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    Awake to take in the view...

    More fragments.

    by , 05-02-2017 at 06:13 AM (449 Views)
    Last night, I only slept about 6 hours because I had to leave at 4:45 AM to catch a 7 AM plane flight.

    So the only dream I remember was some guy asking about tuplae.

    I also took a nap for pretty much the entire plane flight in order to make up for lost sleep. I had a (not particularly vivid, but ok) dream that I was going through airport security again. I realized that I had already gone through security, so I had to be dreaming! I then tried my new telekinesis reality check suggested by someone on here, and it worked quite well. I think I walked through security without finishing, saying something like "screw you" to the guard (I promise I'm a nice person irl c: ) and then used telekinesis to throw some random toy guns around. It worked great!

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