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    1. Crystalline College

      by , 08-12-2019 at 01:34 PM (the Dream Almanac)
      I'm with my (dream)friend, a girl, kind of sporty wearing a flannel, at UMF but its not UMF. We're here for tryouts for this... game/thing/college/class.
      Its being held down in the Roberts parkinglot, which is busier, with a building in the center. I pass Michelle Darling, hello.
      There's a group of ppl who made it and those trickling out who didn't. The test is like, throwing these darts or catching them or something sporty.
      She fails. But on her way out she catches one, but it doesn't count. I don't know if it counts or not.
      I don't know how I pass, but I do. Eventually all the winners are left and are being guided away toward wherever we're going.
      I look for her frantically, I don't want to be alone, but I know she's out.
      In the crowd of people I see Rebecca! I have a dream memory of knowing she wanted to go back to school. I get in with her group and say hey.
      We're stragglers. There's this big fat happy boy. I say something about my friend (another person, a winner) wants to go to this college thing to dismantle religion.
      Everyone laughs.
      Eventually we go to where we're going to be for the next like, 6 months.
      Its a crystal cavern-turned-school. The cavern is the school. The crystals are super powerful. (This is some Hollow Knight bullshit).
      The cavern is kind of 2D and there's a 'flat' back to it, even though it LOOKS like it goes deep. I wonder if we'll unlock it.
      We go "right" into a huge chamber and are told some stuff, don't know. Its an important room.
      We're herded into a crystal-cavern cafeteria-esque small room to the "left" of the flat center room and sit at tables. Its like everyone had been here before but I'm one of the new kids, even though we're all new: I'm like an hour late to the game or something. I ask the fat boy if I can sit next to him.
      "OOO, your body!" referring to all my current bruises and scars. "Yeah I got too drunk camping." "This is my first time being drunk!"
      I realize this is why they brought us here: a woman hands out a menu with only drinks. Mostly wine. He orders more wine. Chelsea is behind me and orders Coffee Brandy, but she calls it WBTB (lol). I have that flash-urge of "fuck sobriety" but I consider getting a coffee. Its like 2.98, the cheapest coffee and cream option. Tons of crazy chai coffee stuff, but all very expensive.
      My vision flashes outside of myself and I see this crazy cackling headmistress kind of deal, and like a cinema/movie, I know she's got secret/subversive plans based on the "shot" of the scene. She's behind the flat part of the center room and zoom-slips through the crystalline hole. She lands on the outside of the cavern to the "right" -- we didn't know there was a behind. She punches the crystal and it super-charges something. This is "bad" ... she's not telling anyone she's doing this, she has some evil plan here.
      My vision flashes again to a group of girls being shown the cavern for the first time. You can see the flash on the edges/seams of the room.
      "WOAH," they say. Their faces are like half-drawn anime, I can see those vertical+horizontal face lines artist do, and I toggle the horizontal on and off with some dream-watcher power (not the me of the dream, the me of me/myself dreaming) and I realize they look half-drawn because the flash is so bright.
      Then it subsides and I see their normal faces.
      Flash back to me going back into the cafeteria room with everyone. The wine is being served.
      "I think I forgot to order somehow" I say and the waitress/teacher (there's only like, 2 teachers here, she's one of them) sighs and says they can put in a last minute order for a price. Well, I guess, sure.
      I ask her if she lives here year round, half knowing she must not, but just curious.
      "Oh, no. This place is inaccesssible half of the year."

