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    1. BOB Token / Glitch World (DV Spring Comp Night 2)

      by , 03-31-2024 at 06:07 PM (The book of mars)
      BOB Token

      I'm after a magic token buried in the lake. It is called a "BOB token" (maybe after Twin Peaks?)
      It grants the user unlimited power.
      I work at some pizza joint kind of place, and the founders were the last folks to use it years and years ago. They made their business, then buried it in a warded section of the lake in town.
      I go at dark. It's easy enough to find. But I have to perform some kind of ritual to unlock it. Don't remember the specifics, but I'm busy underwater for a while..
      Too long. Birdie, my wife's IWL coworker, swims toward me, trying to get it as well. Fuck.
      I grab it and swim away. My wife is waiting for me and I tell her to SWIM, SWIM! THAT WAY! Not our planned route, just the most direct, easy way away down the river.
      It is Easter tomorrow, and this town celebrates by sending Norwegian flags down the river on little boats. They're all over the water and we crash into them. I'm on my wife's back as she propels us through them and I hope they don’t hurt her.
      We get to the shore. Birdie is not far behind us.
      Then I realize.
      My wife is against me. She's with Birdie. Fuck. They both want the token.
      I pretend to not know and we go into a convenience store through a hole in the side of the building, thinking we're hiding from Birdie.
      She comes in, then I run.
      I have the token. I don't care. I'm invincible now.
      I have no shoes. It is winter, and night out. I run through town. Some town, not real, but in the dream it is where we live. The streets are old cobblestone, full of mud and shit and snow and I get it all over my feet but I keep running.
      Eventually I find our dog, Goose, and grab him and bring him with me. They're the enemy now and we are going to get out of this together.
      I run through town with Goose and eventually stop to breathe. I've lost them. I have the token.
      I'm outside a building. Record store / radio tower. We need a place to be, maybe they..? I look at the window and yes: apartment for rent. But it's scribbled out, already taken. But…
      I become lucid, knowing suddenly that I can just decide to make it free if I act right.
      We go in. The folks in the record store eye the dog, and my dirty feet, but whatever. I go up to the counter. One side is record store, one side is the radio tower dude. Their vibes are so different: nerdy vs punk. A customer in front of me finishes and I inquire about the apartment.
      They say yeah, it's empty, the last person just left all their shit in there so you're free to use it for now, no charge if you want to help empty it.
      Fuck yeah. They give me some keys. But where's the door? I wander the store, eventually find a stairwell near the entrance.
      I go up… (The dog has disappeared from the dream now, lol)
      It is very sketchy. Super low, unfinished ceiling. Attic vibes. Terribly ugly carpet. A set of washer and dryers are stashed in a corner. A super old jukebox. I marvel at the detail for a sec like I always do in dreams… my brain inventing this shit. Neat.
      I find another small stairwell and then the apartment. It is a single room, no kitchen, no bathroom, insulation walls, no windows, yellow carpet, scary, ugly.
      No thanks. I wander around instead, get lost in a maze of similar rooms. Kind of scary. Eventually find the way back down.
      Outside, Taylor Swift is giving an interview.
      I wake up.

      Glitch World

      I'm in a place similar to the last dream.
      Cartoonish maze-like, video game-like world. Circular looping roads rise up through the sky, land on brightly colored platforms, repeat around. Many folks are doing this, like it is a museum piece. Not amusement park vibe, though.
      I'm on one of the cars. It hits a huge white cartoon building and falls from the tracks, down into cartoon cloud sky abyss… my dream fear. Abyss, falling.
      Oh. But I'm dreaming! It's ok. I'm still afraid but talk myself into confidence and just hover, then fly up to the buildings again.
      Flying! Yes! My goals. The comp. Let's do it. I can remember my 3 step goals.
      1. Flying. Got it.
      2. Eat dream food. Ok!
      I land on top of the structures, which on the very top are covered in sparse vegetation. From this height, I can see they all go on for infinity in this massive white space. I look at the little flowers growing… that doesn't look edible, lol. Small purple lavender-like buds, dandelions. Umm. Hm.
      Oh! I'll try to manifest something. I put my hands behind my back and think "APPLE!" and.. Nothing. I do it again, nothing. Ok. I'll just eat these weird flowers.
      I keep walking and find something that looks like a huge radish pushing out of the ground. Perfect. I pull it out and it is actually an apple growing out of the ground. Funny how dream intentions work.
      I take a bite… Ew. It is mushy, like a super soft apple but no sweetness. Well, at least the task is done.
      I keep walking, looking at the flowers and enjoying the weird cartoon dreamscape. Then on one of the building tops I see an ancient machine, kind of like a retro car but covered in neon green spaceship lights. Super derelict and run down. Cool! I begin to fly over, but then I remember my other goal, and my current personal goal.
      3. Teleport!
      I don't really know what to try now. I failed just trying with what makes sense to me, kind of imagine-running-starting toward it, close my eyes.. Some force of will… But I do that again. I almost feel something push, but I open my eyes and haven't moved. Damn. My other idea is to summon an item, a staff maybe, or find something to help me.. But I really feel pulled to keep trying the blink/push move. And fail again.
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