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    by , 07-13-2011 at 04:23 PM (1167 Views)
    I think i recall dreaming about a TV talkshow. And they where hosting Shared dreamers to come tell their shared dream experiences on TV.

    Took a nap this morning.

    I dreamed i was in a park talking to people. I was thinking about lucid dreaming and i hopped on my bike to ride away. Then i noticed this huge billboard sign saying : "NOTHING BEATS LUCID DREAMING, DV FORUM"

    I'm like.. wow how didn't i notice that sign. I guess lucid dreaming is getting populair if there are billboards like that noawadays. Wait a minute ! I pinch my nose and i'm able to breathe.
    But fuck.. i'm back in my bed. I was vaguely aware of that the whole time actually. Seeing both scenes at the same time. I didn't bother pinching my nose in bed. I was pretty sure i woke up. I just tried to get back in the dream, without success.

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    1. angie746's Avatar
      Aww shame you didn't get back into the dream but well done for realising
    2. Dthoughts's Avatar
      yea, i had enough sleep that day i coulden't fall back asleep. atleast i learned now that if i take a nap after i got out of bed it helps in staying aware. i'll try that more often.