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    The book of mars

    emotions in skyrim

    by , 02-03-2012 at 01:15 PM (888 Views)
    i am in skyrim.
    i am in skyrim! this is cool. i don't know its cool because i'm just living my life
    as a character, probably, but i am myself otherwise.

    i jump, rock climb, trying to get to "markarth", a place in the game i've been to,
    but in this dream i have not, and its entirely different than the game (of course, its a dream)
    i jump from a ledge into the water.

    beneath the water's surface, the ledge is carved out with a big mechanical heart.
    old, old, very cool, very intricate. i'm close.

    i jump onto the bridge in this water pool. this is the way to markarth.
    i make my way, and find the city alive with people.
    tons and tons of folk, dressed in every day clothes, but otherwise the time period/alternate world is accurate.

    i'm with heather now. we explore.
    she tells me adam and sarina are coming. huh well um okay yes sure.
    outside a window, in some other part of the reality dream scape, i see them walking toward us.
    except they are children. they are 5 years old. adam is a boy even though he's young.

    this is a joke, and i am not happy about it.
    i whine whine cry child cry cry. i'm upset. heather, why?
    okay they walk in- look normal. act normal.

    we explore the city together. find a door marked "nintendo blue gamecube only" huh
    some kind of connection cord is necessary to do something strange...i don't know.
    didn't know the details in the dream + didn't care to find out. adam comments on it.

    we go into a library/thrift store combo. i escape to the children's section
    i am alone,
    i am happy.
    but i want heather with me.

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    Tags: heart, library, skyrim