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    Factory on a pretty nice world

    by , 04-30-2019 at 05:15 PM (280 Views)
    1. Just playing minecraft with my brother, we have a little house and then my brother leaves, Then I start building this giant minecraft factory that come from a variety of mods, when Im finished other people join the thing and it gets less minecrafty, the factory now looks like a real factory although I still claim the extra land I used to build it on. Now theres a lot more people and a whole scenario going on, my family is there and other people that i dont even know but they work there. I go outside and look over the edge of a cliff and see the vast cliffs like the grand canyon, I see holes deep down where other houses are and its amazing, I couple times I fall of the thing and that feels pretty good, I die a couple times there although I skip the parts I hit the ground for some reason. Then I go and show the factory to my mum and we go downstairs where the lounge is and she begins about something that I want this stuff idk lol, then she starts playing the piano and she plays it like a god.

    2. Something about a giant tower I now live in from EMT some organization for college students and we play "real life" league of legends there, I go into the battlefield and we fight, then retreat and I still sneak around a bit there.

    (I havent played those games in like a year)

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