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    Window Girl's Third Concert

    by , 08-02-2021 at 05:15 AM (60 Views)
    I was at the store where me and my mom work, and I was making music in probably the third isle or something. A little bit later on, the cast of rick and morty, which was three people at the time, came and helped me out. I remember one isle being kinda entirely frozen, not in the sense of the items stocked, but just the entire isle was blue and cold. Meanwhile, radiohead was playing live by where the registers usually are and a girl I used to go to middle school with was doing insane acrobatics off the ceiling with a rope. In another section of the store, Window Girl was getting ready to play live. The entire crowd was sitting down as there were no chairs, and footage from their previous show started playing, which in my dream was their second show. In reality they have only played live once. I was enamoured by how much better they were playing in this fictional second concert. Once they actually started playing live, everyone had a good time, although I remember at the end one of my friends realizing that part of the tiled flooring they were sitting on was boiling somehow and he jumped up. The band helped him out and Edynn specifically started giving what I'm assuming was promotional stuff to people, including me.

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