      Some kind of time skip, and I'm on "leave" from the school, like a vacation or something.
      I'm in Walmart in the back room. I came here very much on a mission. My job is like an assassination. I track people down with my team and tell them to go to jail or we'll kill them. We hunt out people who get away with bullshit.
      I'm walking and I don't know who my target is until I do (the first person I see: I can feel the dream being made up as I go along).
      Its Torrey. I feel bad, some part of me who knows it was random. But he sees us, my team and I, and knows what's coming.
      I threaten him. I don't remember the exact words but I make the offer, tell him we know what happened.
      "We have a graveyard for you all set up. Westskull or Eastskull cemetary, your choice. But I'd rather you atone. YOU MUST ATONE FOR YOUR SINS AND GO TO JAIL."
      He's getting really nervous but refusing. He doesn't want either. He tries me: "How do you know, you have the paper?" "Yes, I do" "So you were in the cop car when it happened? I doubt it" and true doubt flashes on his face, but I know what my job is and I know I'm right, so I press onward. YOU MUST ATONE!!!
      A roll-up door rolls up and a truck is parked out there. I have to get away from the situation, and I know my dream makes it up that I can dive under the truck like its my get-away vehicle, so it is (That dream faculty!). I do, and I'm nervous it won't work, that I'm making it up and he's going to get me, but the car rolls away and I'm unharmed as I'm dragged out of the building underneath it. In the parking lot I hop up into the cab.
      I see my buddy, the driver, and know I'm safe. He has a super-long lens camera. I take it so he can drive.
      We getaway. I fuck with the camera, but it won't stop zooming/adjusting. I go to turn the zoom off, but the body is super-blank.
      "Simple camera," I say. "Yeah, it's probably not good." I finally take some shots. They look good. "Nah, it's great."
    2. emotions in skyrim

      by , 02-03-2012 at 01:15 PM (the Dream Almanac)
      i am in skyrim.
      i am in skyrim! this is cool. i don't know its cool because i'm just living my life
      as a character, probably, but i am myself otherwise.

      i jump, rock climb, trying to get to "markarth", a place in the game i've been to,
      but in this dream i have not, and its entirely different than the game (of course, its a dream)
      i jump from a ledge into the water.

      beneath the water's surface, the ledge is carved out with a big mechanical heart.
      old, old, very cool, very intricate. i'm close.

      i jump onto the bridge in this water pool. this is the way to markarth.
      i make my way, and find the city alive with people.
      tons and tons of folk, dressed in every day clothes, but otherwise the time period/alternate world is accurate.

      i'm with heather now. we explore.
      she tells me adam and sarina are coming. huh well um okay yes sure.
      outside a window, in some other part of the reality dream scape, i see them walking toward us.
      except they are children. they are 5 years old. adam is a boy even though he's young.

      this is a joke, and i am not happy about it.
      i whine whine cry child cry cry. i'm upset. heather, why?
      okay they walk in- look normal. act normal.

      we explore the city together. find a door marked "nintendo blue gamecube only" huh
      some kind of connection cord is necessary to do something strange...i don't know.
      didn't know the details in the dream + didn't care to find out. adam comments on it.

      we go into a library/thrift store combo. i escape to the children's section
      i am alone,
      i am happy.
      but i want heather with me.
      Tags: heart, library, skyrim
    3. school retox

      by , 02-03-2012 at 12:38 AM (the Dream Almanac)
      at high school
      i was signed up for psyche/history(same subject here)
      christian shows me where to go0
      "you know my dad"
      "the clown-"
      "yes everyone knows him"
      "hes the teacher, my dads the teacher
      he's an easy teacher, he doesn't make you do anything"

      in the classroom, a collage i did (not in waking life) is taped to the whiteboard.
      it is a canyon with a white square with a title on it taped onto the canyon.
      i think of how badly they put it together, (as if it came in pieces)
      i did not know how they got it though.

      he says take your seat. i go to one
      well, its the wrong one so i move all my stuff to the only other seat
      between emma and rae (its current time though, not past)
      it is awkward. adam is sitting in front of me.

      emma talking to person in front of her (female): 25 dollars for a mullet is outrageous
      me: its only 15 in waterville. (i say this very hesitantly. i only want to respond, not to form any kind of relationship or further conversation.)
      her: still a rip off.
      i agree.

