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    1. BOB Token / Glitch World (DV Spring Comp Night 2)

      by , 03-31-2024 at 06:07 PM (The book of mars)
      BOB Token

      I'm after a magic token buried in the lake. It is called a "BOB token" (maybe after Twin Peaks?)
      It grants the user unlimited power.
      I work at some pizza joint kind of place, and the founders were the last folks to use it years and years ago. They made their business, then buried it in a warded section of the lake in town.
      I go at dark. It's easy enough to find. But I have to perform some kind of ritual to unlock it. Don't remember the specifics, but I'm busy underwater for a while..
      Too long. Birdie, my wife's IWL coworker, swims toward me, trying to get it as well. Fuck.
      I grab it and swim away. My wife is waiting for me and I tell her to SWIM, SWIM! THAT WAY! Not our planned route, just the most direct, easy way away down the river.
      It is Easter tomorrow, and this town celebrates by sending Norwegian flags down the river on little boats. They're all over the water and we crash into them. I'm on my wife's back as she propels us through them and I hope they donít hurt her.
      We get to the shore. Birdie is not far behind us.
      Then I realize.
      My wife is against me. She's with Birdie. Fuck. They both want the token.
      I pretend to not know and we go into a convenience store through a hole in the side of the building, thinking we're hiding from Birdie.
      She comes in, then I run.
      I have the token. I don't care. I'm invincible now.
      I have no shoes. It is winter, and night out. I run through town. Some town, not real, but in the dream it is where we live. The streets are old cobblestone, full of mud and shit and snow and I get it all over my feet but I keep running.
      Eventually I find our dog, Goose, and grab him and bring him with me. They're the enemy now and we are going to get out of this together.
      I run through town with Goose and eventually stop to breathe. I've lost them. I have the token.
      I'm outside a building. Record store / radio tower. We need a place to be, maybe they..? I look at the window and yes: apartment for rent. But it's scribbled out, already taken. ButÖ
      I become lucid, knowing suddenly that I can just decide to make it free if I act right.
      We go in. The folks in the record store eye the dog, and my dirty feet, but whatever. I go up to the counter. One side is record store, one side is the radio tower dude. Their vibes are so different: nerdy vs punk. A customer in front of me finishes and I inquire about the apartment.
      They say yeah, it's empty, the last person just left all their shit in there so you're free to use it for now, no charge if you want to help empty it.
      Fuck yeah. They give me some keys. But where's the door? I wander the store, eventually find a stairwell near the entrance.
      I go upÖ (The dog has disappeared from the dream now, lol)
      It is very sketchy. Super low, unfinished ceiling. Attic vibes. Terribly ugly carpet. A set of washer and dryers are stashed in a corner. A super old jukebox. I marvel at the detail for a sec like I always do in dreamsÖ my brain inventing this shit. Neat.
      I find another small stairwell and then the apartment. It is a single room, no kitchen, no bathroom, insulation walls, no windows, yellow carpet, scary, ugly.
      No thanks. I wander around instead, get lost in a maze of similar rooms. Kind of scary. Eventually find the way back down.
      Outside, Taylor Swift is giving an interview.
      I wake up.

      Glitch World

      I'm in a place similar to the last dream.
      Cartoonish maze-like, video game-like world. Circular looping roads rise up through the sky, land on brightly colored platforms, repeat around. Many folks are doing this, like it is a museum piece. Not amusement park vibe, though.
      I'm on one of the cars. It hits a huge white cartoon building and falls from the tracks, down into cartoon cloud sky abyssÖ my dream fear. Abyss, falling.
      Oh. But I'm dreaming! It's ok. I'm still afraid but talk myself into confidence and just hover, then fly up to the buildings again.
      Flying! Yes! My goals. The comp. Let's do it. I can remember my 3 step goals.
      1. Flying. Got it.
      2. Eat dream food. Ok!
      I land on top of the structures, which on the very top are covered in sparse vegetation. From this height, I can see they all go on for infinity in this massive white space. I look at the little flowers growingÖ that doesn't look edible, lol. Small purple lavender-like buds, dandelions. Umm. Hm.
      Oh! I'll try to manifest something. I put my hands behind my back and think "APPLE!" and.. Nothing. I do it again, nothing. Ok. I'll just eat these weird flowers.
      I keep walking and find something that looks like a huge radish pushing out of the ground. Perfect. I pull it out and it is actually an apple growing out of the ground. Funny how dream intentions work.
      I take a biteÖ Ew. It is mushy, like a super soft apple but no sweetness. Well, at least the task is done.
      I keep walking, looking at the flowers and enjoying the weird cartoon dreamscape. Then on one of the building tops I see an ancient machine, kind of like a retro car but covered in neon green spaceship lights. Super derelict and run down. Cool! I begin to fly over, but then I remember my other goal, and my current personal goal.
      3. Teleport!
      I don't really know what to try now. I failed just trying with what makes sense to me, kind of imagine-running-starting toward it, close my eyes.. Some force of willÖ But I do that again. I almost feel something push, but I open my eyes and haven't moved. Damn. My other idea is to summon an item, a staff maybe, or find something to help me.. But I really feel pulled to keep trying the blink/push move. And fail again.
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    2. Lucid Library (DV Winter Competition Night 7)

