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    1. Is the archer making a return?

      by , 04-29-2014 at 11:06 AM
      I was at the cinema in my full length coat with a friend, oddly though I wasn't wearing anything underneath. We seemed to be going to see a film as a group event. We all met in what appeared to be the entrance hall of the cinema, there was about 50 people in total. The lady who was at the head of it all was stood right in the middle of everyone. She was about half a foot shorter than myself with long black hair. She had an hourglass figure and was wearing a shirt and jeans that showed it off. The shirt was a dark redish and the jeans a very light grey. Just as we were starting to get organised someone came up to her and informed her that her daughter had unfortunately died of a heart attack earlier that day. Immediately she broke down in tears and fell to her knees, everybody else was in a shocked silence. Out of nowhere my little brother made his way to me through the crowd. He whispered to me and begged me to save her daughter. I said I'd try my best and promptly went outside. This is where it gets interesting considering I wasn't lucid. I put my palms to the ground and sapphire gemstones started flying around me, getting faster and faster until everything stopped moving... then started moving in reverse. Somehow I teleported to her daughters primary school and just in time too. Her teacher was mowing the lawn next door and the kids were playing on a grassy field. One of them, a young girl with black hair very similar to her mothers stopped dead. She looked very pale and as if she wasn't fully conscious. The last thing she said was to call an ambulance.

      Meanwhile someone was whispering in my ear what do to. I think it may have been the archers system but it told me to rub my fingers together and this green powder appeared. It looked like finely crushed emerald dust. I sprinkled it on her head and sure enough she moved a little showing she was still alive. Suddenly a huge slug looking monster appeared from nowhere. I immediately turned and ran, I ran through the main primary school building and hid, the monster didn't see me so I went straight out of the other side. I found myself in my old primary school playground. I ran out of the gate and over the wall, I knew the monster would be after me so it would be putting them in danger to stay. I continued down the road meeting up with two of my friends, we ran up a road and was immediately caught up in a load of vines that had small electric charges in them.

      At this point my flatmate knocked on my door and woke me up -.- Interesting dream though
    2. Bacon cat food

      by , 10-22-2013 at 12:33 PM
      - I found my cat some bacon cat food to eat.

      - One of my friends was flirting with the postman after he delivered her new skirt

      - was on a small train to get on a plane, could get of the train quick enough due to parents. Eventually got off and sat down opposite my brother and then 3 small children came and sat next to us. I put my headphones and music on.
      Tags: bacon
    3. Haunted House Horrors

      by , 10-09-2013 at 09:08 AM
      I wasn't in the dream as a person I was watching it. There was this little girl alone with the teddy bear and she walked into the kitchen of this huge house and on the kitchen worktop I was a web cam and it was on and the screen it was connected to walls projecting some kind of image on the wall behind her. She then looked straight at the webcam and said something along the lines of 'Come home daddy'. I realized the image on the wall was of an empty living room.

      Moving on through the dream I see her mother emptying the washing machine. Suddenly the door slammed behind her and the same happened to her daughter. I woke up sweating even though nothing that scary had actually happened. Looks like my brain is getting ready for Halloween
      non-lucid , nightmare
    4. Passage in the castle, policemen and toilets in the crypts

      by , 10-06-2013 at 11:12 AM
      1. I was watching the dream and saw a boy and girl go through into a secret passage to have sex. I was I intrigued about this passage so used a small microphone to track their voices and find the passage. Then the boys dad rushed past me saying something about saving his son. I take it the girl wasn't too nice. I saw into the passage and it lead out into a room with sofas, a small fridge but was missing a bed, so I made a bed appear.

      2. I was in a room, in it was a table and people sat around it. I kept wanting to tell them about the film I'd just seen but they wanted to work so I just sat by and watched them. It's only after the dream I now realize that the people sat round the table were actually the people in the film.

      3. I was in some kind of castle, but I'd been here before and wanted the toilet. So off I went down the long winding corridors and eventually through a door that said 'toilets' on it. However on the other side was a huge cave. Walking further into it I found a path and shortly after a group of friends and my brother found me. Was walked to the end and found a chest full of treasure. But we were being attacked so me and my brother fought off these demons and a miniature slender man. The dream ended with us still fighting.
    5. A few fragments

      by , 10-05-2013 at 11:01 AM
      Just getting back into dream journalling

      1. I remember seeing my possible future employer standing there looking at me

      2. I remember being with four of my friends
      dream fragment , non-lucid
    6. Task Of The Month Complete?

      by , 08-09-2013 at 07:54 AM
      Dream 1:

      I was in my home city at night and with this girl, I didn't know her but she said we could go and look around this place even though it was locked up. I was a little scared of getting caught and getting in trouble with the police but then the girl said something strange; "You are the master of time and they will obey and bow down to you". Didn't make me lucid strangely enough even after we went inside and saw this dummy in a waistcoat come over from nowhere and open the door for us. Inside was a sight to behold, a huge pocketwatch looking clock was on the wall opposite me, it must have been at least 100ft tall and it had people all over it. I could see they were working on it and polishing it. The girl had disappeared and in her place was a young, tall, slim man with a bit of a beard on his chin. He had fairly short slicked back hair and told me that if I was the master of time I needed to look the part. I glanced to my left and saw a rack of clothes, on it coincidentally was a waistcoat I'd seen irl a few days ago. But before I could put it on the girl came back, I can't remember what she said but we ended up walking through a red door at the end of the hall. We came out into a pub of some sort and we had to keep a dog inside. Unfortunately it escaped from its enclosure but I stopped it from going out of the front door. After that I left.