      adam is taking a ring out of an elaborate box.
      its for trans prom.
      rae: adam, no one even likes you.
    4. youth parade fragments

      by , 01-31-2012 at 03:09 PM (the Dream Almanac)
      a long line of kids my age outside of my work place.
      holy shit a gun? no- a lighter, no worries.
      pehry passes joints around.
      were gonna be here awhile.
      moving along, all of a sudden i'm alone.
      my surroundings have changed now that i "look up"
      i'm in a borders books/clothing store, asking people where the line went.
      dirty looks, still lost, think about taking small sketchbooks but i have a dream conscience.
      we were supposed to see the abandoned building-
      oldest submerged bathtub and dead bodies
      (i can "see" what it looks like)

    5. ice

      by , 01-24-2012 at 02:39 PM (the Dream Almanac)
      in an ice room. ice skating room...ice everywhere.
      with my grandfather.
      i touch the ice. "this is a dream"
      not lucid. i just know.
      touch it, break it, prove to myself.
      laughing "this is a dream!"
      but if i becoming lucid i "know" i'll wake up (would i have?)
      so i don't.
      Tags: ice, lucid
      non-lucid , dream fragment
    6. (dream journal transcript, august 6th of last year)

      by , 01-22-2012 at 03:55 AM (the Dream Almanac)
      intergalactic battle.
      me (not really) vs the lady with goggles to see the energy of things.
      she has an overlord, controlling the "spaceship"
      that i get glimpses of thru some metaphysical window.
      i am in a house in the attic, the spaceship is outside
      being built/constricted. some are opposed (me), some are for.

      on another field, i have bunny feet to battle-
      she has bunny feet to counter me.
      many identical beings are watching us -
      they look different with her goggles on (i dont know how i know).
      they float.

      i lose this battle and my "team" are sent to the next level-
      a hell.
      it looks like the surface of the sun;
      fire, explosion, CME etc.
      "wait, why dont we feel it

    7. the dreamwolf

      by , 01-18-2012 at 02:58 PM (the Dream Almanac)
      im part of a staged audience
      being filmed. we're in the wrong kind of stage hall though. this one is just for speeches.
      i start yelling about how we should be in the right one and leave.

      on a wintery soccer field with my brother. we kick around soccerballs.
      when you kick them, even tap them, they go flying in whatever direction you want them to go.
      i'm lucid.
      i kick the balls, and it feels awesome, like i'm david beckham.
      like i have all the soccer skills in my dreambody, i'm just really good at the sport.

      my brother and i walk around the fence of the field. i follow him.
      i try to tell him he's dreaming but i dont think he hears me or something.
      he climbs up on top of a garage. i follow.
      from the peak, i can see a huge black wolf (in a totally white snowy background- easy to see)
      i get afraid but remember its a dream.
      my attention makes her walk over to me. i get a little afraid.

      i tell her its a dream. disappear. go away.
      when i say this, she says it too at the same time.
      "those tricks dont work on me, i'm not like that" she says and laughs,
      and a wolf laughing is quite scary.

      she disappears and i instantly lose lucidity.
      Tags: lucid, snow, soccer, wolf
    8. beats

      by , 12-19-2011 at 12:47 PM (the Dream Almanac)
      jack kerouac tells me how to listen to all the poetry he and his friends wrote
      i can hear the beats
      and the bongos.
    9. ram dass from outer space

      by , 12-15-2011 at 09:24 PM (the Dream Almanac)
      i am looking at a sims 2 look down/walls down layout plan of a house-ship.

      the ship is originally concrete, i think. my dad buys it and i am now in my body (as opposed to the viewer). i am in the ship house.

      the white concrete walls are now an organic skin material, mushy and kind of like memory foam.
      the house is designed to float, so it sails up, up up. very high up, i am in the ship and can see out of it.

      below me are suburbs and trees.

      i am back on ground now. some time passes and i am asked to enter the ship again. its not a family ship/house anymore. i am with several other kids my age.

      ram dass gives me "be here now" volume 2, the sequel. he tells me not to be afraid and to read the book as the ship floats up.

      the ship is more organic now, having completely transformed into something different than a house.

      another ship is in front of us. we watch it take off- it jumps into the sky very high and is not seen from where we stand on the ground. i'm really scared.

      in the ship i read the book. it might have been called "the negative nature of the universe". this isn't supposed to be a bad thing, though. more like yin yang, the taking over of one thru cycles.