      by , 01-14-2024 at 06:42 PM (The book of mars)
      WBTB, back to sleep...

      I enter a dream. I'm at a library, in a city, maybe Seattle? There's guards who pat me down, but then let some others in. Why? Oh, they're regulars.
      I go in. I'm walking the shelves when I remember books! Books is a dream sign - yes! Is this a faint visualization? No, it's a dream!
      I look to the shelves, so excited, and pull a big book out. Large format. It's a symbology book, all the symbols from some ancient culture. Fuck yeah. Each symbol is created using two or three stick-like figures, but someone has gone in and used pencil to make them all doing obscene things like smoking and fucking. OK then. I put it back; the shelf was ILLs.
      I'll go upstairs to the fiction section. I have an idea that this library is an amalgam of two that I know IWL, maybe Seattle and somewhere else, but this is a false dream memory really.
      The place is super busy. Lots of folks, and seems like a class of kids as well. I look around, trying to find exactly what I want. Cool short stories. But where's the fiction? So much garbage, non fiction, Christan-themed children's books (though the cover was so cool in memoryÖ) I'm low lucid, because I would be delving into any of this had I my full memory. Oh, well.
      I find a tiny shelf of some fiction on an end cap. One of the books is an old mystery writer short story collection, but a massive gilded cicada has bored a hole in each book. I yell "Staff? Any staff?!" and someone comes over with a black knit cap on. (Again, low level lucid, or I'd have loved to speak to any of the many DCs here..) I tell him about the books. He seems like he's seen this before and thanks me.
      Something about Chase being here.
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    3. Lucid Thrift Store + Dylan Returns

      by , 05-23-2011 at 12:55 AM (The book of mars)
      Lucid Thrift Store

      I'm in some kind of thrift store, which is a regular living room but with a rack of clothes. I see Heather's new clothes she bought for her birthday the other day (in real life) on top of the rack.

      She wouldn't donate those, I think. I am instantly lucid. The dream is difficult to connect with for whatever reason. I rub my hands together for stability but realize I have mittens on. I remove them and try again.

      I sit on the floor for a moment, thinking of what I want to do in a dream. I try to recall my goals.

      An eastern women is at a cash register and is doing a little dance. It is very simple but she acts very proud, as if it took her months to perfect it. She looks over to me and offers me acid after she's done.

      I close my eyes and she places a tab of acid on my tongue (I "know" this happened, but didn't actually feel it occur.) Suddenly my body is knocked from a sitting position to my head on the floor. I lose lucidity.

      The dream spins into a different room, a different scene:

      Dylan Returns

      I am in my ex-beloved's living room (not a replica of real life at all). It has very nice hardwood floors which I admire. We are hanging out, catching up. He offers to bring me to the ATM with him or something.

      We are in his car. I ask if he has his license and he responds that he doesn't. He goes through the ATM and we drive somewhere else.

      We are now on a beach. He is tattooing Bart Simpson onto my foot. I look at my foot a lot and think of how sketchy the lines are and if I'll regret this.

      I have a discussion with someone else on the beach of how stupid water shoes are.
    4. Dream Graduation '(again) + Lucid Awakening + Fragments

      by , 04-11-2011 at 02:57 PM (The book of mars)
      Dream Graduation

      I’m in school. Graduation is getting set up RIGHT NOW. Hallways are empty except me and a few other “left overs” who can’t graduate for whatever reason. I have a bottle of wine in my hand and start running and screaming: look at me! A cup manifests and I pour it, chugging the bottle and then the cup, bottle then the cup until I’m in the rotunda, drunk and everyone’s looking at me.

