant and was allowed behind this curtain which only VIP's are allowed to go and get a free meal. We all sat down at a long wooden table along with several other people and food was put in front of us all. I got something made of batter (possibly a yorkshire pudding) and some meat that looked very similar to sausage meat. It didn't taste of anything. (Ate food- 4 points) My mother had two wine glasses in front of her; one with red wine in and the other containing white wine. She said the white wine tasted horrible compared to the red and she passed the glasses over for me to try. The red tasted normal if not with a slight hint of blackcurrent squash. Then I tried the white wine, it tasted awful and was like sipping at pure vinegar! I agreed with my mother and gave her the glasses back. I looked to my left to find that I could see straight into the kitchens, on one of the worktops was a large amount of fish piled high. They had no skin or scales, they only had bones and there was meat inside the cage of bones. So the fishes bones were on the outside and it had a kind of red meat on the inside where it's bones would usually be. One fish was still alive and was flopping about, then the chefs set to work and one of them grabbed the fish that was flopping about and ripped open it's outer skeleton to get at the red meat inside, it was killed instantly as the chef then pulled the meat out from the fish.
      Then the dream jumped to the next morning and I was going for my breakfast in the same resturant, again I was lead behind the VIP curtain, sat down at the table and given a free meal. I can't remember what I had to eat. Then the dream jumped once more, I was in a market place where for some reason I bought a large printer. The money being used by both me and the person selling me the printer, it looked like this:

      These were something I thought of in a daydream, not only do they show that you are an archer they show your level of accuracy, the aim is if you can flip the coin, fire an arrow and get it through the hole in the middle then you are a skilled archer. In this context though they were used as a currency.
      There was also what appeared to be a small box of cards but it was empty and had the number 92 on it. I think this represented a note, similar to a 5 note. Then workers started loading bits of this printer into the small truck next to me. there was one part that looked like an oversized grenade.
      The dream ended here. (Full dream- 1 point)

      I became lucid several times during the night, but the millisecond I realised I was dreaming I woke up. There was no time to panic or to stabilize so I'm not going to class those as lucid dreams. Oh well I'll have more tonight.
    10. A weeks dreaming!

      by , 12-18-2011 at 04:59 PM
      Right I have now recorded a weeks dreaming, I'm also going to copy this to my dream journal and hopefully gain a few points for it

      Cannot recall dream.

      A friend was waiting for me outside of my workplace. (Fragment- 0.5 points)

      I was on the bus going home, I was sat next to this group of girls who were trying to get to know me. I watched as the bus sailed straight past my stop so I had to get off in the next village instead. Once I got off I decided to go to my friends so I could phone home. Another of my friends was there so I said hi, then I walked out onto a large expanse of patio to find all of my old school friends. Two of them found me and they both hugged me really tightly (They're girls). Then I walked home without my stuff that I had with me when I was on the bus and at my friends. When I arrived home my brother had a load of mates over. I told him to help me move this rubbish and he said no. I tried to compromise with him but in the end gave up. I then wrote a word in alphabet spaghetti but I can't remember what it said. Then I went back for my stuff.
      The dream ended here. (Full dream- 1 point)

      Cannot recall dream

      Cannot recall dream

      Cannot recall dream

      Cannot recall dream

      -Hypnosis food
      -Underwater base

      Dream 1: Hypnosis food

      I was in a shopping centre, there were lots of people around me. Then people started taking this food and eating it (I can't remember what the food was but it was something red and you can eat it in real life.) Then these same people formed lines at the doors, like barricades they stood there in a militant fashion looking quite scary. I also ate some of the food but not enough to be hypnotised, The little amount I did eat gave me an idea of what they were planning to do. I decided I needed to get out so I barged past the lines of people who for some reason had now started dancing. When I got outside I found myself on a tennis court, I ran over to the other side just in time to see a woman follow me out of the door and onto the tennis court. She picked up a tennis racquet and motioned for me to do the same. When I'd got my tennis racquet two people with nets appeared either side of me. The woman served but not with a tennis ball, she used the red food that I tried earlier. They were trying to force me to eat it. I prepared to hit it back with my racquet but the food flew straight into the net which the person on my right was holding. I saw my chance and jumped down from the raised platform which the court seemed to be on, I landed softly on the dust covered ground below. I looked around to find that I was now in a childrens playground, unfortunately the woman did the same and went to stand behind some wickets. I took up the challenge and picked up the cricket bat that was on the floor next to me. The woman bowled, again not a ball but the food she'd also used to serve in the tennis match earlier. I hit the food at a high speed but I caught it wrong and it went spinning off to the right. I got annoyed because I didn't hit it properly and I threw the bat down. Unfortunately a kid was stood next to me and the bat collided with his knee. I made sure he was ok before running off. I ended up jumping on peoples heads to get away.
      The dream ended here. (Full Dream- 1 point)

