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    1. emotions in skyrim

      by , 02-03-2012 at 01:15 PM (the Dream Almanac)
      i am in skyrim.
      i am in skyrim! this is cool. i don't know its cool because i'm just living my life
      as a character, probably, but i am myself otherwise.

      i jump, rock climb, trying to get to "markarth", a place in the game i've been to,
      but in this dream i have not, and its entirely different than the game (of course, its a dream)
      i jump from a ledge into the water.

      beneath the water's surface, the ledge is carved out with a big mechanical heart.
      old, old, very cool, very intricate. i'm close.

      i jump onto the bridge in this water pool. this is the way to markarth.
      i make my way, and find the city alive with people.
      tons and tons of folk, dressed in every day clothes, but otherwise the time period/alternate world is accurate.

      i'm with heather now. we explore.
      she tells me adam and sarina are coming. huh well um okay yes sure.
      outside a window, in some other part of the reality dream scape, i see them walking toward us.
      except they are children. they are 5 years old. adam is a boy even though he's young.

      this is a joke, and i am not happy about it.
      i whine whine cry child cry cry. i'm upset. heather, why?
      okay they walk in- look normal. act normal.

      we explore the city together. find a door marked "nintendo blue gamecube only" huh
      some kind of connection cord is necessary to do something strange...i don't know.
      didn't know the details in the dream + didn't care to find out. adam comments on it.

      we go into a library/thrift store combo. i escape to the children's section
      i am alone,
      i am happy.
      but i want heather with me.
      Tags: heart, library, skyrim
    2. school retox

      by , 02-03-2012 at 12:38 AM (the Dream Almanac)
      at high school
      i was signed up for psyche/history(same subject here)
      christian shows me where to go0
      "you know my dad"
      "the clown-"
      "yes everyone knows him"
      "hes the teacher, my dads the teacher
      he's an easy teacher, he doesn't make you do anything"

      in the classroom, a collage i did (not in waking life) is taped to the whiteboard.
      it is a canyon with a white square with a title on it taped onto the canyon.
      i think of how badly they put it together, (as if it came in pieces)
      i did not know how they got it though.

      he says take your seat. i go to one
      well, its the wrong one so i move all my stuff to the only other seat
      between emma and rae (its current time though, not past)
      it is awkward. adam is sitting in front of me.

      emma talking to person in front of her (female): 25 dollars for a mullet is outrageous
      me: its only 15 in waterville. (i say this very hesitantly. i only want to respond, not to form any kind of relationship or further conversation.)
      her: still a rip off.
      i agree.

      adam is taking a ring out of an elaborate box.
      its for trans prom.
      rae: adam, no one even likes you.