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    false awakening

    False Awakening

    1. Chit-chat

      by , 10-09-2011 at 10:03 AM
      An old friend came by and we hung out, went to some bar. And checked out some hippies or something outside. And Seroquel tried to convince me to get on chat.
    2. Midget golf and Philosopher stoned.

      by , 09-21-2011 at 05:43 PM
      Dreamed of being in a supermarket. I had no money so i had to steal some shit. I stuffed all my pockets, both outside and inside full of things. Everything was sticking out. I had a big can of beans or something that was coming out of my open jacket. There where 5 or 6 cash registers. I kept trying to walk past the one most close to the wall. But there was this girl there that kept noticing me. She was to nice to call the cops or something so she said ; "Do you have an ID?" I was like, "No.." "Then you can't go past here!" . Fuck! I walk back and every 5 minutes or so i try again with no success. Eventually i took everything out of my pockets and put it on the conveyer belt.

      Eventually i'm somewhere else with Inge. Sitting across her on a lengthy wooden outside dinner table. Inside a building. Talking face to face. I wanted to ask her out so i said let's go midget-golfing !
      She was okay with that, and she mentioned she's a Personal Coach.. And because of that is the only reason we are allowed to do midget-golfing without having to pay any money (guess i was still broke)

      So we went midget-golfing. This was also inside. She showed her Personal Coach penny to her and the receptionist let us both in without payment. Phew, we got in. And we played midget-golf.
      The place looked more like a line in an amusement park or something. But we had clubs and there where holes non-theless. But i don't remember any fancy statues or funny stuff that you see around midget-golfs courts. There where like 20 courts and at about the 7th-10th Inge grabbed her phone and started texting me. I thought it was weird i'm right here. But i let her type out a message and i read it. The first text said something about time. Like : "Are you having a good time. Or time is running out fast i have to go." My reply was : "Time goes fast when ur having fun"
      Then she sent me one more text that said "Aus!"
      I was like, wtf.. But within seconds i woke up and it was 7 AM. 1 minute later someone knocked on my door to wake me up. How did the dream know i had to wake up? Weird.


      In a nap today, like 1-2 hours. I was with my dad somewhere. Then we where talking about something and out of nowhere Philosopher Stoned from this forum appears. Hah!!
      He was a young looking bloke with a medium/heavy build. And he had a white beard. I was a lil intimidated to see him in person.
      Wow! I didn't know u lived in holland, and in my own town. That's so weird i said.
      Well yea, it's a strange world. I told him something about magic mushrooms but PS was kicking my ass in every debate. I didn't have shit to say lol, and i didn't understand all the words he was using. He was really quite serious , but he laughed at me. I went to the back of the room and left him with my dad. And suddenly PS was gone and only my dad was there.
      I asked : "Where did PS go?". And my dad replied : "I'm PS". WTF!!!!! That's not possible. And i started thinking about dreamviews. Could it be that my dad was him all the time luring me into debates. No way my dad is that smart. But maybe.. If he studied behind my back it's possible. Hmm.. Then i said out loud. "No way, this must be a dream. This is impossible." My dad said nothing but stare at me and laugh.. I was mindfucked and confused and in no time i was back in my bed. Only when i felt the texture of my pillow and sheet did i really understand what was going on. Sheize.
    3. Dreamviews dinner table

      by , 09-19-2011 at 02:18 AM

      I did a wild tonight. I experienced SP vibrations for the first time and it actually happened. I believe i went straight into lucid dream in my parents house. When i woke up i tried to DEILD back in the dream. While also trying to remember key parts. But i decided to write it down. Waking up makes it hard to remember anything but i've got a good chunk/impression of what happened. Writing this down makes me feel more distanced from the dream itself but i'm very glad i did now.

      There where loads of people in the house. All friends from dreamviews (i think, i can't recall this part). I had a little chat with everyone. Conversations where a little rough. Some where even annoyed by me. But that's okay, shit happens.

      In the kitchen it was busy, people going about their business and Oneironaut was standing there. He didn't say anything until i started talking. And he was glad i finally acknowledged him and we kept talking. I was having trouble speaking to everyone in the room but not with O. Actually we had a great talk. It was very nice.

      I was sitting at a large dinner table with Oneironaut next to me. Or not, There was a couch there from my grandma's house and peope where sitting there. There was this girl eating chips or something. An old friend of mine; Aziez. A very dark and very skinny guy came in from the backdoor. He was acting goofy. Stuffing his mouth full of french fries so that he can then try to eat it and most of it will fall on the floor. Making faces all the while. I laughed very loudly. Everytime i laughed he would look at me and be amused and he would do it again. I told this girl on the chouch that this guy is sooo funny. She smiled at me, she didn't laugh at him but she was amused that i thought it was so funny. Oneironaut was sitting next to me on the dinner table and even thou i wasn't looking at him, i felt his energy. He was a bit annoyed by me thinking it's so funny. He maybe even thought it was a little racist. Even tho it was not. Just plain funny.