      the ship shoots up. my body feels very strange breaking physics like this, i feel like we might have gone faster than anything we as humans have made before could go.

      someone says we are going to a certain ocean in the galaxy.

      we go there, and then further out. we go out of the galaxy, into deep universe.

      the ship is clearly a defense for us. there are things near the ship trying to attack it or something. it seems hostile.

      the bottom of the ship shot out some sort of eerie ethereal line of something. it attacked the other things attacking us.

      i woke up sometime, at 3:30. i was very awake.
      Tags: aliens
    10. mr. house

      by , 11-26-2011 at 01:25 AM (the Dream Almanac)
      i am in a living housemansionbuilding.
      it has many rooms that change. the house doesn't know how to make a real room.
      the living room looks like a gallery. there are a few chairs, some tables. but it's not a living room.
      it's just stuff. me and someone who's with me point this out.
      we try to escape. the house says its intentions are friendly.
      we don't care, this isn't real. we want to be where things are real again.
    11. outcasts in a cultural war

      by , 10-06-2011 at 02:28 PM (the Dream Almanac)
      i'm in a foreign place that is currently in a lengthy cultural war with the people who live here.
      there are two sides. but i don't care about that right now.
      i'm in the forest, walking along trails with my cousins. it's hot and we wanna swim!
      there is a perfect path towards a perfect lake. it's beautiful, the water is clear and blue like the oceans.
      i run into the water. i know it wont be cold, it will be perfect: it is. the bottom is soft sand.
      i close my eyes and experience the lake, feeling everything about it.
      by the time i open my eyes, my cousins are running back out of it.
      we are surrounded by trees, but thru them we can see in the distance, past some marsh lands, that we are being watched by one side of the war, the dangerous side.
      i run out, thru the woods, the woods turn to sand, the main beach.
      something is happening. everyone is doing something with the waves.
      they are animated, and dance like fire before they crash. i want to ride them...
      everyone is in the shallow water watching this happen.
      then, they remember the game they're playing, they remember the war...
      i am taken along in a "room" (a surreal mix between the feelings of "inside" and "outside, there are walls, but i am outside too...dreamy)
      there is a guy watching me. he wants me to play with the game he made.
      it is a carnival game, a giant shell game, rigged to his favor i bet. it is three cabinets.
      he puts a crystal in one, closes it, and they swap/rotate/move places very fast.
      then they open, and there is a button fashioned out of a domino inside.
      "press one" he says. i'm scared. he knows that, and calms me down. he is not a fighter. he doens't care about the game, just his job.
      i press the first one. the bottom of it dissolves and there is nothing inside.
      we play again, and again. my cousin comes to see me.
      somehow, we leave. we escape or are let free.

      we go to the supermarket.
      for a long time, we walk around and have a bit of fun.
      then, everyone starts leaving immediately. the cultural war has spread here. people are taking sides.
      one section is completely run by one side. the other side left. we decide to leave too.
      i find my parents and my other cousin. we steal some bread and leave.
      we begin walking home.
      we find out the bread is actually hot chocolate and we can't eat it. we're hungry though.
      my dad needs to use the bathroom. he goes thru a tunnel to a convenience store and comes back.
      we keep walking....
    12. the dale epic

      by , 09-20-2011 at 02:19 PM (the Dream Almanac)
      i am with a group of people. we are connected via friendship, or maybe circumstance, but not necessarily blood.
      maybe blood too. i can't tell, or maybe i can't remember. we're not all related though. there's about 6 of us.

      this epic i awoke from is fragmented, and i carry over only pieces, like a drunk night's morning. they are probably not in chronological order, but i'll try to make it make sense.