      Dream 2: Underwater base

      I was running through a forest, dodging between the trees. I came to a large river , I ran to the edge and suddenly appeared at the other side (Teleporting?- 10 points.) I looked to the left to see the arch of a bridge which was half covered by mud. (I realised I'd been here before.) I went underneath the arch to find myself in an underwater base and because I'd been here before I fitted into the team perfectly. The team were a group of 5 or 6 people all of them teenagers who worked in and looked after the base. There was always a large underwater creature swimming around the base. Always waiting for the right moment to destroy the base and us. Today he got that moment, the next thing I know alarms are going off and there is an almighty banging coming from one wall of the base. Suddenly water came flooding in and we all had to swim to the surface. We swam up to the arch which was the entrance to the base. We all made it except one; two boys and two girls, we were missing one of the girls. Since I had already regained my breath I swam back down to help her since she couldn't swim too well and she was rapidly running out of air. I grabbed her hand and pulled her upwards with unbelievable strength (Super strength?- 4 points) considering we were underwater. We both hit the surface at the same time and I held her above the water so she could breath. We all climbed out onto the embankment making sure that everybody was ok and trying to regain our breath. We then got up to find a new location for our new base. My point of view changed to that of a birds eye where I could place the new base. It was a little bit like building something in the sims. We went into our new base which I had place on the edge of a port. When we got inside we looked around, the place was large but nearly bare except for two pieces of equipment. One of them seemed to be a scanner of some kind. I went and plaugged in the other one to find that it was a radar. The screen turned on to show several fish and what seemed to be sharks. Then on the screen appeared something huge that instantly wiped out all of the fish and sharks. I looked out of the top of the base to see a huge monstrous clam that was eating everything that swam by or got in it's way. I quickly alerted everyone inside that we neede to get out.
      The dream ended here. (Full dream- 1 point)

      The girl who I saved from drowning had long black hair, this seems to be a common theme in my dreams, I have a feeling that she could be my dream guide or someone who means something to me.

      Had a terrible week with recall, I hope it gets better soon
      Any questions please feel free to reply (cause I know this is a long post)
    11. DJ's workbook

      by , 10-03-2011 at 07:35 PM
      Rebound fail?

      It feels like I didn't dream at all my recall is that bad. Can't tell if my REM periods were extended or not. Disappointed in myself

      EDIT: I recalled part of my dream:

      Dream Fragment

      I was in some kind of super market (I've been here in a previous dream) and I vaguely remember something about pizzas. Also there was this cream to go on top of this dessert so I tried whipping fresh pouring cream. I did this for a while but to no avail (I was trying to make it thick). In the end I just got out a can of the cream that squirts out and my mum who was suddenly stood next to me said "Oh why didn't you use that in the first place?"

      This took all morning for me to recall this
      non-lucid , dream fragment
    12. A forest, an angry badger and my old school

      by , 09-25-2011 at 07:38 AM
      This dream was very detailed, I'm surprised I remembered it. Must be the cheese I've been eating. I don't normally write them up online because it takes a while to do. But this one seems like an achievement for some reason. As usual feel free to comment, I don't bite honest.
      fully lucid

      I was walking through a forest with my brother and two other boys about my age that I've never met in waking life, but we seemed to be really good friends in the dream. before long we came across some large holes in the small hill. So large in fact that my brother could actually fit in one of them. We all thought it must be a badger hole, then the two boys ran off ahead. Then I heard growling behind me, I turned around slowly making no sudden movements and was faced with a massive honey badger just a few feet away (If you don't know; a honey badger is a type of badger that can get really vicious if you threaten it or it's babies) I slowly backed away several metres and it seemed to calm down a bit.
      Then I turned around to face what was in front of me, I'd come out of the forest and arrived in a field where some kind of children's fair was being held.I think I've been in this field in a previous dream, except it wasn't filled with a fair before The edge of the field was to my left so I looked over the hedge to see a farmer casually talking to a person in a bear costume.

      Then the scene switched and I was in my old primary school, the building had changed drastically though. I was orienteering with my brother but there was no sign of the other two kids, and I thought they must have been left behind. I thought I knew where one of the points was because it had a similar layout to my secondary school. So we ran over to the group of trees where I thought it might be, but before we got to look the two boys from the previous dream ran up to us out of breath telling us that they found it.
      I may have said something here but I can't remember because then the dream ended.