      I sitting at the dinner table with Oneironaut across me and we where talking face to face. I was talking bout my issues with Oneironaut. I said stuff like, well i am smart and i understand a whole lot of stuff. Very interesting stuff. But i can't share it with anyone because nobody will understand/believe me anyway. I don't know how to formulate things either so usually i end up looking stupid and dumb. But inside i'm not. I only talk with a few people. To the rest of the world i keep my mouth shut. O agreed i'm a pretty smart guy, and he gave me advice. We talked about a lot of things but this is all i remember

      He didn't look like he does in the pics i've seen. In fact, he had a fatter face. And his face was old and wrinkled. He had grey spots all over his face. But i knew for sure it was him. When i acknowledged him and shook his hand he said : "Aaaah. He finally recognizes me." Even tho i knew all the time it was him.

      At some point a glass vase dropped on the floor. The floor was covered with granules of glass. And i was lying in it. Glass was penetrating into my hands and all over my body. I was frightened. This amount of glass will hurt a lot and maybe even kill you. But i remembered reading someone's dream with something similar. All you have to do is remember it's a dream and that nothing can actually hurt you. I stood up awkwardly and still scared. But it was okay, i wasn't in pain anymore. I walked into the kitchen and this is a point of my dream where i can't remember the transition.

      But i was going outside of the house, And i had to be somewhere. (Probably Chicken-Pittza) I knew where but as soon as i was outside and seeing all kinds of people i forgot where to go. But in my defense, the scene was completely out of this world bizzare strange and most of all. INTERESTING. What a giant mystery lol. Walking around in a lucid dream you see people all going about their business. But they are doing the most weird stuff. I was captivated.

      Right in front of my parents house there is a broad busy street. There where 3 people. I think 2 guys and 1 girl. One of them was wearing an orange raincoat. They where riding bikes and staring at the same direction. They all pointed there and where amazed by what they saw. I did not care, i was trying to figure out their origin. Are they dreamers? Are they lucid? Why are they riding bikes when this is a dream? I tried telling them ; "Hey guys, this is a dream you don't have to ride bikes you can do whatever you want." "Look at me, i'm flying!"
      No success. They where to absorbed in whatever was going on across the street to even notice me.

      I was walking/flying/riding a bike and gradually losing lucidity. I watched as people did weird stuff. I passed a van and they where putting stuff in the van. It looked like they where burgling.
      A few meters i passed the Phamacist. And there was a crowd of people there. In the middle of the crowd was a beautiful girl wearing a brightly coloured woolen sweater. All the people where trying to touch her and pulling on her clothes and stuff. She looked bored and annoyed but she didn't do anything to stop them.

      I witnessed a lot of things and i noticed that, Everything that was happening around me followed some theme. Everything i saw was somehow relative to me, and the thought got confirmed by something that someone said around the corner. But i can't for the life of me remember what it was.

      At some point i decided to go flying and i wasn't paying attention to anything anymore. I was just enjoying the thrill of flying around the city when the thought occured that i will probably slip into non-lucidity like this and i might forget all about the dream. I'm not sure how i woke up but i remembered my physical body. At some point i became aware of lying in my bed with my eyes closed. The dream lost it's vividness because of it and i was desperately trying to get back in the dream. (DEILD) While also trying to hold on to the memory of the lucid dream i just had. I kept repeating the words ; Oneironaut, LD, people on the street.

      Soon after i was going to have the most intense wake up of my life. I just moved to a new place but i was lying in my bed under the impression that i was in my old room. Actually the furniture was dispositioned and it looked like the room i am in now. But the door was white like my old room. I wasn't quite myself, and i don't remember this. But it seemed like there was some guy standing across my bed. I was still trying to remember the dream repeating those words in my head but for some reason i started screaming. So loud, so real (i have yet to confirm with my fellow house residents if this happened) i screamed : "SHUT THEEE FUCKK UPPP!!!!!!!!!!!"

      Then i realized, i just woke up from a FA and i screamed for no reason at all. My dad was downstairs and he heared me scream. He was extremely pissed and i heared him running up the stairs. With loud noise he made his way over to my room. I was frightened.. Paralyzed, frightened. Scared shitless. What was he going to do to me? He might not listen and hear me out that it's a dream punch my face in and maybe even kill me. I was beyond frightened. I tried to scream; Don't hurt me. I was dreaming, i can't help it. But no words came out. I was too paralyzed. All i made was high-pithced noises of fear and helplesness. I was desperate, he was almost in my room.
      I wanted to wish the whole scene away. Fuck this, the entire world is a dream i can wake myself from this one even tho it's real life. I tried changing the scene, and the whole scene was shaking. I saw the my old room's white door shaking and just before my dad opened the door all noise stopped.