      I bumped into my girlfriend and since it was evening she suggested we get something to eat on a boat. I agreed and started to walk with her. We kept passing one of my other friends, she was visiting all of these strange meat shops and I asked her why, but can't remember what she said nor what happened after that.

      Dream 2:

      This one I tried to WILD. It worked however it was very very light sleep.

      I was on a pirate ship at sea, the dream wasn't really stable and there was no clarity. But the one thing I remembered to do is one of the TOTMs. So I ran up to quite a young boy on the deck and hurriedly asked him what the meaning of life is. He instantly replied "Blue banana whale in time" .......wat? O.o Before I had time to question him further the realisation came that I'd just completed the task of the month, I got too excited and woke up.

      What a weird response though, certainly wasn't expecting that. Oh well, it gives me something to wonder about
    7. The 1 Week Challenge #3 - Night 5

      by , 04-20-2013 at 06:53 AM
      Night 5

      Dream 1 - Was running through a cave system with different powers. Then my brother put lava everywhere and I had to get out. Luckily I found some water and used it to turn the lava to stone and I eventually managed to form some stairs out.

      Dream 2 - I was going through an assault course but it had quiz questions and mental challenges within it. So I was running through this with several other people. We got to the first room and I immediately knew the answer, then I remembered I'd been here before. This was one of the dreams I'd forgotten a few nights ago. I was now moving through the rooms a lot faster since I knew all of the answers. The dream then faded out.

      Dream 3 - I was in a dark hellish fiery place. There was a sleeping dragon behind me and I had this magic powder in my pockets that allowed me to have different powers. That's all I remember
    8. The 1 Week Challenge #3 - Night 4

      by , 04-19-2013 at 07:12 PM
      2 dreams

      EDIT: Progress! I remembered a dream where I looked at something and thought it was odd but questioned it no further. Certainly hinting at a lucid tonight
    9. The One Week Challenge - Night 2

      by , 04-16-2013 at 10:51 PM
      Dream 1 - I was at a meeting or party with my girlfriend and one of my friends came up to say hi. He started getting a little bit too close for comfort and flirty with my girlfriend. Suddenly without warning I punched him in the face. Before I knew it me and my gf were being ushered out and away from the scene and later when questioned someone else took the blame.

      Dream 2 - I walked into my living room and there was a huge pile of hot ashes on an ironing board. Someone was playing with them O.o

      Dream 3 - I was on a running machine
    10. The One Week Challenge - Night 1

      by , 04-15-2013 at 07:09 AM
      Okay so I was playing a game on this computer which was connected to a server. Suddenly someone tried to hack the server so I unplugged it. Then I was in a forest with about 4 other people that were around 16/17/18. We found a laptop and mobile phone on the ground after looking for them. When we picked them up the wind rushed through the trees. Something was very wrong. Suddenly my 'friends' started shouting to watch out and to get away. Looking around I couldn't see anything that would be a threat. Then this... thing slowed down to a speed my eyes could register. It was a male of about 20 years old, tall and thin but he was white. As in white like the colours on DV. He was inches away from my face and he was very very angry, his eyes were black voids. I stumbled backwards trying to put some distance between myself and... it. Once I was a decent distance away I threw a punch aiming straight for his face. "Leave me alone!" it screamed and vanished before my fist made contact. My friends behind me dropped that laptop and phone, before I could say anything else I was stood back next to the server I'd just unplugged. I plugged it back in and went to see if it was still being hacked.

      I was a camel being looked after by a walrus. People couldn't work out what was wrong, I'd had all my organs replaced but still couldn't stand up properly. Then I realised I just had a broken leg. So I continued to watch tv.

      I don't even know what that last one was meant to be

      If you would like to join me in the one week challenge, feel free! All the information you need is right here: Click Me

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      non-lucid , dream fragment
    11. Thrown in at the deep end with the weirdest dream O.o

      by , 04-13-2013 at 07:55 PM
      Only one dream from last night but it's certainly one of the craziest I've ever had!

      Okay so I had the animated scooby doo by my side, the 3D animated one and I had to hide him from the cartoon one that was coming through a portal in a forest not too far away. We were both in this fairly open square tent and we both bolted for the open trying to get away. We both rushed through an open and very busy morning market. With blue sky above us and castle not too far off we clearly weren't in 2013. Nevertheless I glanced backwards to see if the cartoon one was behind us to see the scene switch as quick as a lightning strike. Suddenly I was in the middle of a cross-fire, not of real bullets though; nerf pellets. I instinctively ducked and looked around, as I did so the scene flicked back and I was racing through the market once more. Not giving a care to what had just happened we both raced into one market stall at the top of a grassy hill. Now I think back to it, it all felt so real and nice to have the sun on my back, blue sky and very colourful green grass. I looked around and once more the scene changed like a light coming on. This time people looked like they were in some kind of restaurant, however they were testing their nerf guns, making sure they loaded and fired properly, like they were preparing for an assault.

