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    01/03/16 - 02/03/16: Weird obstacle race, normal school day, packing my bag

    by , 03-02-2016 at 06:53 AM (386 Views)
    Okay I don't have time right now to do this elaborately so I'll jot down some keywords so I won't forget anything.

    Went to bed: 22:00
    Fell asleep: 22:30
    Awakening 1: 04:30
    Fell asleep: 04:32
    Final awakening: 6:15

    My recall was fuzzy at first because I did not wake up during dreams, and there is no recall from before 04:30, but after thinking about my dreams during breakfast a lot of things slipped into my mind again and I ended up with one fragment and two dreams.

    1: Obstacle race

    This is merely a fragment and some feelings along with it. I don't really recall what I was doing but I know it was an overhead perspective and I got the term 'obstacle race' popping up constantly. I remember that it was a really strange situation although I really can't say why. It was competitive and pretty intense.

    2: Flirting & football at high school/university
    My recall starts in a classroom. I am talking to a few people, I think girls, of which I find one quite interesting and the other not very much. We walk out of the classroom as the last few people and the people of the next class are already sitting in the classroom as we leave.
    The girl I find interesting walks ahead of us and doesn't seem to be interested in me, while the other girl walks with me. The place we're in resembles the central hall of the university I go to but I feel like it's high school. The girl is blonde and not unattractive but not really my type.
    As we walk up a big flight of stairs she gets a little flirtatious, and in my head I try to decide whether or not I like this, and whether or not I should play along. Without really making a decision on that I do play along a little, until we reach the top of the stairs.
    There I see the girl from before standing in a small group of 5 people, of which one is apparently her boyfriend. I think about talking to her but decide it wouldn't really do any good. The blonde girl is gone now and to my left is a huge window, filling up the wall completely. T, a friend from high school, is standing by the window looking outside. I go and stand next to him.
    Outside I see a field of grass looking exactly like the sports field of my old high school. Somehow, even though we're on the first floor and there's a window inbetween, we are kicking footballs to people on the field. Even though T doesn't play football IRL and actually really sucks at it, he takes some amazing shots with strange curves and perfect precision. I think I take one shot as well but I don't recall whether it was any good or not (it should, I played football for 9 years).

    Forgetting my bag and putting on cologne

    Recall starts on the doormat. I have just put on one of my shoes as I realise I forgot to put my sports clothes in my bag and I forgot to take the bag itself from upstairs. I don't want to take off the shoe as I'm in a hurry, but I am not allowed to have shoes on in the house so I hop through the living room, up the stairs and to my bedroom on one foot. I'm actually surprised at how well and how fast I got up the stairs this way. All the while I try to make sure my mom doesn't see me hopping through the house with one shoe on. I cram my sports clothes and shoes into my bag and close it. Before walking out of my bedroom I suddenly realise I didn't put any cologne on yet. I quickly do so while watching for my mom. The smell of the cologne is unbelievably accurate and I even feel it sting slightly because I had shaved before. Then I hop down the stairs and take a glance at the clock. The time is 6:37 or something (it's an analog clock), which would be far too late, but I don't really care.

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