      A white ghost floated through the door. It had white cloth, like in the movies. And i'm not sure if it had a face but it had a cross in the middle of his face. Leaving an impression of an actual person. But definetly a ghost. It moved trough the door and through the bed. Not interacting with anything. At some point i thought it stared at me and it was going to murder me. But it did nothing. It completely ignored me and floated right though my body. I was still paralyzed and frightened. I wished this ghost away aswell. It was probably going to float through the wall and it would be gone. But because i wished it away i stopped seeing it just before it passed trough my face. I was both relieved and disappointed.

      I looked around the room, and i noticed i was in my actual room where i really live. People where outside, laughing. I heared people coughing in bed . And maybe they heared me scream and i woke them up. This is the point where i went outside to smoke a cigarette and evaluate what just happened. It was fucking crazy.

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    4. 1-9-11

      by , 09-01-2011 at 03:05 PM
      Nap ; I was walking my dog, about near the corner of the street. Having a lot of thoughts about things. I have only nearly fallen asleep but no idea how this scene formed. Then the little white dog i have strayed towards the road. I got worried and decided to scream to grab his attention. I open my mouth to scream and i accidantily use my physical mouth to scream !! Lol. i woke myself up with this and the real version of the dogs responded with worried barks downstairs. ^^
      false awakening
    5. 31/8

      by , 08-31-2011 at 11:01 PM
      Took a nap, forgot i was dreaming. So in a fa i remember walking upstairs saying something to my dad. When i walked up my room i kept losing all self-control and my hands spasmed. When i made it upstairs i found myself on the floor and i made loads of noises and screams. And my dad would be yelling from downstairs accusing me of being on drugs. I warned you about drugs. U lost all control. I tried screaming back to him that i'm not on any drugs. i don't understand why i'm getting spasms. and am screaming. But i don't have any voice left. I can only screech. Wake up. Confused. Took me some moments before i realized it was a dream.
      false awakening
    6. Electric balls !

      by , 07-11-2011 at 11:37 AM
      There's 1 big dream i posted to DV in a false awakening. I forgot it when i woke up for real. Really pissed me off.

      fragment from another dream ; We, not sure who we is. where playing with quite big Electric sort of Energy Balls. there where 2 just bouncing about. I don't remember how they where made.

      The balls in question where blue ! nah for real they where blueish, with electric things going in and around them.

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    7. Tryna get to the moon

      by , 06-20-2011 at 10:33 AM
      Vague memory of dream fragments. I remember sitting with my father. He wanted to wear my socks. I thought it was weird cus my socks are dirty but he did take them on.


      We have arrived at our grandmother's house with the car. There's some kind of party, we go inside and my granddad is sitting in his chair. The furniture was moved tho, the whole building looked different. it wasn't the real house. I kissed my granddad in the cheek and as i did that i realized... My grandfather is dead. This can't be, it's a dream. I try to pinch my nose not really sure if i could breathe. I COULD BREATHE!. Holy cow this is a dream. My heart starts pounding. I say to myself relax, don't get too excited just do what you have to do.
      I want to go outside and i mentioned this. My neace wanted to go with me so i took her with me. We walked down the street and i thought i'd try to fly. I take a sprint and i lift off. I can barely fly, i floated a little but fell to the ground. My neace and passer-by's didn't seem at all suprised that i was able to fly. (barely)
      We are riding a bike. My memory is vague but we arrived in my own town. There where loads of people going around their normal business. It was a busy street near the mall. I remember looking around and thinking. This is so real. This looks exactly like it does when awake. I wasn't even sure if i was really dreaming , nothing was really different than when i'm awake.
      I remember i wanted to go to the moon. So i decided to try and draw a portal on the floor. I moved my nails and tried to make a circle. I was a little bit embaressed doing this in a public area because goddammit this was so real. All those peope that pass by must think i'm a lunatic. Well... no portal ever appeared. There was a drain in the middle of the circle. The one u find in cities. I thought maybe i can push it like a button and a portal will appear. Nothing. In retrospect maybe i should have opened it and went inside . how dumb.
      I thought about my body lying in bed. I was suprised to be still dreaming. But i woke up.

      Jumped out of my freaking bed to write this shit down. Loads to learn. But this was exactly what i needed. It was actually my birthday yesterday so i suppose this was the best birthday gift i could ever have. Saw my granddad AND i went lucid. WINNING!