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    Awake to take in the view...

    Running from the evil bearded man.

    by , 12-11-2014 at 09:37 PM (357 Views)
    Well, I missed a few days on here, but I did record them in my paper journal. :3

    As for last night!

    The Evil Bearded Man...

    I don't remember the entire dream. But I do remember running and hiding inside of this small cottage in the middle of this field at the edge of a forest.

    I was running from this evil bearded man. He had a dark complexion, glasses (they were rimmed with black on the outside), and a long gray beard. In retrospect, he actually looked kind of comical, but in the context of the dream I was scared out of my mind. I can't really remember why.

    The guy cornered me and said that my dad wasn't here, and that there was nowhere to hide now. We were defeated, he said.

    But then some lady showed up who in the context of the dream I thought was my mom. In terms of physical appearance, there is no way that woman was my mother. She was a fair-skinned, brown haired and blue eyed lady. My mom is Filipino and doesn't quite look like that. But yeah. She tried to fight this evil man.

    I immediately decided to try and get out of the house (instead of helping my own supposed mother...???). So I hit behind a curtain in the windowsill, but the curtain was see-through. I was trying to pry open the window and get out before the guy saw me, but the window wouldn't budge!

    And then I woke up. It was about 4:44 AM or so.

    I probably would've realized that I was dreaming had I stayed awake! D: I took 3 mg. of melatonin the night before.

    And that's the only dream I remember. :c Yep!
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