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    Dreams of all types (but mostly war)

    Hello and welcome to my dream journal. I am posting up a lot of the dreams I remember from my past and when I'm finished most of my big ones I will start posting dreams that I have that are current. There is some profain language in here so if you aren't old enough to read it objectively, then don't say I didn't warn ya. I've been dreaming so much about war lately and being in the middle of war, that I decided I had to start sharing. Thanks for showing interest in this journal and my dreams

    p.s. if you feel that some of these dreams may be too elaborate, or seem like they are taken straight out of a book or a movie, please remember that my dreams are very detailed and I can hardly even describe most of what is seen, heard and felt. I am giving accurate accounts of what I experienced regardless of what has inspired it. Thanks

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