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    LaVey and the Tornado

    by , 09-18-2019 at 05:24 AM (38 Views)
    Prior to what I can remember, me and some other DCs that made up my dream neighborhood were doing something kind of important. I believe I had just gotten back from somewhere. Either way, someone warned us of an incoming tornado. I quickly readied myself and rushed into the shed in my back yard as I saw the horrific monolith whirlwind of destruction heading towards us. Everyone in the neighborhood and Anton LaVey got in my shed, and as the tornado hit, two things happened:

    A) LaVey exploded

    B) I was teleported to Japan.

    Upon my arrival to Japan, I found myself in a town square of some sort. It had a radially shaped multi-layered stone monument in the center that went up a few feet with some people on it. The first of those people resembled the dad from Ben 10. The second appeared to be his son, but not anyone from the Ben 10 universe. They were speaking Japanese, but could understand me well. Something told me that they were messing with me. The end of the dream is really vague, but I remember that I was in a totally different place singing a song about something silly.
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