      I follow some other left overs through dusty abandoned hallways so Mrs. L doesn’t see us and find us out. We all have this plan to graduate anyway so we go way up into the theater storage attic and try our best to hide ourselves. Me under a big blanket with someone and I’m drunk and my eyesight is like that of when I’m so tired I can’t keep my lids awake. So for most of it I do have my eyes closed and just listen under a blanket stacked on top of theater props so I almost touch the ceiling.

      Someone tries to peep into the hallway and a little Asian girl who ate all her hair off (really) is the “hall monitor” for graduation sees that someone. She sends in this bulky girl, a real bully. She’s got a trick. She pulls the first kid she sees to her and licks that student’s lip, touches it and then taps her temple. She screams and falls down, not dead but just painful. She does another little trick to someone (pulls their lip ring over their nose!) and says she won’t tell Mrs. L. She’s gonna leave but first wants to show off another trick, looking for someone she pulls me over to her! No way, I hate pain (who doesn’t); she spins my chin into a tight spiral and every time I un-spin it a little, shit it hurts. But someone tells me there’s a trick to her trick and just un-spin it all at once: I do, and I feel just a little tug and I’m okay.

      A few of us go further into the attic and we find that there’s a desk and under the desk is nothing, it’s a free-fall to the ice arena where they graduate so you can watch the whole thing. They’re almost ready! A teacher, Mrs. Smith (4’7 or something small!) sees us peeping and comes marching over. We all run out of the attic, oh too late, and Mrs. L is standing waiting for us.

      She’s a lovely lady sometimes and says we can all graduate, so everyone puts their gowns on. I don’t have one. At the final door to the ice arena, its time to graduate, I don’t have a gown, but there’s a box with a white Freshman gown. I’m a sophomore in my dream (hey wait, why were all the different classes graduating instead of just the seniors!) and our color is green, so I’m a bit embarrassed. We walk out and I run over to Autumn so she can take my picture (it’s mandatory). When I get over to my class, they’re all wearing white and I’m the only one wearing green.

      Lucid Awakening

      I’m downtown, walking in a little drizzle. I plan on going to the community market to volunteer when I see a little nook between buildings with a candy store built in. It doesn’t have a door or a cashing machine, it’s just a bunch of glass jars with a ton of bright colored candy. I’m pretty delighted but wait! We don’t have a candy store downtown. And why is downtown so tiny? I’m lucid. I walk into the center of downtown (as I said, everything is tiny and compact, like 50 feet). I look around and notice:

      This feels real. This is REALITY to me. Everything is solid and I am perceiving it just as I do waking life.

      (This single lucid fragment has created something in me that has helped everything I've been doing dream-wise DRAMATICALLY. I understood before that dreams=reality while waking life=hazy and unreal while you're dreaming, but I never FELT and EXPERIENCED that completely. Now that I have, something has clicked. My reality checks take up to five minutes or more, not because I feel that more time is necessary or anything, but that's how long it takes me to discern my reality. REALITY has a new meaning. I become lucid more often (though write more in the hard copy of my dream journal, less on here). I thank my subconscious for letting me explore this feeling.)


      I make a sandwich for myself "when I wake up"- WHY WASN'T I LUCID?

      Autumn and I are being obnoxious in school, so Heather leaves without saying a word to me. Crushing.
      NOTE: Autumn told me today that she had a VERY SIMILAR dream, of her and I and Heather (who she has never met or talked to) all in a classroom.

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    5. Pug Genocide and the Obstacle Course + Circle Class + Fragments

      by , 03-08-2011 at 03:36 PM (The book of mars)
      Pug Genocide and the Obstacle Course

      Iím on my street walking two dogs, a Pomeranian and a pug. I make sure to keep them walking on the right side of the road, and my dream-mind thinks of how much I like the direction of East. I have trouble keeping them out of the roads but I manage to take them to my destination: a big building with all the kids from school waiting in line outside. Thereís something going on, but I donít really know what. I notice that if I get in line, Iíll be waiting for hours. Itís extremely hot out, the peak of summer.