      scene one
      i am in the woods with the group.
      we are together, but spread out over the trail. i can see the last person and the first person.
      we are looking for the "bad guy" of the story. he's some king but only the word applies, he's not royalty or at least its never talked about. for some reason we know he is in a "cold room", which is a specific thing.
      quite all of a sudden, and i mean ALL OF A SUDDEN a train cuts thru the middle of our group. i can't see the rest of the people, and one lady is missing. she might be my grandmother, but that's a 50/50 chance.
      the train goes by, or somehow we all re-group with the train still going, and after everyone thought she died, she is here, fine, shooken up but alright.
      i think to myself how we really have to be careful because the trains can come from anywhere, anytime. there are no tracks.

      scene 1.5
      we all go to the train station. the train hasn't arrived yet. there are two hobos who are waiting for it, to jump into the boxcars and go. there's a third man, standing and staring at us. well fuck, that's the guy!
      someone says his name is "dale" or something with a D....the train arrives. he was on the other side.
      me and someone else go into a boxcar just to see how it is.
      it is pretty much the inside of a VW, two facing seats inside a rectangle box. kinda nice.
      we get out and the train leaves. no dale and the hobos are gone.
      my mom is with me, or maybe she's part of the group. she uses my phone to call someone named dale.
      "wait no, now he'll know my number and know where i am!" she called the wrong dale, i had two: some guy, and THE EVIL GUY!

      scene 2
      we are outside a supermarket. we are coming up with some kind of plan. we go in, and everyone scatters.
      time goes by, maybe i do my part in the plan, i don't know. after some time, i start to panic.
      where is everyone!?? i run thru the aisles, and there is a feeling like i'm being chased or watched or waited on.
      i see a boy i know who wasn't part of the original group but was part of this plan. he's running around with his cart empty, so i go up to him. he talks to me and i help him put a lot of wine in his cart.
      i hold a broom. it's part of a plan.
      we escape now, and run out the door. the alarm goes off, and they chase us out for a second, so i throw the broom at them. "yeah i stole it, here have it back," is what the action meant to say. they didn't notice the wine.

      scene 3
      i am running, running running up a hill, towards a bingo hall. i am with someone else.
      we run up to the top of the hill that it's on finally and hide. we are going to try and track down where the cold room is, where dale is.
      i go into the hall and it's a store. i take a magazine and when i come out and open it i realize its 300 pages of models. boring. i text heather. my mom's here. we're going to look together.

      scene 4
      i am in the cave/forest/dungeon/tunnel/room. the final one. the-boss-key kind of room. we will find the cold room here, and dale, and defeat him or whatever we're doing.
      we are all spread out in this long room. its like mountains and forest inside a cave, inside a building.
      i climb thru some of the obstacles for awhile. its just a hunt for a long time, dream-time too. climbing and climbing.
      then, behind me someone yells they've found it!!! what? i'm pretty much at the entrance.... she's behind me even further. how'd we miss it?
      seriously, how'd we miss this: at the beginning of the room, there's a secret ledge. there are footholds but they have no depth so they don't look real. well, they are. she climbed up 'em and at the top is the cold room!
      which isn't actually a room. it's a cylindrical hanging piece of cloth, and i guess dale is inside that. and it's probably cold in there...because that's what someone told me.
      well, okay, looks like i'm gonna be the one to confront him first. i grab a ribbon thats hanging from the ceiling and swing over to the ledge, grab it, and hang on. i climb up, and talk to dale.

