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    dreams from when i was 4-8 years old.

    by , 06-08-2016 at 12:13 AM (107 Views)
    here goes nothing...

    DREAM ONE : the vampire that said "shootaloo"
    AGE 5
    The dream opens with a cut-scene where me and my friends are at the store getting ready for Halloween.
    I went down anr isle, and saw a candy bar stand designed to look like a vampire. I leave the isle and look back at it. I stared at the isle for a few seconds before the vampire candy bar stand came to life and said "shootaloo," staring directly at the opposite side of the isle. I screamed as loud as i could and ran out of the store. Another cut-scene starts where the vampire chases me. We both run really slow. Eventually, I arrive at a desert-type place where my mom is performing a speech. I run up to her.
    "Mom, there is a vampire chasing me!!!" i say. she doesn't seem to care and continues the speech. The vampire then walks up to my mom and asks if he could borrow me for a second. She says yes and all of a sudden i'm at a place with a giant donut-shaped hole in the ground. He tells me some stuff i can't remember and then i wake up.

    DREAM TWO(fragment) : a dead sea monkey in a car
    AGE 8 (i think)

    The dream starts in a cloudy, black-and-white town with a car at the outside of the town. I enter the car and see a dead human-sized sea monkey sitting in the driver's seat. shortly after i wake up to see that my cat knocked over my sea monkeys' container.

    DREAM THREE : "oh look, i found a pineapple!"
    AGE 7-8
    I was in the kitchen just messing around until i decided to look through the front screen-door. I see... something... made out of coconuts that says "oh look i found a pineapple!" and throws it at me through the screen door. I wake up in the dream 4 times with the same outcome: the coconut thing saying "oh look, i found a pineapple" and throwing it in my face.
    eventually he isn't there and then i go to my grandma's (now my aunt's) room. There is a baby in the middle of the room that i draw my attention away from, just to see the coconut thing. It says "oh look, i found a pineapple!" and throws it at me.

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