      I see my Uncle Pat come at me from a distance. He has a shot gun. Suddenly I am being pulled to the ground. I canít see anything and my dogs are taken. Hands are over me. I am put in a car. I open my eyes. Iím in the backseat. My momís in front with my Nana and the dogs are here in the back. The windows are rolled up and weíre all sweating really hard because of the heat.

      ďYou canít take Pugs out in the open,Ē my Nana says. She explains that they are being killed off, and my Uncle is one of the men who shoots them. I donít know why itís happening. I roll a window down and shove my face out. Itís a little refreshing. I draw things in the thick condensation thatís formed on the windows.

      They drop me off at my dream-house, where Iím staying. Itís night time. I take the dogs into a shed and ruffle through a few boxes. I find a purple wig and put it on. In the mirror, I look the same, and my wig looks really funny. I canít fit all my hair under it.

      I go into the house. Iím staying with an autistic boy and his autistic friend. They annoy me, not because theyíre autistic, but they wonít leave me alone for a moment. I try to run into my room and quickly close the door, but they get in. I do it again, forcefully and lock the door. The dogs play around in my room.

      The scene jumps to me going back to the building with the school kids. Itís daytime again, but the same day, just a few hours later. No one is outside and I see the tail end of the line going in. Shit. To go in, you walk up some stairs on the side of the building, so I do that. The next part is the beginning of a big obstacle course. I didnít know that was what this was.

      Derek, my friend, is in front of me. After the stairs, you climb through a window-esque opening. I do so, but after casually going through, I am almost falling off a circular ledge that leads from the outside to the inside. Below me, all the kids are doing their obstacles or just watching me fall. This is the first part, and Iím already failing. Well I didnít know about it, so I donít feel that bad, I donít really care about this. The ledge is absolutely terrifying, however.

      I fall more, and Iím dangling half inside half outside the building, my hands on the ledge.

      ďFuck all you hoes,Ē I say (lols) and manage to lift myself up. I slink around the ledge and come to a bigger part of it. Kayla, a schoolmate, is in back of me. There are two doorways. They are both extremely small. I enter one, and it gets blistering hot as I walk through. I take off my hoodie, and my mind says this is why my dream has been so hot. Itís still hot in the hallway. It zigzags vertically and becomes too small to fit through. I look back and see Kayla has taken the other hallway, the correct choice. Shit, failed again.

      Scene change to the end of the course. Iíve probably come in last, but Iím hanging out with the first place and second place kids until they make a final announcement. Itís kind of like a break time. First place is ďHeatherĒ, although it doesnít look like her and she keeps taking her glasses off (which she doesnít have in waking life) and saying how she canít see.

      Circle Class

      I am in a big fancy house and I am going to interview someone. They bring me to the ďtea roomĒ, which is a huge circular white room. I sit down.

      Scene change to me sitting in the room, but in a desk. There are about thirty desks all arranged in a circular way. I see Jack sitting on the other side of the circle. Iím talking to Megan, a childhood friend, and Derek, a friend from school. We talk for a long time, most of the dream, but I donít remember dialogue much. My mouth is really dry.

      I look down the line and see Heather talking to a friend, Aimee. I get a jealousy pang but remember that Iím having a quite good time myself here talking with Megan. We are sitting in rolly chairs and I spin around the room, having some fun.

      For some reason, a lot of people start to leave. I think theyíll come back so I wait. Eventually itís just me and a few kids near Jack who are really dedicated students and wouldnít leave a class. I know everyone is having a good time without me, and I get very upset. I see Derek left me a drawing. Itís really good, and on the back it has a black scratch area. It reveals rainbow colors if you scratch it away. I doodle on it and think about what Heather is doing without me. I do some funny things to entertain the students, who laugh, but I canít close my mouth. Itís too dry!

      I wake up, and have the worst dry mouth. I drink water and go back to bed.


      I am in Goodwill with my mom and someone else. This girl Emily who is really disgusting is here. She points to a sailing instrument, a tiny globe that has a handle under it that controls a grid laying over the earth. It tells you longitude and latitude numbers. I really want it, but itís thirty dollars. I carry it around and slip it into my pocket.

      I check out the records and they have video game soundtracks. I really want the Donkey Kong 64 Part 2 (doesnít exist!) soundtrack, or the Banjoe Tooie. No money, oh well. I think about telling my friend Lotie about them, because she just got a record player.

