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    Dec. 2nd 2012 - Lucid horror/then a restaurant scene. LD

    by , 02-22-2013 at 10:21 PM (297 Views)
    It was a ND at first we were setting up a bon fire to produce a signal of some sort. then it became a blur until I saw a resident evil zombie ( you know the ones that open their mouth like a crab would). It wasn’t there to harm me at first. It screamed at me then ran away with many others into a building.
    I then became Lucid and said this is a dream . then I saw a crowd of people throwing Molotov’s at the building. I was in a warehouse district. I heard big explosion sounds but did not see them. then the crowd stopped and cheered as if all the beasts were gone.
    I saw a group of people head into the warehouse. I followed (and this seems funny now ) but then I asked a taller man if I could have a piggy back ride. I said I felt short and wanted to see ahead. he said ok, I did not see much at first until zombies poured out of the door . I jumped off and every one started to run the other way. trying to keep my fear at bay a zombie approached me.
    I held it's arms to keep it back then someone told me to rip it's arms off,
    so I did .
    but it kept coming so I tried to fly but had troubles . I got a few feet up and luckily a big metal cube appeared next to me. I got on top along with 3 other people then it shot up. I stayed on to see were it would go I wasn't fond of this dream scene any way .
    I appeared in a restaurant of some sort it was really crowded. I seen someone I wanted to talk to. I don't remember what I said to him but I recall it was very hard to talk and I was stuttering big time . he just laughed and walked away.
    after that someone came up to me but this time they were stuttering big time. he was wearing a black jump suit with green trim, same color hat, glasses and somewhat of a buck tooth smile. I thought and said, you must be my stuttering self. he shook his head yes.(although I don't stutter much) I walked with him, with my arm around him and said, it's ok just slow down and think clearly . someone in the back ground said, Oh he's trying to help himself out.
    I didn't think much of it that time. I left him and kept walking in search of another dream figure to talk to. there was a big man with a dark flannel shirt and a black cowboy hat that caught my eye. I walked toward him as I got closer he changed form. he changed to a mid sized woman with big glasses a white cowboy shirt and a black cowboy hat. I was confused at first than asked, what do you represent? she just turned her head and looked away. I thought she was a simple thought form and just said, ok then and walked away.
    I got a few feet away then heard the voice in the back ground again. this time it said, why didn't you listen to her. I looked around and saw no one talking to me. I realized it must be my unconscience talking . I replied, she ignored me.
    suddenly I appeared outside I was in a coulder sack in a residential area. I saw groups of people around I had the urge to fly. I looked at the top of a roof and wanted to fly to it. I focused on it and tried to picture myself there but I did something wrong because the dream collapsed and I woke up.

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