      Looking back around I was no longer at the market, I was in a comfortable room and it was nighttime. I then heard a knocking on the window, it was my very small college friend Kathleen. She'd done something very bad and got kicked out of her house and needed somewhere to stay. Me being the kind person I am I lifted her through the window and into 'my room'. Not long after we were both watching tv on a large bean bag and all of a sudden she started feeling me up! O.o I look to my left and my girlfriend is sat right there! She didn't respond and I was shocked at what was happening. Then the dream ended.
    12. 2 Lucids in one night... what happened?!

      by , 02-04-2013 at 10:13 AM
      This came as a complete surprise to me, just was not expecting it.

      Dream 1. I was in some corridor and I realised I wasn't where I should have been so I became lucid. I dropped to the floor to stabilise and started feeling the carpet beneath me. It didn't feel like carpet, it felt like there was a cushion of air stopping me fron touching it. So this meant I couldn't stabilise much. I stood up and made to walk out of the corridor when I felt the dream wobble. "Damn this is a fragile dream" I thought as I lowered myself to the floor again for a second attempt at stabilising. Things didn't get much better and before long I was kicked into a False Awakening.

      Dream 2...ish. I was laid in my bed, I could feel it beneath me. I thought I'd woken up when suddenly lucidity strikes again when I notice I'm not the weight I should be. Unfortunately I can't remember now if I was lighter or heavier than I am usually. But I daren't open my eyes for fear I might wake up. So that one ended pretty quickly before I had to wake up via alarm clock.

      A good night after a month long dry spell
      false awakening , lucid
    13. 7/01/13 - So many facepalms -_-

      by , 01-07-2013 at 12:24 AM
      Dream 1: I was asleep at my secondary school, well...not for long anyway since someone called Ryan shook me awake. He lead me inside (why I was sleeping outside I have no idea). Inside it was my college building, outside was may secondary school courtyard....weird. Anyways we went up to the second floor and sat down on one of the benches outside of the lecture halls. Then he looked straight at me and asked me what all this lucid dreaming stuff was all about. "Well it's where you know you are dreaming and..." (Insert facepalm here, I won't give you all of what I said because you all know what lucid dreaming is so you get the idea). He thought I should tell a teacher for some strange reason so I did, one of my teachers from my secondary school. Just like Ryan she wanted to know more (another facepalm here as I explained to her as well) She wasn't sure about it so I went back out into the courtyard and found someone I knew from my primary school. She was as knowledgable as me on this topic and understood it well so we both went up to explain to the teacher about lucid dreaming (major facepalm, the entire dream was about lucid dreaming -_-)

      Dream 2: There were these white cubes being produced at a steady rate but they had to be watched. I know they were of alien origin and were very much like the black cubes from Doctor Who:

      Then I got distracted but that was fine since someone else was watching it. When I looked back that someone else was also distracted and the cube production was out of control, they were everywhere spewing out of a pipe all over the floor. Then the dream ended.
    14. 6/01/13 - Strange Dreams

      by , 01-06-2013 at 01:29 PM
      1. I was at work and someone who used to work there a long time ago came back and took over the first hour of my show. I was fine with this since he's a cool guy and I'm quite good friends with him. We did and "evil royalty laugh" feature and the idea was who could do the best impression of royalty laughing in an evil manner. The results were rather amusing. After the 1 hour other people rushed in and took over the studio O.o

      2. I was at some kind of animal races and a horse wondered up to me. He was a good few feet taller than me and dark brown. He bent his head down, sniffed my hand and smelling sugar tried to bite it. I pulled away quickly which made him rear up and kick me with his front legs. I was fired backwards a good 10 feet but it didn't hurt, it felt like I'd merely been high-fived to the chest and nothing more powerful.
      Walking away I saw the smaller animal races were about to start, on the starting line were an array of Hamsters, Guinea pigs, Rats and even some large mice. The starting gun went off and I saw them shoot off down the track, when they got to about halfway I saw one of the hamsters still at the starting line. He was lighting the fuse to the firework that was attached to his back. Before I had time to do anything the fuse was lit and he shot past me as fast as...well...a rocket. I watched as the rocket curved upwards and then exploded into a ball of yellow sparkles. When I walked further along the track I saw the clearly dead and blackened hamster hit the ground with a soft thud. Thinking nothing more of the mater I walked to the front of this building, outside the entrance were a few DC's and they were throwing cakes into a wheelie bin to test their aim. Then they ran out and asked me to pop inside and get some more. When I went in I got distracted and wanted some Coca Cola from one of the machines but didn't have enough money. Then I saw some kind of breakfast machine which intrigued me, I tried to use it, got confused, broke it and then someone had tome come and fix it. Then the dream ended, all very strange xD
    15. 31/12/12

      by , 12-31-2012 at 10:11 AM
      All I remember is something to do with a mobile phone which a teenage girl handed to me.
      dream fragment
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