      I look at a television playing something on a shelf. A thought comes to mind that my mom had cancer in my dream or something. The dream details on this, but I donít recall any of it.


      Itís a year later than now, and I ďwake upĒ in a daze into the new present time, knowing nothing of the past year. I ask Heather all the things we did in the passing year, and have my mom tell me some things we did too. I go to a park with my mom and dad and my dad uncovers my old bike from under a hiding spot. He said I put it there last year.

      I'm in my first room ever. On the ground there are two vests, identical. Weird, I think. Why would that happen? I could be dreaming. I become lucid, look at the vests, and see they are remarkably different. I wake up.
    6. Dynamite Town + Fragment

      by , 03-01-2011 at 03:41 PM (The book of mars)
      Dynamite Town

      I’m flying! I’m close to the ground, no cars, just a big long road in the country surrounded by yellow and orange autumnal trees. I let my muscles go limp and the wind takes me higher, passed the power lines. If I go too high I get a little nervous I’ll never come back down, so I stabilize myself a few feet above the power lines. “It feels so good to be flying, finally,” I say.The wind is warm and everything feels exhilarating.

      A tiny voice in my head starts talking to me: it’s my mom! I lose lucidity. She wants me to go get “Cochla root” for my dad, who has a bit of back pain. I need to go to the medicine woman we see for the herbal nutrition we buy from her.

      Luckily, my school is having a trip to the same area today! Now I’m on a bus, looking out the window. We’re here, in the little mountain town where she lives. I call it a “boomtown” but for other reasons: all around us, people are working with dynamite in the mountains to access the gold and coal that are inside. The surroundings are all dirt and mud with laborers outside on this particularly rainy day. The houses are scattered boxes on the fields passed the dynamite lands. The bus rides through on the only paved road I see.

      Out my window I see a girl who’s working. I look in her eyes as she works. There’s a connection here, one that I’m uncertain of but I feel something. I want her to look at me, but the bus passes before she turns.

      Ahead, the other bus of students is returning from the town, going home. There is only enough room for one bus, but this isn’t a problem in a dream. Our bus kind of goes “over” the other bus, without an accident or anything dangerous, we are on the same track but on different levels of the same road. My POV is inside the other bus as it passes below us. I see Heather sitting alone, crying. I know she’s having an anxiety attack because of all the dynamite and danger around her. Jack is in my bus and starts taunting her.

      “Jack,” I say. Everyone on both of the buses stops talking. “Shut the FUCK UP.” He does. We move on.

      We get to our destination soon. It’s a old fort house a little ways passed the main dynamite mountain area. Inside, I get a little scared; this is a haunted house-esqe attraction, not an informative guide through the history of the town. Although I’m scared, me and my friend Celina are the first to run in. The doorway frightens us: when you walk over it, it rains on you. This was terrifying in my dream!

      We sit down against a wall and let everyone else explore the house. I go into the kitchen where the witch doing all this scary magic is kneading bread. I ask her about the medicine woman and where I can see her.

      “You’re on the same road but this is the wrong house,” she says. I feel embarrassed. I sit back against the wall with Celina and text Heather. Eventually everyone has explored the scary house and we leave.

      On the way home we stop at a McDonalds and I order two chicken nuggets. I receive my order and they are huge, about half the size of me! I can’t wait to give these to Heather (I’m vegetarian), but they’re really heavy and difficult to pull along.

      The scene shifts to me in the back seat of a car. My Uncle Pat is driving. I don’t want to tell my mom that I didn’t get the Cochla root and she’ll have to drive back to the town. I think of ways to tell her the bad news. My Uncle is going really slow and when I notice this, he hits the accelerator and goes through a shortcut home: through a bank parking lot and then through a school playground. Before we reach the playground, my POV shifts to above the car, as if there is no car, only me and him floating (but I still “feel” that we are in a car). We start passing through the fence into the playground and I see a bunch of curved spoons on the ground.

      “That’s where crack addicts do their drugs. If I was going to do crack, I’d do it here,” I say.

      On the playground, we pass a teenager on a small child’s bike. Now I am riding the bike.

      It has backwards peddle brakes which are so foreign to me that I just don’t brake. Instead, I kind of idle around the edge of the playground until I can cross the street. I go for it without looking, and a car almost hits me: it was my mom, we’re both going home. I find this funny.

