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    Ferret's Lucid Dream Journal


    by , 08-26-2010 at 09:28 PM (679 Views)
    Crazy Boarding

    At the very start of the dream I was Drizzt Do'Urden, a character from a book im reading atm. Funnily enough last last chapter I read last night he was fighting with his friend.

    My dream started with me arguing with Wulfgar. I dont know what we were arguing about but it didnt last long. All of a sudden my ex Rachel and some random pretty blond mate of hers show up. We were outside in a slight clearing in the bush. They came over treating this area like it was my house and asked if they could put some chips on. They put them in the oven which I couldnt see. Then they came over and now I was lying in bed. They came and hopped in next to me. We started watching a girl on TV snowboarding. She really sucked. I was telling the girls how bad she was then all of a sudden I was sucked onto the slopes. I instantly knew I was dreaming, no RC needed. The gravity was realy weird and I kinda glided and spun around in the air landing perfectly. But the gravity is so low I bounce back into the air and am spinning all over the place but again landing perfectly. Once Im on the slope properly I start carving hard into the slope. There is a guy longboarding next to me and another guy snowboarding. I easily carve through them. I start boarding with my hands on the snow and legs right out still able to fly down the mountain at a high speed somehow. The slope levels out at the bottom and all of a sudden im with my flatmate and some other guys who are about to play some basketball. Its dark and apartently lukes brother lives next door. I want to teleport back to the mountain to do some more boarding but it doesnt work. I remember I need to transform into Drizzt but I didnt think it was the right LD so I leave it. I loose lucidity and we go into lukes brothers house. Were there for a while talking and stuff. When we are about to leave I cant find my phone. Then a movie starts playing in my head about how in Russia a good way to get rid of a cellphone is for a dog to eat it because no1 would suspect a dog. I was watching handicam footage of a guy following a big brown bulldog. It kept wiping its ass on the concrete. There was a narrator talking about the cellphone stuff. The the guy walks away from the dog and the narration stops. I notice that there are no cars around or people. The place looks deserted. It doesnt feel very safe. I watch the guy walks through the complex of houses and then starts to open a door. There are no lights on in the house. I pull my phone out and try to turn on the phone light, it doesnt work. I become lucid again even though it was kinda in the back of my head since I lost lucidity. I try willing the lights on but it doesnt work. Then I find some matches. I light a match but it goes out. I grab a few more and then see a lit candle. Then I woke up.


    Im playing a game called Stalker atm. I remember dreaming about running around killing a bunch of people and taking cool items and guns.

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    1. Baron Samedi's Avatar
      Hmm... You should read a book about dark elves, or be a dark elf in a video game to incubate the RPG dream.
    2. Ferret's Avatar
      Haha yea I am. Im reading the R.A.Salvatore series. Iv just finished the first two trilogys and onto the next. The most amazing story iv ever read. Thats why I chose to be a dark elf, because of the main character in the book. So epic, I wana be just like him haha