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    levi's lucid dream journal

    the sleepers

    by , 09-30-2015 at 08:46 AM (371 Views)
    This was a WBTB , dild and the hands trick.at first the dream was hazy so I looked at my hands to adjust clarity. I Appeared in the house there is clothes and household stuff everywhere it was a mess . I do remember walking through a couple doors but there were no doors leading in or out of that place. there was a window I went through the window breaking it in the process attempting to fly. . But I ended up landing painlessly on a patch of grass. I saw a house across the way. I went to fly on top of the house. But I don't remember what happened. then suddenly I ended up in a different house. there are people sleeping all over the floor in there and there was even a bed in the living room so i went on . I didn't bother anybody out there. I went to go check the other rooms. I saw two other people sleeping on two separate couches the blankets were pulled up over their head. so I tried to take off the blankets but another one appeared in its place . And then another one so I gave up easy and decided to go somewhere else. I went down a hallway on the right hand side of the room and on the left hand side was a door and went through. there were bunk beds in there but it was too dark to see anything else . so I went back out the hallway there was a room right across the way but I skipped it and went to the end of the hallway and went in the door on the right. I think there are bunk beds in there also I think there was people in there but I don't remember much of what happened in there. but I went back out that room into the hallway and went to the door I skipped. by then i was lucid it again there's a see-through sheet and a beaded door there was a light on in there and a lady sitting up on a bed she said to come in here now it sounded like she is trying to help me. but I paused and hesitated which is a bad thing to do in a lucid dream I fell right into a normal dream. I don't remember what happened except that I appeared in a van I was in the back there were two guys in front they were eating Rotten Tomatoes one of them said by the time they realize it it will be too late and they won't know where they are. I had the feeling they were not trying to help me and they were against me so I got out of the van. The guy in the passenger seat got out he had long nappy hair to his shoulders scruffy beard a white shirt and some jeans he kind of looked like a crackhead I tried to fly but I woke up. Oh well wish me luck next time.lol

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