      Peddling home, I stop on the side of the street to collect some acorns that have fallen from a tiny tree. My uncle’s voice booms to me: “Stop, let’s go home!” I tell him to wait a minute and then we proceed home.


      (Copied directly from my dream journal, I can’t make sense of it)
      Me + a lot of people, nighttime, afraid on couches in a big house. Julia. My cat forms into a square of space + I wake up with her still there.

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    7. The Glowing Forest + Lucid Beach + An Anonymous Present

      by , 02-23-2011 at 03:55 PM (The book of mars)
      The Glowing Forest and a Coaster Ride

      I am in a really junky part of Maine, although like always, itís beautiful. This time its exceptionally pretty: the car Iím in is traveling through a dark forested area on an old road. The moss on the great redwood trees illuminates our way enough so we donít have to use our lights. Little glowing worms and luminescent animals scurry around. I see a moose with glowing green antlers in between the giant trees. In the car, my mom and I are discussing how much money the houses here cost.

      ďAbout the same price as living in the library,Ē my mom says. I nod as if this makes sense. It does in dream world I suppose.
      Our friend Alice Louise is taking us to appraise a house for a guy and his daughter. Along the way she points out some noticeably pretty houses. Most of them have been built into the surrounding landscape; some are carved into trees, some are half sunken into muddy swamplands. One that she points out sheíd like to live in seems too small, perhaps the size of a fairy house but a fairy mansion.

      We turn into the driveway of a pretty normal trailer; one of the only normal houses in the area. Itís unfortunate that this is what we came to see, not one of the prettier houses. We meet the father and the daughter. The daughter is Abby (an acquaintance in waking life). All of us step into the sunroom which is attached to the side of the trailer. Suddenly it moves, detaching itself from the trailer, and rotates all around it to the other side. This was the ďappraisalĒ that we came here for with Alice Louise. Weíre ready to go.

      Strangely, when we leave, itís just Alice and I. Sheís driving and Iím in the passenger seat. Weíre in the country now, surrounded by low green fields and a big blue sky. The occasional farm passes by my window and there are silos on the horizon. In front of us thereís a guy running manically. He has long scraggly black hair and barely anything on except skin tight white running shorts. If he had a shirt on, I donít remember. He seems to be running for fitness comically. We kind of catch up to him and slow down for some reason. He comes to the window.

      ďThis is still Washington even though itís not snowing,Ē he says, leaning into the window on Alice Louiseís side. She nods and they keep talking about how we are in the very middle of Washington where there is never snow or rain. He gets a little aggressive when he speaks, as if we arenít particularly welcome right now. We drive off and he begins to run again.
      Now the country road we were on has a four lane high-way coming the other way.

      ďSee, weíre not even in the country anymore. Weíll be home soon,Ē Alice says.

      The scraggly-haired man is ahead of us again. We see that heís throwing sandbags on the road! That will definitely stop the Jeep weíre in. We dodge one but the next is in the center of the road and our front right wheel hits it dead on and we come to a stop. Now the only way home is to useÖthe roller coaster that is running along the road on the shoulder.

      We each get into one of our own coaster cars on the ride. They are cartoon dinosaur heads; you step into its mouth, with the eyes and the nose above you as a roof. Mineís blue, Aliceís is red. They not only run forward on the roller coaster track, but turn 360 degrees with inertia. I donít like this. Thereís a big hill that we are going up. In front of me, I see other coaster cars. They are jumping from track to track; we are on a similar four lane high-way but this side of the road is a roller coaster. I want to jump tracks like those cars, so I do. Itís easy with intent. When I jump, the coaster car does a flip mid-air and lands on the next track. Sometimes, the cars jump over other cars. Itís kind of a nice sight.

      I realize we are going uphill faster than I expected and I donít want to feel the fall. Although I like roller coasters, this hill is steep: twice Superman, if you will. I close my eyes and forget the dream. I become aware of my sleeping body. Yes, still asleep, not on a roller coaster, not about to fallÖ

      I become aware of my dream body again once I am at the bottom. Alice Louise is gone from my dream. I am now in a gift store: the final destination of the coaster cars. There are a few wooden racks of hand-knitted things. I look at a pair of mukluks that my brother Holden had (dream memory, not in waking life) and remind myself to ask him to buy them for me. A girl comes over and looks at a rack of facial creams. They all have a certain element to them, but I forgot what it was specifically. She debates if one of the creams has that common element with the store clerk.

