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    by , 11-25-2015 at 01:44 AM (771 Views)
    Soo.. My friend has regular night terrors cause she got raped twice. and she fears it still.
    She just has a lot of night terrors. For some reason I dream of her being very frightened in the night. In this dream she was living next to me and had a boyfriend over. I heared her having sex... I did not want to disturb her sexy moments so i made to my room next to her. She gets awfully loud. I kinda get excited myself. Then her boyfriend gets harder with her. Suddenly she doesn't seem to have so much fun and she is screeching in terror. [I didn't want to intrude in her sexcepade because it's non of my business. ] rather, a voice in my mind said ; 'go help her' or something .

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