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    A Hotel for Five/A Hunt for Demons

    by , 11-23-2013 at 12:17 AM (315 Views)
    Date: 11/21/13
    Technique(s) Used: WBTB

    I was with my family, and we were all driving to a hotel. We enter through the doors, and my dad calls me on the hotel room phone (Which looked suspiciously like our house phone). He sounded a little different on the phone. I turn around after he calls, and there he is, inside the room, a phone in his hand.

    I decided to take a walk outside, and soon came across a road. There was a small child playing in the road. A green car was blazing towards him, so I run and toss him out of harm's way.

    I am struck by the car, but not in the conventional way - I seemed to have glided over the car, instead of getting thrown backwards, onto my back.

    The car skidded to a stop, and came to check and see if I was breathing. Apparently, the crash caused my clothes to disappear.

    I ran for a golf cart, and drove back to the hotel. Obtaining queer looks from guards, I go back inside.

    On the other side of the door, there was a large golden retriever. I played with him, and soon awoke.

    This dream took place within an old school, one I didn't recognize. I was with Dean (from Supernatural), looking for something; I can't seem to remember what.

    I went outside to try and find the Deuce, only to come upon a forest of cars and other vehicles. I tried looking around, while the sounds of construction work filled the air. You could smell the dirt and stone they were using.

    As I gave up hope, I come back to a scene: Dean was being confronted by a small group of construction workers, lead by the architect of the operation. I rush over, hoping things hadn't escalated yet. They were about to, so I used my quick wits to get us out: I told Dean to "Get back inside, grandpa," for he had with him a bright, yellow cane, and shoved him back into the building.

    We retreat into the sanctuary of the school, smiling and laughing at each other. We go into a small room, with a couch in it. From one of the windows on the doors, we see the group readying black crossbows to get us. I began to lock doors, and Dean went to investigate an entrance across from the room we were in.

    I lock and secure all doors within the room. As soon as I finish, I hear a loud bang, like a door being slammed open. I dive behind the couch, searching for something blunt, in case I am found. Behind me, there was a large, plastic sniper (Probably Nerf), colored bright blue. I grab it, and made a plan: If they came this way, I'd trip them with it.

    The footsteps come closer, and I grow more nervous. Where was Dean? The footsteps come close, and my heart seems to stop. Then, I hear something that relieves me: It was the voices of children.

    I stand up, and my hypothesis was proven right - it was two kids, both with foam dart guns in hand. I smile at them, and we all play for a minute. They shoot me, and I pretend to go down dramatically, gripping my chest and shutting my eyes.

    When they opened, I was back in my room, awake.

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