      Kayla (a girl I know in waking life) is buying a pretty unique pair of gloves. They have the fingers cut off hobo-style and are black with Nightmare Before Christmas things sewn onto each finger. The back of the hand part of the gloves have a big skull sewn onto them. She is dressed all gothic-esque and has an air of ďI donít give a shit if Iím retreating back into this style.Ē (She dressed the same way years and years ago). I lose the dream.

      Lucid Beach

      I am on a beach with Heather. Thereís a ton of people all taking up the shore space, but we find a little sand-muddy area. Itís not particularly nice, but it is the beach (and its winter in Maine, so its pleasant to dream of). Heather starts having an anxiety attack because of the people so we go to the ďnextĒ beach, a few feet from this one. They are distinctly not the same beach, but are very close. On this one, there are no people. We have sex, but it doesnít really work out and we end up laughing and leaving.
      Thereís a sign on the beach that says thereís a sale going on at ďB♠NĒ. What a weird name for a store I say to myself! We look up and B♠N is right in front of us. In the parking lot area of the store, which is all sandy and car-less because of how close it is to the beach, my momís kind of disembodied voice begins to talk about Zelda. Heather responds by saying sheís played all of them, which she has (in dream life, not waking life). I feel weird because I introduced her to the series and still havenít played all of them (I have in waking life). I become lucid thinking of the name of the store. Jack and someone else are with Heather and I now and we all go into the store. I retain my lucidity but simply watch the events and notice the surroundings. In the store Heather says something about dreaming.

      ďThis IS a dream actually!Ē I try to convince her and she laughs and kind of ďknowsĒ that it is, and I keep pestering her about it. I touch her and really feel her skin.

      ďItís weird how I can actually feel your skin,Ē I say. Iím not amazed about the act of feeling it, but at this point Iím thinking of how my mind is either creating the feeling of her skin, which is an exact representation of the feeling in waking life, or I really am feeling itÖon the dream plane.
      My cat jumps onto my sleeping body and I wake up.

      An Anonymous Gift

      Iím in my high school. For some reason I take my pants off and put them on the janitorís cart. I have my white long johns under them though, so I donít look too strange. I begin walking to my class. Someone in the rotunda says my mom is embarrassed in her classroom (she doesnít work here in waking life) so I go see her first. Her room is where my 11th grade English class was. Itís set up the same way. She tells me I have a package in the office and I should get it soon. I donít remember to ask why she was so embarrassed.

      I go into the bathroom. Heather is here. Somehow, she ends up out the window, trying to crawl back inside from two stories below on one of those fair game ladders that twist and turn as you climb them (usually horizontally). Sheís crying manically and saying the ladder is slippery and sheís going to fall. I somehow manage to take all her limbs and with the help of the janitor who comes in to clean, we get her inside. Sheís really distraught.

      I leave the bathroom and Heather is now Autumn. We go into our classroom. My 5th grade teacher is our teacher now. Lynn, a friend of ours, laughs when we enter the class an hour late. The teacher is really upset with me in particular and tells me to go get a late pass if I have a good excuse for my tardiness. I leave but have no excuse; I just want to be gone from the room.
      I walk downstairs and take a drink at the fountain. My teacher had been following me to see if I was going to the office to get a late pass or not. I casually stroll into the office. I donít like being in trouble, so I intend it to be the end of the day so I can get off the hook. The bell rings and all the kids scurry out of their classrooms. I sneak into the back area of the office and call UPS from the office phone and tell them not to deliver my package if itís going to be late. I donít know why I do this, since my package is already here. Itís nicely wrapped and has a stamp with my name on it.

      I bring it upstairs to the benches and open it. Itís a pair of goggles, like steampunk-esque but modernized. Theyíre red with orange accents. I close the box and leave the school.

      My mom picks me up and we begin to drive on back country roads. Itís raining pretty hard, but Iím having a nice conversation with my mom and we donít mind it. I show her my goggles and she likes them. Neither of us know who got them for me or where they came from. We arrive at this old trailer that I used to know in waking life. In my dream, itís where Heather lives. Without getting out of the car, my mom somehow knocks but no one comes to the door. I know Heather is home. We just leave.

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