      his voice booms, like thru a loudspeaker. it is just like wizard of oz. a big big boomy death voice...actually a man behind a curtain. well actually...dale gets to talking, and the voice is completely female afterawhile. whatever?
      dale asks what i want to eat, and i say a grilled cheese please...i get it, and eat it, and it's good.
      now he confronts my mom, who's sitting at the entrance.
      lobster! duh....he sends her lobster. she's eating, and then dale makes it rain electricity all over her.
      what. what. what. what. he just killed my mom!!!!
      it's still raining, and i don't want to live without my mom, so i jump from the ledge onto the floor where my mom's sitting.
      i get struck by electricity balls already accumulating on the floor and more from dale. the feeling is crazy.
      my whole body is conscious of every other part of my body, and i can feel my skeleton. i am my skeleton only.
      i crawl to my mom, and close my eyes.
      then i open them. i'm not dead...this just feels really cool. she slowly opens hers, and she's not dead, but she's worse off than i am. we sit together as dale addresses my dad now.
      i don't remember what he asks to eat, but he doesn't get struck or anything bad. just eats.
      after dale asks everyone in the entrance what they want, he talks to me. (he's talking in a male voice for this now, before it was very female).
      he says something about music to me. recently i have wanted to try my hand at an instrument in waking life because i've never really studied music, or how it all works, or really listened to music with a musician's ear.
      he talks to me about this, and scolds me by saying how i've never listened to real music.
      he offers me more lemonade, which i guess i had a glass of with my grilled cheese. i say no...
      my mom says "that's like a GOD and you're not accepting more of the food he's producing on his own by magic???"...shit, put that way, i realize i'm an idiot.
      he offers my dad more watermelon and he lets me have a piece, now that i realize what this food is. (somewhere along the lines, dale became a neutral figure, not good or evil, and very magic...)
      the watermelon is the worst i've ever had. it's chewy and without water.
    13. fragmented all day

      by , 09-13-2011 at 04:05 AM (the Dream Almanac)
      i dreamed all my teeth fell out. i was afraid of the bloody mess, but there wasn't any, just holes in my mouth.

      i was given the option of calling into work indefinitely to help fight this ongoing playful war between some factions that hated eachother but only in a pretend kind of way. they kept it up just for the fun of the fight.
    14. "Reality" the movie.

      by , 08-31-2011 at 01:38 PM (the Dream Almanac)
      i am in the grocery store shopping with my mom and heather.
      we need stuff for a picnic kind of thing.
      beside a river, under a hill a ton of people are eating in scattered groups all down the waterside.

      i'm in a room with a lot of people. on the wall, there are funny parodies of every movie you can think of.
      heather and i look at a harry potter parody. the harry potter actor is really ugly.
      off to the "side" of the scene, more like the "side of the dream" (unexplainable), a man beckons me.
      i question my surroundings, but fight knowing the truth. this is a dream...but i like this dream.
      i know this isn't real. he keeps asking me to come thru, wake up, c'mon.
      i disassociate from the dream and the entire scene feels like a veil has been lifted.
      a white screen remains where i thought reality was. he pushes the screen away.
      now i see "real" reality. i'm in a big lab with a ton of computers.
      there's a lady and her daughter (5 yrs old probably) messing around on one.
      heather is on one too. i'm told to go play on one.

      i have to "log in" with any name. make it up, etc. put your own in, someone elses, it doesn't matter. each name combination will be different.
      i don't remember what name i put in. on the screen, a model of the entire universe appears. it's the person's universe, as each person in our "Reality" has his or her own. this is how you can view them.
      using the middle scroll thing some mouses have, i zoom all the way in. it's earth, the persons perceived "home" or "center of the universe".
      as i scroll out, the seemingly circular planet (rendered 2D because its just a computer) spins and twists clockwise, unraveling and becoming the periodic table of elements. this is represented by a long line of blocks that turns several times, showing thousands of elements. the line keeps going crazy in every direction, in different shapes as it makes molecules, atoms, etc.
      supposedly, i am scrolling "out", aka trying to get the larger picture. confusing.

      i stop playing this game and go over to the man behind it all, the man who beckoned me.
      he looks friendly, just a cool dude maybe 30 or 35.
      "can i talk to you about the film you made or are you sensitive about criticism?" i ask.
      he laughs and says go for it.
      "i hated the part where i was looking at all those movies. it made it seem so real, which sucks because it was a stupid part."
      i talk like my entire life was a movie.
      he laughs about it and says some movie award organization said that's why he didn't receive some award for it.
      we talk about "making movies" and stuff, but all the time we know we mean making "reality".
    15. dream pieces

      by , 08-20-2011 at 11:25 AM (the Dream Almanac)
      heather's sister keeps texting me truthfully hurtful things, saying 'lol' after like it'd be any better.

      i text her back saying how nice her tits are (they are).

      i walk around a room looking for a vhs, stoned. my boss is here. i don't know what to do.
      dream fragment
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