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    Odd stuff last night. But then again, when isn't it odd?

    by , 09-26-2012 at 01:53 AM (635 Views)
    I wake up a lot during the night, which is actually quite nice for dream recall. This time, I remembered four dreams.

    I need to get better paper to write my dreams on at night. Because writing it on my bookmark or inhaler box is rather inconvenient. -_-

    Dream 1: This wasn't actually a full-blown REM dream. It occurred during the hypnagogic (is that the correct term?) stage, in which I generally have a bunch of random images, sounds, and so forth being broadcast into my mind.

    All I remember is seeing this weird spiralish creature that looked like an old toy I used to have. Someone was telling me its name, and it was an odd name, though I can't remember it now. It looked very, very familiar to me in the dream, although I'm not sure why. Woke up shortly afterwards.

    Dream 2: I honestly can't remember much about this dream other than I had it. It wasn't too far into the night. I think it involved a log ride, and the prevailing emotions were fear, apprehension, and excitement...but I might actually be mixing it up with an earlier dream. A lot of my dreams are about amusement park rides!

    Dream 3: I was on the peak of a really high mountain with a bunch of relatives. This included my uncle, my mom, my dad, my aunt, and my grandma. It was really steep, the peak was small, and we were near a cliff on both sides. Some of us were sitting down, on rows of oddly-shaped rocks - cylindrical, strangely enough. Cylinders on their sides. Others were standing. I was sitting, and terrified that I was going to fall off of the mountain.

    Someone - my dad? made a joke along the lines of, "Don't back up too far! You might fall off!" and for some odd reason, everyone except me found this funny.

    Even though we were high up, my brain seemed to forget that, because I looked down in front of me and saw a beach. My cousins were playing in the water, which was an absolutely beautiful shade of turquoise. The waves crashed and traveled back and forth along the shoreline at the base of the mountain. I wish I had touched that water, to see what it felt like. If only I had become lucid.

    Why all these family dreams lately? I think it's because as of late I've been slowly pulling myself out of my bubble of antisocial-ness and depression and starting to interact with them again. And trust them. But I'm not sure.

    On the second part of this dream, there was some sort of transition into a new scene, and on the mountain there was a conveyor belt with a gutter on top of it. Basically, it was like a narrow open-top fish tank with a moving conveyor belt as the floor. For some reason, me and some kids were putting fish we had caught onto the conveyor belt-gutter thing.

    One kid put in an anglerfish. My hand was still in the water with my fish, but he told me not to worry - the stinger had been removed. By the stinger, he meant the lure. I was really glad I wouldn't get stung but took my hand out anyway. (Funny considering IRL, anglerfish don't sting!) Some other kid had a shiny electric fish, which had little electric flashing white LED lights on it. xD All the fish were deep-sea fish. And they were pretty much all black. For some reason, the water in the conveyor belt-tank thing was starting to dry up, until the fish had hardly any water. It was odd and a bit sad, because the fish weren't too happy with what little water was left.

    Dream 4: For whatever reason, I was back at college again, and classes were to start the next day. But it looked different. I was in a dorm-like building with a bunch of guys and girls in it - and oddly enough, I was feeling sad and homesick, missing my family. Which usually doesn't happen, even though I love my family. And more than that, I was scared. My head was filled with fear about the semester in front of me and it was very unpleasant. I was supposed to go to school for only part of the semester until I got called to my mission (it's church stuff) and then I would just drop my classes and go. I had a bed in the room, and a window view. I had a schedule for classes and (for whatever reason) breakfast/meals. I missed home and couldn't believe how stressful everything was going to be.

    Needless to say, I was extremely relieved upon waking up. O_O

    I had more dreams during the night; I'm sure of it. Unfortunately, I was often too tired to record them, and fell back asleep.

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    1. TheNightFlier's Avatar
      Your level of detail is very impressive! I like how you listed dreams you couldn't fully recall. I wake up a lot during the night as well. I look forward to reading more entries!
      Eveningsky likes this.
    2. Eveningsky's Avatar
      Oh, why thank you, @TheNightFlier! I really try hard to remember everything I can. :3

      I love your username, and I'd like to check out your journal as well. c:

      I find that waking up in the night helps a lot!